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The Past Comes Back to Bite! (Private/Coal)

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1 The Past Comes Back to Bite! (Private/Coal) on Mon May 18, 2015 6:42 pm

Grenal had a sly smile on his face as he woke from his dorm at roughly 6. He had a plan today; a plan that could go to hell or end up making him a friend. The latter being next to impossible mainly because Grenal hasn't forgotten. No, he hasn't. He remembers Mikael Coal. He remembers every detail. Well, maybe not every detail. He decided to act like a newer student, since he was one of the lesser known names around campus. He waited until it was 8, and with his white shirt on under a white trench coat; he stood before his rooms door, and put his hands in his pockets, one on his razor, another on a journal he keeps. He wouldn't dream of leaving them before going out. He stepped over the thresh-hold of the door at exactly 8:01 AM. He'd have to hope that Mikael... rather, Aaron Coal was in classroom.

After stepping outside, he found a lass who looked innocent enough.

He put on his best smile, and asked this lass, "Hello! I'm looking for Professor Coals room. Can you help me find it?" He honestly didn't know where it was, but that might be because he didn't pay any attention beyond the fact that he was there. He saw the lass grab his hand, and he resisted the urge to act against it. He was lead to the Lecture halls; and was told she had to go so he was to find his room on his own. He thanked her for her help, and it didn't take long before he found a closed door with Coals name on it.

He leaned on his door, and the knocked with his knuckles. When he'd hear Coal come, or respond, he'd move away from the door.

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Professor Coal
Coal had a rough night. He didn't slept well nor a lot all thanks to some work he had to finish and other works he had to prepare for the next day. He was "sleeping" on his desk in his class, full of paperwork everywhere, coffee cups and a ashtray full of still fuming cigarettes. Some half-eaten cup of instant-noodles could be found as well. Clearly Coal wasn't meant to be a teacher. He started to grumble. "What I'd give to work as a P.I. once again...Anything would be better that this really..."

His eyes barely open when he thought that someone could have knocked at his door. He looked at his watch, his face still against his desk. It was barely past 8, he didn't have class before 10, so would be here, so early for his class? Any class would be bad from the start to get so early on, but one of his? That's just plain insane.

Coal, with all the unwillingness to, stood up and slowly walked toward that door. As he forwarded his hand toward the knob of his window-less door, a harsh chill went up his spine. He had a really bad feeling about opening that door, like he was about to open Pandora's Box or something. He decided to open it nonetheless, it could have been the Headmistress for all he knew...

Coal slowly opened it, with the chills becoming worse as the gap in the door became bigger, until Coal just froze into place. It was him... The man that Coal arrested a few years ago, before all the shit went up in Atlas, Grenal Black... Coal was put on the case of this serial killer for two reasons. The first: all other cops had fail to. Second: that bastard wanted Coal to find him, no others. He had killed people, leaved some alive, all that for a face to face. That night, Coal could have killed him, he should have killed him, but no... He had decided to let justice works its way... When Coal learned that Black had escape prison, he had the feeling that Black was going to be the one looking for him this time, in another morbid game of cat and mouse...

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Grenal saw Coal freeze. He had a small chuckle. He was happy that Coal remembered him; it brought a smile to his face. It was lovely that he did, especially with such a reaction.

"Hello Mikael. It's been awhile, hasn't it?" He looks from side to side, making sure no one was here. He had already said Aarons old name, so anything went. "I see you remember me. I'm going to admit, you were the best detective back then. Even though that was true, you couldn't keep me locked up. I'm going to quote an author, let's see if you can figure out who it was by.

'That who follows his own rules wins.'
He laughed afterwords. He wasn't finished.

"I'm assuming then, you remember that you had interrupted a killing of mine, and I was covered in blood. I was even going to leave another clue for you to meet at a factory, but you ruined that fun when you interrupted me and made me fight you. Which was... well? Horribly one-sided. Then again... so was the man I was killing!" He said every single word with a smile on his face, seeing what buttons he could push. Seeing if this was the same Coal that he had fought mentally, and physically, years ago. It was exciting!

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Professor Coal
The moment Black called Coal by Mikael, he grabbed his collar, brought him inside the class and close the door as he put him against the wall. It was really him, not just some dude that looked like him, or someone that got a small info on his past, it was the only possible thing, it was Black, and no one else.

As the bastard started by quoting an author, Coal couldn't not think about who it was that he was quoting. An old reflex that Coal kept from when he was on Black's case. He used to leave some evidences that led to quotes from famous authors, this one being one of them. He looked into his eyes as he was smiling and laughing with the same despicable smile he always bore. "Hector Bask, from "The lonely nights", and to that I reply "All those who play the game loses from the beginning."" He couldn't help but reply to this little quoting game, even though he hated this monster, he was also intrigued by this excuse of a man. Also, thinking about a quote makes him avoid thinking about killing him right away.

