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Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open)

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1 Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Thu May 14, 2015 10:50 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi was laying under his desk 50 minutes before class started. He had a bolstering headache, and visible alcohal on his desk. He rubbed his eyes, and shot his hands to the edge of his desk, and pulled himself up. He opened his desk to an assortment of pills, sorted in little tiny boxes about what they did. He found the one that cured a hang-over and took it, and found his mind clearing quickly. He then hid the bottles under his desk, and thought about how he must look.  He looked over to his chemicals that he kept in a table in the middle of the room, and for 20 minutes, did some mixing, and then left it there. If anyone dared drink it? They'd grow breasts for 10 or so minutes, either that, or grow larger ones. He giggled to himself; a grown man giggling? Well, back in the doctors office he couldn't play pranks like these... albeit he wasn't supposed to anyway.

As he finished waking up, he had a few thoughts.

You know. I could totally pretend to die, well. Maybe not pretend; actually die for like five minutes.. okay not actually die, but lower my systems so that most can't actually detect that I'm still alive. Honestly, It's fun.

He went back to his desk, and opened it up. He found a pill that said, 'pseudo-death' and he smirked. He'd take it 3 minutes before class started. He put the pill in his pocket and opened his door 20 minutes before class would start, and sat behind his desk. He took the pill right then, and it'd take effect 3 minutes before class started, and his entire bodies systems would lower in seconds. He sat there, 'dead', and was to wait for someone to come in.

Room layout.:

The typical come in and there's rows of seats, except for instead of a empty space between the desk and the seats, there's a large table with a very large chemistry set on it, and then there's a closet on the left side of the room, all the way in. Fairly simple lay-out.

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2 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:46 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
Late-coming was a burden to most students, the continuous apologies that would have to be made and the hot sweat clinging to one's brow for at least the first half of the day was practically unbearable. It was however even worse for Charlotte, due to her rather large addition. The Venture up the stairs was both harsh and tedious, having to hobble up each and every one and scrunch up her body to let people pass by.

But next came the greatest of her life's difficulties. Doors. Small, thin, wooden, doors. Charlotte sighed, she was meant to arrive at every class a good half hour early, just to help the teacher set up an area for her to work. But alas, a late night of study had caused her to sleep straight through her morning alarm.

She frowned slightly at the door, awkwardly shuffling each of her legs; one leg before another before another up until each was through. Then, using all eight as leverage, she forced herself thorax through the door.

She sighed, approaching the teacher; "Apologies for being late sir, where would you wish me to sit?"

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3 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:17 am

Jade Forta
Was he late? Honestly, Jade didn't have a clue as he half ran, half walked down the halls. He hates to admit it but it seems he was spoiler more than he thought. Without someone there to wake him up it seems the alarm clock had no real power over him. So he had overslept missing his first class of the day. It wasn't until much later that in inner mind snap him awake in a cold sweat that told him something was wrong! So after a quick battle with his sheets on the bed, he had dressed in his new uniform and hurried out the door with his medicine in hand.

Without anything to drink with it and not wanting to risk being any later then he already was Jade determine it would be best to wait till he made it to class to take the bitter medicine. Running up the last flight of stairs Jade was already feeling a bit out of breath as he came to a stop at the classroom doorway. But it seemed it was already being taken up. At first, he didn't understand what he was seeing. It looked like a bunch of legs was trying to get through the doorway, but then he saw that it WAS a bunch of legs. With a closer look, he saw that it was, in fact, a girl as she fully enter the room with him quickly following. He easily guesses she was a Fanus, but what kind he really couldn't guess. He had never seen her type before, but all the same, he greeted her with a smile and a good day. "Yoo. Looks like I'm not the only one late today. That make me feel a bit better."

With that Jade made his way over to the teacher desk where it appeared the man was sleeping...sitting up? That was something very odd about this, but Jade couldn't put his finger on it. "Umm Professor Omo?" He asked walking to the desk before looking back at the class at the few others that was there. He wasn't really sure what he was expecting at the reached out and tap the man shoulder but it wasn't what he found. After a firm shake of the man shoulder, Jade sighed and turned back around. "I umm... I think he dead!"

