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Working on Gae Bulg [Training]

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1 Working on Gae Bulg [Training] on Wed May 06, 2015 2:03 am

Lloyd was glad that he had a little time for himself now as he thought it would be the perfect time to starts upgrading Gae Bulg. He installed himself at a desk with the usual tool he had to tweak his weapon plus the new tools he got from Peri. He placed his lance, unfold on the table with the blueprint on the side and started to analyze how he would proceed. He knew he would be able to incorporate the machine gun just yet as he didn't have the parts for it, but he could at least prepare the lance for the upcoming new form. He dismantled his weapon with both speed and precision as he had the habit by now.

He started to work on the hilt, he had need to protect his hand in some way as he fights in order to be sure he would drop his weapon if he was attacked. So he added a hilt-guard, nothing too big so he could still move rather freely around the hilt on most sides. He then worked on the spear part, changing its full design by scrapping the old one and working on a new frame, he placed three barrels that would be the one for the machine gun when it would be completed. Those were the main things to work on for now as he needed to find what would be the machine gun he would use. The more heavier kind or not and all those details...

Using the blueprint as a reference, he worked on Gae Bulg for hours as he was remodeling it to be stronger, sturdier and lighter as well as bettering the speed at which it unfolds. Unfortunately, due to the next form, even folded, the weapon was a little bigger, not that much, but still. At least the size didn't make it more heavy, just more impairing if Lloyd was to find himself in a small space. With the new size, he had to made a custom sheath that he incorporated to his tool-belt. Since a weapon his the tool of a Huntsman, it was just fitting. But now with this new design, the folded form was looking like the cane it used to be. Well, it's not that bad as Lloyd grew tired of that cane anyway.

With the new design, Gae Bulg round shape has been changed to a concave hexagonal shape, which granted more durability at the cost of a less aerodynamic shape. But since Lloyd had upgraded the speed at which the lance can extend itself, it wasn't an issue. He also worked on some esthetic, adding some patterns all over with overlays that gave a more distinguish look to the weapon. It wasn't to show off really, it just look good to Lloyd eyes. Redoing the paint job on it as a last detail as well as engraving "Gae Bulg" on the side of the hilt-guard, Gae Bulg just went through a full metamorphosis.

Lloyd took Gae Bulg to the training ground where he would test it. It brought back memories of the first times he used it. As he started to swing into nothing, he felt like his movements were more fluid and faster as well. He tried to train on the dummies that were here, but all went flying at one thrust each of the newly upgraded lance. Lloyd picked up his tools as well as the blueprint, put away his weapon in its sheath on his tool-belt and walk out of the training ground.


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