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The Fall of The House of Syne (Plot)

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26 Re: The Fall of The House of Syne (Plot) on Fri Jun 12, 2015 4:52 pm

Gawain Egret
The mute boy stopped in his tracks as he quickly noticed the boy that he was chasing stopped in his tracks due to a sudden gale. After that came the Faunus from before, trudging her way toward Jin and pulling him back down, altering his goal right off the bat as well as the mute boy's. However much Gawain disbelieved in Liona's motives in going against the Humanity, Gawain followed her and Jin, the latter being forced; however, at least Liona did say there was an easier way than relaying the message to leave the school, right? Well, having already made his decision to follow the matriarchal Faunus, Gawain couldn't just turn back and go; he was ready to believe in the Faunus who seemed like she had a longing hatred of Humanity.

Running slightly behind the two Faunus with his head's injury opening ever so slightly, Gawain tried his best to tell anyone that there were bombs attached to the building, at least to those that were willing to listen and weren't running outside already. Other than that, when Liona ended up utilizing the stable to all emergency evacuations, the live-saving fire alarm, Gawain made his way out of the building with them, grasping his head while he took note of that saving glory. The idea never crossed his mind to just pull the alarm, but he at least tried to save others, even if it wasn't the best idea to do.

Standing away from the building, watching students run out, Gawain did nothing but watch the surrounding vicinity. He hoped that everyone was going to be okay; he didn't even know when the bombs were going to explode, only, that was a precursor thought to when they did. The sight was an entire mess to him: everything was burning down, screams could be heard from large sections of the building, people were dying right before him as he did nothing but watch. Fright caught his feet as he tried to move to help as he turned to sadness for everyone who was dying. If Gawain had just spent a little bit longer, then he might've been able to save more lives, but then, he could've also died as well. A contemplating altercation went on his head that drove him to utter silence even as Jin cried and run off. Gawain didn't even offer a contemplative hand as lives were starting to go silent before him.

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27 Re: The Fall of The House of Syne (Plot) on Mon Jun 15, 2015 6:16 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi was within ear-shot of the boy saying something about again, and that yet again, made him spooked. What was this again about? He would have followed, but he had to wait until a moment after the explosion. He was singed a bit, and his lab coat was ruined, but he was 98% sure that most of the students got out of the building. He, however, didn't see that boy, Lloyd, and hoped he was fine, as he went over the the regal looking fellow, and asked, "Do you need any help?" He'd ask the others as well, no matter who it was that was saying yes, as he was a trained doctor, and it was his job to take care of this, and not let them die. Not letting them die being the key words there. If he did let them die, he wasn't sure how he'd live with himself.

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28 Re: The Fall of The House of Syne (Plot) on Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:15 pm

Lloyd Vanheim
Lloyd was able to see by the windows that most students he had seen on the upper levels were either out or on their way. He was glad that he was able to rally some students to help each others on the evacuation. It was also good that the fire alarm has been used as well as Lloyd didn't thought about it in the hurry. He thought to himself that he'll have to thank the one who had that bright idea.

When the first explosions came to be heard afar in the building, Lloyd was going to make his way toward an open window in order to escape himself, but at that moment he heard someone crying for help. Lloyd dismissed the explosion and instinctively followed the voice upstairs. A girl was frighten by all the commotion and was repeating the same sentence over and over. She was saying that she couldn't make the jump as she was afraid of heights and feared that the explosions would get her... Lloyd, without hesitation, picked the girl up on his back and went for the stairs as Lloyd, even though he can make high jumps with his semblance, he can't break a fall with it.

As he went for the stairs, the explosions were coming fast toward him, so he tried to run down the staircase and made it to the ground level. He looked briefly backward to see the blast coming toward him, so he rushed toward the door using his semblance to go a bit faster and threw the girl to someone outside for him to catch her. He then crouched right below the doorway to narrow the blast and activated his semblance in order to send the part of the explosion the other way to avoid more damage on this end. This way he would also protect the people outside that weren't far enough of the building. Since it was still an explosion, Lloyd was launched backward a bit, but he felt okay none the less. He didn't took a full blast anyway, just the push of it plus the burst of flame that were following.

Lloyd looked around to see that from the bunch of people he was with before the explosion, none were in sight. Maybe they were on the other side of the building, but Lloyd didn't have a clue about it.


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29 Re: The Fall of The House of Syne (Plot) on Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:47 am

Liona Mimiko

Having made it out safely thanks to her own brilliant and quite obvious idea, Liona watched from behind her lifted arm as the paintings that had intrigued her earlier combusted, causing most of the lecture building to fall. It was a gruesome sight to behold, one that left the feline faunus speechless. The amount of work that went into building that was staggering, only to have it fall down before even a year had passed. The destruction, the screams, the causualties that had to have just happened; or at the very least great injury. It was disgusting. It was utterly heartbreaking.

"I CAN'T FAIL AGAIN!" Liona's ears twitched. She immediately looked at Jin, who seemed more than a little distraught for a guy that was never truely a student, at least not yet. His hand had slipped from her grip and he had fallen to the ground with his face like a waterfall. He proceeded to babble, saying some pretty... interesting things. As he got up from his knees and turned Liona grabbed his arm, fiercely, before he could run off again. "Oh no you don't." She harshly puled him toward herself, grabbing him by his collar. "You wanna tell me what 'Again' means? Huh? Did you have something to do with this? Because I find it strange that some new kid strolls in and suddenly the building explodes. Now he's saying that this has happened before? I think you have some explainng to do, Jin."

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