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4 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:11 am



With arriving on time not a huge priority on his list of important things, Kei strolled into class a few minutes late. Not to his surprise students were already in class mostly seated and ready to learn. Initially, only one person really stood out to him, and that was the spider-fauness. In all honestly, she kinda freaked Kei out, entirely because Kei didn't like spiders and she some very undeniable physical spider-like traits.

It wasn't until a few moments later Kei realized that despite the fact the class should have started already, there didn't seem to be anyone teaching. Who appeared to be the teacher was passed out upright in his chair in the front of the class. Shrugging to himself, Kei just proceeded to the back of the classroom, choosing an open seat in the last row.

Right before sitting in a empty seat, another male student decided to take upon himself to inspect the passed out professor. It turned out that the passed out professor was not passed out at all, but instead, was dead.

Does this mean I can leave? Kei wondered to himself before ultimately deciding that because the teacher was dead, no one could mark him as absent and if he couldn't get marked absent, there was no punishment to leaving early.

"Well," Kei said as he began to head towards the entrance of the door, speaking over the rest of the classroom with a casual tone, "If there is no one here to teach, then what's the point of trying to learn, am I right? Anyways, this being the case, I'm going to head out. If another school official comes in and tries to take attendance, tell them that I, Kei Heiwajima, had nothing to do with the dead professor. Also tell them I was indeed here in class, but I got sick over the sight of the dead body and had to urgently leave class."

Once he was a few steps from the door, something else crossed his mind, and he turned around to face the student who had initially observed that the professor was dead.
"One more thing," Kei said to the student, "Someone should probably call the office or something and let them know of the dead teacher, cause ya know, a dead professor is kind of a big deal."

Condition: Fine
Health: 200
Aura: 150

Status, Health, Aura, Equipment Conditions:

Health: 200/200
Buff: -
Status: Normal

Kevlar Lined Trench Coat - Fine

Right Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Left Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 1 - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 2 - Loaded
Left Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets
Right Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets

Fire Dust Tier 1 - 14 Posts
White Elephant's Tier 2 Fire Dust - 5 Posts

Other Items
Waterproof Hand Flares - 2 Flares
Flashlight - Ready to Use
Small Rope Cable - 30 ft.
Multi-tool - Ready to Use
Copper Wire- 6 Inches
Scroll - Ready to Use
Scarf - Fine



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5 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:19 am

Chace Coal
It was Chace's second day at syne and he threw on his dust embedded jacket and then he grabbed his 2 swords and put them in the 2 holsters he had on his back. He walked down the corridors of Syne academy and had already signed up to a class with a teacher by the name mr omo. His ears stood up as he entered the room and his tail hung behind him and he went and sat at the desk closest to the back of the room in the corner. He put his bag down he had brought with him with school supplies in.

He noticed some others were already here. He saw what appeared to be a spider faunus which he was shocked by. He then saw a guy who appeared to be a ninja and someone else who seemed an ordinary human who had brownish hair. Then he saw the teacher who had long black hair. He wondered what they would be learning in the medicine part in this combat medicine class.

Chace had already fought grimm so if he had to fight anyone today that would be easy. He just hoped if there was a fight there would be enough static around which their probably was. His jacked glowed black in the room as he sat their. His 2 swords sat behind him as he waited for the teacher to speak or for someone to speak to him although he doubted he would be able to make a conversation with them.Chace then looked over at the teachers desk and realised the teacher sitting their was not moving. "hey is he ok someone go check his pulse" Chace called out to one of the other students worried but still casually sat in his seat.