He released him from against the wall as Black continued his speech. Coal listened to the mad rambling of what seemed like a man. He had the same demeanor as before, reinforcing even more the damn idea that it was indeed the same Black as he knew. Unfortunately for him, if Coal was able to put him behind bars once, he would be able to do it once again. "If you think I will let you go with more slaughter, you're damn wrong, you won't leave this place Black, I will send you back in jail." Unfortunately, Coal knew it wasn't going to be that simple...

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He was grabbed and put against the wall as he rambled on. Grenal knew he had the advantage for multiple reasons. First of all, he was a student. Second, he had blackmail, and he knew it.

He stood tall against the wall, chuckling harder as he did. It was the same Mikael. The very same that hunted him. This was so exciting, such a wonder. He decided to lay out the situation for Mikael.

"As you are correct. I shall name your quote, which is from Leon Tigre, In his famous book 'Le jeu perdant' which, translated roughly, means the losing game. A fantastic book, and a fantastic quote choice. I will return you with one after I admit a few things.

I came here knowing I had the advantage. First of all; you're a teacher, and I'm a student. Second, We both have blackmail on each others past. You know exactly what I'm talking about. From one mass murderer to the next, it was done quite nicely. Each body placed, and killed with such precision, I couldn't have done it better myself.

Next, is the fact that you think you can put me in jail, when right now, I've done nothing wrong in Syne Academy. You know this as well as I do."
A smile returned when he was finished talking, and to cement any doubt that Coal had, he dug in his pocket and pulled out his razor, the one that he had used that very night.

"I leave you with this quote to tell me who said or wrote it.

'The game is a false-basis for that of whom can't understand life.'

If you can tell me it, I'll be impressed."

Grenal chuckled a bit at the end after saying the quote.

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Professor Coal
Coal felt his heart pumping faster as Black's taunting chuckles were heard. It was already sickening that this madman was back to haunt him, he had to show of as well. But he was right. Both knew too much about each other's past. Just with a simple call, both of them would end up on the death row possibly. As for the quote, he had it right, but Coal didn't spoke a word on it as he knew that Black knew, so no need to give him credit when he already took it.

But Black crossed the line when he said that him and Coal were alike, murderers. Knowing full well the truth about Coal's past, that he clearly didn't commit that mass murder and still rubbing the lie up in his face, that was just too much. He promptly and instinctively gave him a direct headbutt, aiming to break his nose. It was refreshing to do so. Coal walked in a small circle afterward to appreciate that small moment.

Black was, unfortunately, right once again, he had done nothing here at Bellmuse yet, so he couldn't be arrested here unless of solid proof from Atlas, something Coal wasn't authorized to get now.

When Black came up with the next quote, Coal thought about it for a moment. It seemed too matching to the current situation to be a mere coincidence. He looked directly at Black."That's cheating, quoting yourself from a book that isn't even done yet... I can't guess the title of a unfinished book, unless I name it myself, which I'd name "Chronicle of a Madman"." Coal had looked at his pocket, seeing that a book was clearly in there. Probably a journal of some sort, but being who he is, Black wasn't going to leave that as a simple journal, He would have shared his work with the public, as a work of fiction in order to taunt Coal and everyone that would have tried to stop him. That was the kind of man he was... He scratched the back of his head, thinking about his next quote..."The man who lies is the one telling the ugly truth."

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"The man who lies is the one telling an Ugly truth?"He said, and then continued, "If I'm right, and I might be... I must say that... you are right about my quote." He put his Razor back and pulled out a book and opened it up to page 3. It said something akin to the following;

The game is a false basis for that of whom can't understand life.

He then found Coals head in his nose, and then he reached up to touch his nose, which was now bleeding. He laughed, purposely taunting Coal now.

"That wasn't very nice. I think I have to go to somewhere you can't reach me."

He turned on his sembalance, and started walking up the wall, and got to the ceiling. He stood upsidedown.

"Yes, this will do. You can't reach me now. Also, yes, this was how I got my victims blood on the roof, I simply walked up there. Using my skills for such things.

To treat you as though you did me, I'll name your quote and retort one more quote at least."

He closed the book he still held, and put it back in his coat.  He giggled like the Joker, and then decided to retort, "For your quote, it's from a less known author called Isane Curando, In his biography.

My quote? 'That who tells the ugly truth is of pure heart.' "


HP = 95/100

Aura= 190/200

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Professor Coal
Coal, that was already ticked off by Black remembering the false story behind all this, was even more pissed by the fact that he had decided to answer and talk in a chaotic order to mess with him even more. As Black climbed onto the ceiling, Coal released a "tsk" as he was referring to one of the first murders he had commit to get his attention. Spilling blood in the room, but only on the ceiling. Now knowing his semblance, Coal had an advantage as he never used his against Black, so maybe he didn't know.... No, he had to know about it, it would be impossible for this man to not know about Coal's Shades. But still, he never used it in front of him, so he would still have an advantage if they had to fight seriously.

