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Story of Syne

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1 Story of Syne on Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:22 am

Story of Syne Academy

Prologue: Beginnings

Bellmuse is a tiny island Kingdom barely on the continent of Vale. As the creatures of Grimm appeared all throughout Remnant, Four kingdoms stepped up and began to train hunters and huntresses, eventually becoming like beacons of light to the entire world. Bellmuse was not one of these Kingdoms. However, it wanted to join in on the action, to help bring hope to Remnant through the Grimm and Darkness. Thus, a Hunter's Academy was built in the mountains of Finnek Forest; Syne Academy.

Syne Began to recruit for their school, a difficult task as it was not easy to find proficient fighters in Bellmuse. Still, with the growing number of lurking Grimm, the kingdom could not afford to waste time. The Grimm were finding themselves in towns and villages, endangering all. They needed to be put to an end. The kingdom appointed a former student of Beacon Academy in Vale as the Headmistress of their academy, in hopes that she could forge the school into the ray of light that Bellmuse needs. So, what will it be? Will you join the ranks and put a stop to the Grimm, or will you side with them and bring destruction?

It is with that question, that our stories begin...

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Chapter One: The Beast Tamer Saga

-When the Dark Invades
A peaceful night it seemed, until such peace was shattered by a Beowolf that seemed to have wandered into the Campus' Courtyard, with aims to reach the doors to the castle's interior. It was soon spotted by a student and a couple of the Academy's Professors, each with their own approach in subduing the Creature of Grimm. The battle had begun, and shortly into its duration an ironclad student fell from the sky, Jumping out of a window from the inside of the building. This student joined they fray, his simple attack causing a misunderstanding that had the Beowulf admiring the man before it escaped back into the forest and away from further harm.

Suspicions have been raised since that night, and still no one knows what to make of the events that happened.

-Introspection and a Meeting
It had been about a month or so since that strange Grimm incident at the school, and things were about to get stranger still. A cool autumn evening at the beach held an outing for many of Syne's students, whether by coincidence or planned get togethers. a group of them were eventually joined by a faunus man, who chose to chat with them about Syne itself. That alone was nothing to worry about. It was the human that joined the faunus Azrael that caused the most trouble. The man, going by the name Xero, Attacked what he suspected to be a spy, and then quickly proceeded to blatantly threaten the other students who had been previously enjoying their night at the beach. No other combat was initiated, and the two strange men left shortly afterward.

-Informing the Headmaster
Immediately after the events at Kompress Beach, one of the students that had been there to witness the transpiration first hand ventured off to inform the Headmistress of what had happened. She had already had her hands full with attempting to reinforce the security of the Academy, and now she was being faced with a new threat that was affecting her students directly. While it is unclear and seems somewhat unlikely that the beach incident and the Beowolf invasion were connected, The possibility still lingered, given the timing. It was a short chat as the Headmistress requested some time alone to think, and within a single day a curfew was set in place in an attempt to protect students from unnecessary harm.  

The Curfew includes that students must remain in their dorm rooms from dusk to dawn, and may not leave the campus without the supervision of a professor.

-A Matter of Time
Still Concerned, The same student that had given the first eye witness report of the beach incident organized a meeting for anyone one else living within the Academy's walls who were also worried. However, the gathering was soon interrupted by Xero himself and his small troope of Creeps, the first time anyone had seen such Grimm on the island. Of course, thanks to the Students training at Syne, they were quickly eliminated. However, that was only the first wave. In came some more grimm, some Ursa and a Deathstalker, crashing into the courtyard behind Xero, who had now chosen to fight directly.

In a battle of Gunshots and flames, The students were able to over power the grimm, With one huntress in training almost able to single handedly take down the deathstalker. This left only the sadistic baddie, who was determined to burn down his opponents. When he was defeated, he went out in a blazing inferno, thus ending himself and anyone he could take with him.

-The Fall of the House of Syne
With Xero gone now, it was all up to Azrael to see their mission completed. Of course, this was almost good news to him, but it did make thing a little harder. So Az approached things differently. -WIP-

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