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6 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:32 pm

Azure Phoenix
Azure had just signed up for a combat class that he would be late for on the first day “Man oh man I’m goanna be late better do some speed skating.” He says as he places some glyphs on the floor and starts to speed up (I will not be late on my first day of combat class if its the same as his.) he thought to himself as he skated off the walls with his glyphs boosting his speed. He wanted to make a good first impression on his new classmates and teaches but he couldn’t do that if he was late to class “Am here am here sorry am late sir won’t happen again!” he shouted as he skated in to the class room to see that the teachers was not being very teacher like at all. Azure looked around the room to see some students he’s seen in the halls and some that he’s never seen before “Ummm is this the right combat class?” he asked the students.

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7 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:02 am

Kaiwen Zhu
It was nice to walk down the hallways of a school and not get stopped over and over again, but finding both her dorms as well as her classroom was both a tedious process and in this case a long one, but she'd not use such an excuse for her absence. In fact, this was mainly due to her ritual of getting ready.

When she found out her room was vacant, she immediately took the time to clean the entire room, making sure that everything was where it should be to a meticulous almost boarder line OCD way. Gliding along her floor as everything she touched (figuratively) became spotless and immaculate.

Everything had to be right, to the T, but then after such she took her sweet time in the shower, bathing and combing over the same parts of her body over and over again to make sure there as not a singe blemish along her form. She smelled of roses and lavender.

She had brushed her hair, washed it and fixed it up, so her ebony locks would fall neatly and delicately along her back. She sighed in contentment as she stared in the mirror ready for her first day of class. She could've gotten all of this done much faster at an earlier time, but she had nothing to prove, not here.

She rose with a smile while picking up her scroll and satchel and with a formless stride made haste to the class. Even while dashing, one couldn't help but stop to see the dignified blur of ebony strands that would disappear behind them as she skillfully paced around them and arrived to the room a minute or so late.

She immediately absorbed all of the students as well as the... sleeping? professor... as soon as she walked in, her eyes immediately scanning the room with alacrity. She then let out a quiet sigh before turning to eye the teacher who seemed to lie motionless and the spider faunus who was in front of him. She was slightly awe struck as she had never seen a faunus with such prominent features. It was nice to see something new.

She then continued to look at her fellow peers while her sublime aura clung to her while her grace was prominent just by the way she walked. Even with such a quiet demeanor, anyone who'd be watching her would see someone who had much purpose even while doing something as menial as walking to a classroom seat.

After being there for several moments while the teacher continued to lie motionless, an upperclassman by the name of Kei began speaking about the idea of leaving if there was no one to teach. She could sympathize with the young man, but all she could assume was that this was some ploy for the professor to give a lesson about the nature of the class, 'Combat Medicine'

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8 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:23 pm

Ishi Omo
He 'woke' up and sat up, becoming face to face with a spider fanus. Interesting physiology. He lifted himself from the seat, and decided to handle his problems one part at a time. First, he'd look over at the man who said calling the office, and took a deep breath.

"Call the office is a reasonable method, although one would think that you first check for any wounds on a person. It's good that you actually thought about it."

He then looked at Jade, a face he recognized from his gander over his students.

"You yelled for help, which is fine. You have to make sure that what you do, is at least somewhat correct. As in a real emergency, like such, it's impossible to dictate what was wrong via just staring.  Sometimes, you can make an inferred guess about what's wrong, if there's a pool of blood or something, but otherwise, you're buggered."

He looked at Charlotte. He'd have to ask her about a few things related to her spider-like physiology.

"I'll have a few kids move the desks about over on the right side, and you can place yourself there, if you want. Everyone else, get situated."

Once everyone would get situated, he'd look towards the class as a whole.

"Alright. My name is Ishi Omo, certified doctor and your teacher. I'm here to teach you a few things, including partly how to be a field medic, and partly to learn some actual first aid. Also how to identify if a person is dead. Any questions right off the bat?"

(OOC: I'm terrible at posting on time, let me tell you. It's up, and it looks super short on my screen.)

