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Do You Believe In Magic? [Dusters Only]

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26 Re: Do You Believe In Magic? [Dusters Only] on Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:37 pm

Richard Lionheart
Richard sighed, ticked off by Yin's exit; "Fine, go. Abandon your date with Chimera. Or perhaps she'll take off after you. If she does that'll be another factoid to add to my list, another weakness."

The short boy seethed, taking a mouthful of his drink and a cherry to calm his nerves. The boy lowered his hat and sighed, there was little point in even trying now was there? Even this new girl backed out;

"Fine, whatever. Just tell us a bit about yourself then, seeing as you were the one to call it off. For instance say, I don't know... weapons? Dust? That sort of thing."

He then locked eyes with Severa, her reaction would decide how this went down. If she left she wouldn't be able to pay, he would have to bounce before Sammey could. Regardless he poured the glass back into the jug, catching the single piece as it fell. He rounded the pieces up and once again secured them and the box;

"Eh, play the game another time perhaps then... Looks like you won't get to know what I wrote Chimera."

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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27 Re: Do You Believe In Magic? [Dusters Only] on Wed Jun 10, 2015 6:25 am

Severa Crowley
Now Sevy was in a somewhat dead end. Yin wasn't interested about the game and made her exit so it was now her, Sammey and the Gnome. She would follow Yin right away, but then it would mean leaving Sam alone with Rich and she didn't deserved that. She also wanted Rich to be the one to pay the bill. He was such a A-hole that he would deserve that, plus he scratched the table and it was clear that the bartender wasn't happy about it. Sevy had an idea to get both her and Sammey their get-away tickets while leaving Rich to his doom with the barman. She stood up, bottoms up her drink and walked toward the man and whispered to him something. The man replied with a simple nod as he stared at Richard. Sevy would then walked toward the table, looked at the window to see that the rain had stopped before grabbing Sammey's hand to make a run for the door to leave Rich for the bill, and the damage on the table.

If Rich would try to get away, the Barman would stop him in his tracks, activating his semblance. He walked toward Rich with a death stare. ''So, how will you pay me? You did damaged my table and I don't like when people damage my things...''


OCC: The bartender's semblance cancels the use of other semblance around him in a 10m radius.

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28 Re: Do You Believe In Magic? [Dusters Only] on Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:54 pm

Sammey White
As Sammey was sitting there she looked up at her drink it looked good and stuff. She didn't know what to do with it she never had something like this before. Than some catch her eyes some light coming thou the window she than smiled a little *Well at lest i can start heading back to Syne Academy.* She was about to get ready to head out than she seen Sevy just took her drink in one go and walked to the guy. The next thing she known Svey garbed her and she took off running. Sammey was able to grabs her's and Svey's bag.

Sammey didn't know what was going on but i looked like they were going some were. She looked back for a sec before Svey made it to the door and to outside. The light form outside wasn't high in the sky anymore it looked like it was starting to set as they ran out the bar.



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5x poison
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29 Re: Do You Believe In Magic? [Dusters Only] on Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:56 pm

Richard Lionheart
Richard shot Severa the most heinous look as she exited the bar. If looks could kill this would have been a massacre... or perhaps even two. Richard snorted at the barman;

"Do you really think you'll get me to pay? Go chase after that stupid chimera girl, you heard her before, said the round was on her. Check your surveillance if you want proof, chase up her... as for the table A. I had a gun pulled on me, B.Why are your tables not made of a thicker substance? What if I was a faunus who's claws were permanently extended? You've got to account for these things, could be taken as prejudice."

Richard felt his scroll rumble, ignoring the seething bartender;

"Nyoho~ Just landed myself a fat wad of cash from that last job, see you at the usual place."

He looked back up at the man, "Regardless, it would seem my idiot friend will be here soon, with his jubilant personality he'll certainly pay it off. Speaking of which, two coffee's one black and one white."

Richard yawned, it could be anywhere from half a minute to an hour till the hunter arrived. In which case, he'd happily take a siesta;

"Go chase up that girl for the money, you know me. I'm far too lazy to steal any of your cheap booze. Besides, I've got nothing on cash on me. I'll just be napping here till the idiot man arrives."

With that said and a yawn to boot, Richard kicked his feet up on the table and tipped his hat to block out the sun as it emerged from the clouds. Awaiting his mentor's arrival.

[Exit-via sleep]

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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