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Insanity! (Extremists Only)

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1 Insanity! (Extremists Only) on Sat May 16, 2015 12:38 am

Fox looked at the room he rented. A very...large room, standing 10 feet tall, and roughly 20 feet wide. It was an empty room inside. Nothing special. He had a bunch of folding chairs in a cart next to him. He looked at the door in front of him, which stood in the middle of the front, and was made of pure metal. He pulled it open, and sighed. He pulled the chairs inside, and pulled them to the wall on the right, and grabbed the first chair, and sat it in the middle of the room. What he was doing was going to be risky to everyones life involved; having a bunch of extremists in one room unsupervised.

Fox knew this could be fun. The finality of death will be in the air, as a bunch of killers sit in a room. They’d vary in size, but does that really matter? Each is as strong as the others, with some being strong in a more… literal sense, and the others with how they fight. It wasn’t a special thing, honestly it wasn’t.

He sat in this first chair, and thought something;

What if I told name?

This thought crossed his head, primarly, because not many actually knew him even as Miles due to his habit of not being seen because he stayed in his room because he had money, he could do what he wanted. SCREW THE RULES! Well, respect them, and then buy them dinner. That’s the joke that came to his head, and he got a small chuckle out of it. You don’t get chuckles out of thinks when you’re Fox more often than not. It was a rough thing. He then got up, and grabbed two chairs, and set them up on either side until he made a half-circle… and came to a realization.

“They aren’t even going to use these chairs.” He did indeed say it outloud. He grabbed the chair closer to him, and throw it as hard as he could at the nearest wall. He did this a few more times before sighing yet again. He couldn’t be serious, could he? He left for 5 minutes, and came back with a large combat mat, which when unraveled was 10 feet wide and 10 feet long… which is why it was a pain in the ass to get through the door.

After setting it up, he noticed the placement of windows, which were placed every five feet on each wall, and then every 5 feet on the ceiling, yet no man-made light could be seen.

He then realised it was about mid-day, and the sun was still shining, it’s not something that he often took note of, but when you’re in a giant metal building full of windows, you get to notice these things. He then went over to the cart that had about 10 extra chairs, and dug under the chairs and pulled out a little chalk-board and some chalk, and wrote 2 words.

Extremists only!

He hung the little board outside, and then went inside, and started throwing some air jabs.

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2 Re: Insanity! (Extremists Only) on Sat May 16, 2015 1:18 am

Denz was bored as all and every day of his life here at Syne. Sure it was a nice enough place with not so boring people, but it could be better... He wanted more actions, more fights, more high speed chases, more pizza... All of those didn't come that easily though... As he was munching on a slice, the fourth since noon, as he walked around the courtyard. He was about to go take a nap before he saw something he would never have thought of. A guy, with two tone hair, like his younger brother, that looked like his younger brother, and walked like his younger brother.................was walking in front of a chalkboard that read "Extremists Only".

Denz went to look at the board and took out a dictionary. "Where is "extremist".... oh right here... "Extreme person who does extremely extreme things in an extremely extreme way looking extremely extreme while doing those extremely extreme things." Hmh, sounds just like me... What is that book anyway?" *looks at the cover* "Oh, "The extremely extreme dictionary for extremely extreme people"... Where did I get that?" Denz threw the book in an extremely extreme fashion before entering the room with an extremely extreme way of walking.

He slowly walk in, seeing a man air jabbing. He took one chair and sat on it while kicking another one in the air as it lands into place for Denz to put his feet on it, eating his seventh slice. He looked at the man, wondering if he was the one that bought, loan or whatever this place, wondering what would happen and wondering if there was any restroom, just to know... He then waved at him, hoping he would see Denz, but shouted anyway in the practically empty room with an echoed voice. "Hey, I saw the place, the invite at the front door, what's that place all about? I wanna know... will it be fun?" He gave the man a smirk as he leaned himself on the two back legs of the chair.

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