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9 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:33 pm

Amarante raced to the room and hit the door...hard...She yelped as she fell and rubbed her head, "Opens to the outside dumbass." She told herself as she pulled the door. It looked like class had already started, "I'm sorry I'm late. Is this combat medicine 101?" She looked at the board and turned red. Quickly taking a seat in the way back she shrank down and begged whatever god was listening to make her dissappear. After adjusting herself, she realized she was wearing a kimono and not in school uniform. She curled into a tiny ball on her chair and simply stared at her classmates. A spider faunus on the far side broadcasted grace and elegance. On the opposite end of both the room and the spectrum was the guy who hit her with a tuna at the cafeteria. He seemed...disorganized for lack of a better word. The other two students were also not in school uniform but seemed to be wearing combat gear. Amarante was quickly regretting not buying some kind of protective clothing. She wished the class would start already.

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10 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:57 pm

Rai Qing Long
"I'm late, I'm late, I'm so so late!" Rai dashed through the empty corridors, eventually spotting the door to his chosen class. He skidded to a stop in front of the door, before forcefully opening it. To his chagrin, class had already started, and most, if not all of the students were already in their seats. Even more so, it was only then he realized that he was still in his red kimono, and most of the other students were in 'normal clothes'... if they could be considered as 'normal'. He muttered an apology to the teacher before moving to his seat, mentally taking note of his fellow classmates.

There was a spider faunus with rather prominent features, who excluded an aura of grace and elegance, while there was another... cat-eared faunus? Dog-eared faunus? (He honestly didn't know; both types-looked pretty much the same around here.) A black haired faunus with two very interesting blades. A twin sword styled swordsman? Those are some very interesting blades; perhaps I can learn a some new sword skills...

Rai also gave a passing note to the rest of his classmates, before noticing a fox faunus in a... kimono? Well, it's rather nice to know that I'm not the only one wearing a kimono... He unstrapped the massive tachi on his back, before letting it rest on the ground. Taking a seat, Rai temporarily flared up his Aura, an Azure dragon momentarily circling around his body before fading, the fatigue from his little sprint completely gone. What new medicinal techniques would he learn today?

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11 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:07 pm

Amarante looked at the newcomer through her tails. And then realized her tails had formed and extinguished her aura. He looked nice but for a person in a supporter-type class, he clearly had some fighting ability. She serupticiously took his picture with her scroll and looked through school files. Security was a joke and she was in in seconds and read about Rai. Her eyes bugged out when she saw he could invert his healing to cause damage, 'I wonder if I could do that' she thought to herself.  The idea was attractive and repulsive at the same time. 'Could I really pervert my ability that way?' She thought back to that night, the coldness from using her glyph in a way it wasn't meant to...She looked back at him, sitting so close to her. She closed her scroll and tried to sit properly. After thirty seconds she pulled out her scroll and sent a message to Rai, can you teach me to use healing power as a weapon? she set it on the desk and waited.

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12 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:07 pm

Leena Lilac
The member 'Amarante' has done the following action : Dices roll

#1 'Status Effects' : 4


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#2 Result : 28


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#3 Result : 83

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13 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:56 pm

Rai Qing Long
"Hmm?" Rai's scroll vibrated once, a sign that he had received a message from someone. He gave a puzzled look at this. There weren't really many people in Syne who knew him, so who could be sending a message to him now? Rai opened his scroll, to see he had received a message from someone named, 'Amarante'. He gave himself a pause.

Did he know anyone by that name? Last time he had checked, he didn't associate with a person by that name... wait, actually, he had. If he had remembered correctly, there had been a commotion in the cafeteria some time ago, where a faunus had been struck by a tuna by some boy who he couldn't remember. He gave a sidelong glance at the person he was sitting next to.

Fox ears. Same facial features. Coincidence?

He opened the message, before muttering it under his breath. "can you teach me to use healing power as a weapon?" He gave another look at Amarante. She looked pretty(not that he would ever openly admit it), and if that flare of power he had felt was any indication, she was strong in spirit as well. But... why in the world would she want to learn how to use a power like healing, of all things, to fight?

Then, he remembered what he had just done, not a few seconds ago. He had used the dragon...