He took his gun from its holster and pointed it toward the upside down maniac that was hanging from his ceiling. If he could land only one shot, he would be sure that the effect would be enough for him to lose enough focus to fall down like a fly, or at least he hoped. "Why not cutting to the chase, why are you here, surely it's not only to exchange quote like we used to. Personally I didn't missed that, you're more sentimental than I thought." Coal tried to keep his cool in the situation, trying to play some humor to keep calm before he would lose his mind and simply kill him right away.

As Black answered Coal's quote, this one let go of a chuckle."Wow, I never thought that you of all person would have been wrong for a quote, unless you try to throw me off with your answer. YOUR quote is from Curando in answer to mine from Ulisse Nyk, who both were rivals in the writing industry and Nyk made homage to his rival by making his biography after his death. Now, my last quote for the day, "The ones who lie only lie in the face of their fears"." Coal was now waiting, his gun still pointing at Black, for two answers.

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As he saw Coal point the gun at his head, he laughed, taunting him some more. He wasn't wrong, he had messed up the quote. His taunting life turned more into a geniuine one, as he started saying words.

"Not bad, I get the two mixed up often. The twos writing styles aren't that different, you know? My favorite between the two is Curando, as he lived and died as a fantastic man, exposing the world for what it was... and still is." An upside down Grenal put his hands behind his head, and he blew a kiss to Coals gun. "I'm mad, I know. I don't even know if I'm human anymore. Anyway, Your quote? Very the very same man you just quoted, Nyx, yet in a different book when he was younger and still a rival to Curando. The two had a fantastic rivalry, almost as amazing as ours, you know? Now, I gotta get some blood flowing to my head..." He bend, so that the blood went away from just his head. He then lowered his head down, again, and smiled some more.

"I won't send you another quote this way, but I will admit, honestly, that we must get together to talk Literature at some point. You and I are well-veresed, and I'd even go as far to say you're better then me at remembering certain types of books, so how about I get down from here, and look at you face to face again. Do you..." He said this next words with dripping sarcasm, "Promise not to hit me, Mikael?" With those words, he'd start walking down, and then reach the bottom and walk towards Coals gun, and stop at the very end of his barrel, and raise it to his head. It was a trust exercise for a mad man.


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Professor Coal
Coal went on and released a couple of "tsk" once again as Black was doing his usual thing: pissing Coal's off. Sure he was glad that for once in their little quoting game he had the upper end for once, but only by one point, which Coal would have loved to have a better score than that. The fact that he compared their "duo" to a "fantastic rivalry" was what made Coal hesitate to answer to Black's demand to shoot or hit him later on.

As Black suggested that they should spend time together to talk literature, Coal seriously thought about it. Not to spend some quality time with this excuse of a man, but to keep an eye on him, to learn more about his flow of thoughts and also to keep him away of murdering someone while he's with him. He ultimately decline in his head for he would probably end up killing him rather than talk. He didn't answer to Black though, he tried to ignore the thought from now on about spending "peaceful" time together.

As Black walked down the wall and stopped right in front of the barrel of his gun practically asking to get shot, Coal just wanted to shoot, but it would attract unwanted attention. He let go of a "tsk" again as he put his gun back in its holster. "Now why not telling me why you came here."

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As Coal didn't pull the trigger, Grenal laughed, and fell backwards laughing. Old Coal, he feels, would have pulled that trigger. While laying on the floor, he put his hands behind his head, and got comfortable. Was he to be honest or make it a story? He'd have to decide mid-way through.

"I wanted to see if the one man who caught me, the one man who was able to out-think me, was still sharp. You still seem fairly sharp, but you've lost that ruthless streak." His laughing face turned into a scowl, "Mikael would have pulled the trigger. Aaron, the new you, didn't. Why? I would've just taken a nap, and you could say that I passed out and was sleeping it off in a corner. You've grown weak." He stayed on the ground, thinking on his next words, and remembered a passage from a book, "To quote how I feel, I shall quote the book, 'Tenzoi the Great' by Tanakoe Sevlen.

'To be at the top is a great honor. I must stay strong to be at the top' said Tenzoi, having just beaten the champion, and then Tenzoi continued, 'To stay strong, I must stay smart. To stay strong, I must continue to do what I do, and seek to do it the best.'

I'm sure you remember it. It's how I feel. If you'd show me that the person I knew instead of this teacher that has weakened. I'd even go along with it. If you'd have shot me, but now, I won't. I'll tell on you..."
A smile broke when he said that, "Who are we kidding? I won't tell, but I'm still displeased."

