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Emilie Rochefort (W.I.P.)

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1 Emilie Rochefort (W.I.P.) on Sun May 10, 2015 3:29 am

Emilie Rochefort
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Emilie Bernadette Rochefort
Age: 18
Birthday: July 14th (7/14)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
Face Claim: LiLi (Tekken)

Aura 130|170 HP

Group: Duster

  • Fashion
  • Winning
  • Sweets
  • Pop Music


  • Losing
  • Spicy Food
  • Sweat


  • Heights
  • Large Insects
  • Darkness
  • Death

Overall Personality: Even though Emile appears somewhat selfish and stuck-up, she is deep down a gentle and very sweet young lady. However, like most other Huntresses, she revels in fighting. Despite this, Emilie is a very caring individual in spite of her snobbery. In general, Emilie seems to strive for grace and poise with every movement — even and especially during fights. She is also very confident in her fighting abilities despite not having any formal training in any fighting style. Her behavior, however, is split between efforts to sate her own need for fighting and a deep love for her friends.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Pink
Semblance: Femme Fatale - This semblance allows Emilie to manipulate targets' mind to view Emilie as the one of the most alluring and enticing girl they've ever seen, no matter their gender, in a five meter radius. This acts as a AOE debuff for one stat, decreasing it by one. This costs 10 aura per post.
Item 1: Vials of Burn Dust, powdered. Dust (Fire Element) - Rating 1, 2 Vials - 10 uses.
Item 2: Specially modified Combat Skirt. Magical Armor - Rating 1.

History and Sample
Emilie was born the daughter of a oil magnate in northern Mantle. Her mother unfortunately died while giving birth, leaving her with only her father her entire life. Despite this, her father took care of her the best he could and gave her a pleasant childhood. The only real drawbacks were the resentment her father got for his unorthodox methods and his very prevalent inner-child. How the man got anywhere in the business world, Emile had no idea. She continued to live a simple, if not easy life, but never dull.

On her fourteenth birthday, Emilie would find herself the victim of a kidnapping. Other businessmen either were jealous of her father's success or were trying to teach him a lesson. Either way, Emilie was in a situation, and she tried to solve it. While in captivity, she struggled violently and fought back. With great difficulty and an unorthodox, uneducated style of fighting, the young girl somehow was liberated from her captors, alive and with a certain curiosity about fighting. Emilie returned home to a worried father, who hired a person to keep watch over his daughter at all times, a butler of sorts.

With this butler, Sebastian, Emilie trained in secret, adopting a unique self-taught combat style that combined gymnastics with dance-like, acrobatic maneuvers. With this new "hobby", Emilie would attend and compete in underground fighting events, herself and Sebastian making excuses as to why she would be gone. She remained to keep most of this from her father, and by the time she was seventeen she had made a name for herself in underground Mantle. This gave herself, and her father, much unwanted attention from certain influential, and very bad, people. Reluctantly, she stopped her "vacations", but continued to train.

For the next eleven months, Emilie grew unbearably restless and irritable from the lack of conflict in her life, and sought to find a legitimate way to sate her lust of combat. She decided becoming a Huntress would be the best way to achieve her goal and not drag her father into any unsavory business. To avoid being recognized by anyone from her underground past, Emilie opted to attend an academy away from Mantle, and her father. With her father's reluctant blessing, the soon-to-be Huntress traveled to the promising kingdom of Bellmuse with Sebastian, to attend Syne Academy.

When next Emilie returns home, not only will she have perfected her fighting style, but she will also be a famous world-renown fighter and heroine of the world. Or, you know, in a coffin. But, to Emilie, it's going to have to be one way or the other.
RP Sample:
150+ words

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