Rai honestly didn't know how he could help her. True enough, while his Semblance could attack, it's primary focus was to act as a channel for him to utilize it's healing ability on someone else, while allowing him to still be capable of fighting. It was only by solidifying his 'Chi', that Rai could use the dragon as a damaging attack. That had taken a lot of practice, and he had exhausted himself many times in his attempt to perfect that ability...

He gave another glance at her. Was she truly ready for the training it took for him to obtain his ability? He pondered over this, before making up his mind. He would help her, if and only if she was truly determined to do this.

Rai composed a message, before responding back to the fox girl. "My ability to shed blood using my Semblance isn't something I obtained through training with others. I had to be beaten within an inch of my life in order to reach the level I had obtained. The training I can give you might help you, and it might not at the same time. I cannot guarantee that you will be able to attain the level I reached, but regardless of that, I am willing to help you to obtain the power you seek. I will be blunt: if you seek this power, you must be determined to obtain it. You must be strong in spirit, body, and mind, in order to transform healing into an ability to not only heal others, but also as a tool to defend others as well. But now, ask yourself: are YOU willing to take this chance? Please respond if you accept my offer. "

Rai's finger hesitated over the 'Send' icon. Was he ready to become a teacher for someone else? His sensei had made things seem so easy when teaching him... minus the fact that most of his methods were so effective only because they were all life threatening, and Rai had to adapt quickly in order to survive. Then he pushed the icon.

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14 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 10:00 pm

James Gray
"There's a day when our hearts will be broken. When a shadow will cast out the light.."

Snow white hair flowed in the air as a head bopped to the music emitting from the earbuds attached to the ears of said head. A soft voice sang along with the singer, the lyrics somewhat filling the hallways as the fox boy walked to class. Dressed in his casual yukata, unaware if there was a uniform or not, he took pleasure in the air rushing past him as he strolled. While his attire may garner him some stares, he could hardly care less; he was comfortable and that is what mattered.

His attention was taken away from the song when a blur rushed past him and entered the room he was heading towards. He blinked in surprise before storing away his earbuds for another time, and entered through the open entrance, closing it behind him with his tail. Taking a cursory glance, everyone was seated already and the teacher looked ready to begin. His sights lingered slightly longer on his fellow Faunus classmates and subtly shivered when he noticed one with very prominent spider-like features. Ignoring the small showcasing of semblances between two of the students, he took a calming breath and bowed slightly to the teacher in greeting, muttering an apology and heading to an open seat near the back of the room, as to not let his tail obscure the board for his class.

With a notebook open and a pen in hand, the young man paid rapt attention to the instructor, ready to learn all he can for his major.

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15 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:42 pm

Amarante read the message. You must be determined to obtain it. Must be strong in mind, body, and spirit. She heard the hateful words echoing in her head WEAK WEAK WEAK YOU ARE NOTHING YOUR POWER IS USELESS! UNWORTHY! PATHETIC! YOU CAN'T EVEN PROTECT YOURSELF! She closed her eyes. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she typed her reply: I am more than ready. Never again would she be in that situation. She hit send and wiped her face as she adjusted her pose from a small child curled in fear to a young woman ready to show the naysayers a thing or ten.

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16 Re: Combat Medicine 101 and some! (Open) on Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:15 pm

Fenrir walked into the room. His eyes scanning the students as his wolf ears twitched about and his tail swished slightly. He stood there for several minutes, intentionally trying to make people nervous. He noted a several faunus, the most noticeable one was the fox girl in a kimono sitting next to batch guy in his own. Fenrir was wearing a simple dust infused vest, shirt and pants. He saw several armed students and inventoried everyone. The man with the wrist cannons was a definite risk. The spider faunus could be a problem if she went up the walls, assuming she had a ranged weapon. The ones with swords would be straightforward with a simple disarm. He shook the thought from his head and took a seat in the back where he could see everyone. Pulling out a thermos of black coffee, he smirked at the tail end of an exchange between the kimonos. He tapped the desk tunelessly. When his enrollment finally went through and he decided to take a class that taught more than "chew blood fern leaves while sewing your arm shut." He pulled up the course material for the class on his scroll and waited.

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