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12 Re: The Past Comes Back to Bite! (Private/Coal) on Tue May 19, 2015 10:45 pm

Professor Coal
Coal was starting to really get pissed by all this laughing. Plus the fact that Black was rubbing his old way of thinking in his face made the matter worse. Coal knew that he knew full well that he wasn't the inspector he once was and that he couldn't just shoot someone without reason, or even at all.It was even worse if, as a teacher he would have shoot a student. No background research would have been made, Coal would have ended up in jail for a the life of one man against what, a hundred? But no one would have looked into that and just close the case as a simple murder. It wasn't the fact that he had gotten weak, it was even strength. Coal just showed that he could resist the urge to kill him, all he had to do was to get him arrested once more, but this time make sure that he wouldn't get away...

As Black started to quote once again, Coal had a weird feeling. It wasn't the same pattern as their usual quoting game, it was different. Coal just repeated the quote over and over in his head while Black was laying on the ground, still offering himself as an easy target for Coal to shoot. Coal was about to dismiss this quote as just another way to mess with him, until it hit him...

Black did something, or maybe was about to do something. This was all it was about from the beginning, he didn't came here just to chat, or to see how Coal was doing, it was to resume their sick game of the cat and the mouse. That quote was referencing Coal and his chase against Black, the "champion", the one no one was able to beat. He wanted Coal to stay at his best, as an inspector. He just wanted, Coal... in a way, a really sick way...

Coal pinned Black on the ground, holding his collar. He was pissed, but really mad now as he had hope for this kind of thing to never happen again. But at the same time, was he really surprised? Not really, from the moment he saw Black at his door, he knew that everything was about to start again, or rather, to continue. "Tell me right now and cut the crap, what have you done you sick bastard..." He took his gun out once more and pointed directly at his head, knowing that he wouldn't flinch, but at least he would know that Coal was dead serious. "I know you did something before coming here, you're always prepared, now tell me!" His look on his face clearly showed that he knew...

Coal saw two options. The first: Black had killed someone and hid clues of the whereabouts of the body. Second: He kidnapped someone, probably a student to traumatize this one, and gives Coal a small chance to save them, using possible clues he had left. In either cases, those crimes would point toward Coal to link him with his past and get busted on Black's behalf. He had to make him talk, but Black wasn't to let go of info he wouldn't want Coal to know. Right now, he had all the cards, Coal had to play with the one he would get from him, and none other...

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13 Re: The Past Comes Back to Bite! (Private/Coal) on Tue May 19, 2015 11:06 pm

Grenal felt his collar grabbed, and pushed to the ground. This was the Coal he wanted, the one who was willing to grab him and shove him. He then saw the gun to his head. This is what he wanted, so he decided to talk.

"There was a lass... she guided me here. This poor lass... she's somewhere. I'll give you a hint...

'A place where the mouse walks and eats and the men and woman cut and feed'

That's the only hint you get. I can even tell you this, the bindings that hold her? They're just as tight as you are angry. She wouldn't have moved. Especially since, as you know, I can walk on walls. She might be in the ceiling of a room for all you know.
He said this serious, although no such thing had happened. He said it without a change to show he was lying, and with Coals opinion of Grenal, he figured he'd believe him.

"However. The key to the place.. it's... how do I put this?

'locked away in a place far away'

Shoot me. Go ahead. Do it. You won't find her then. I'm the only one who knows where she is. You also know what a sick bastard I am right?

You know I have no qualms about violence, pain, suffering, I have no qualms about watching people suffer in order for my end goal. For me end goal to be achived, I must get you back to who you used to be at least. One last game... of cat and mouse."
He laughed, the sarcasm dripping on his next words, "You know I wouldn't hold it against you if you killed me. I know how much hell I've caused you, but is it worth it? Would you find another with such skill to be against you? You wouldn't live without me."

He wouldn't get up, he was being held onto,

"Also, that bit about always being prepared? I wouldn't say so. I'm just really... really good at imporvising. Like that one fellow, you know the one whoms bleed spelt out Enkindus name? Yes, that was a heat of the moment kind of thing. It's something special that I have that you don't. You always plan it seems... or I may be completely wrong. Who knows if I actually mean anything that I just said?"

He kept his hands behind his head, knowing he had no reason to move them. He had played his piece and would have to see if Coal would play his. It was a complete mystery to Grenal how Coal kept his cool so well, considering the fact that he was standing face to face with a murderer, a man who killed so many men in the past that... he wasn't human. He liked it. He should feel remorse for the lie he just said, but he didn't. Why should he? It wasn't something that was bred, it wasn't something that was gotten by living in the streets of Atlas, living day by day. It was because he was him.

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14 Re: The Past Comes Back to Bite! (Private/Coal) on Wed May 20, 2015 10:32 am

Professor Coal
Coal was now angry to the point to show his teeth, something that rarely occurred by the past, even with Black. Coal knew that he was lied to, it was rather obvious. If the lass who had showed him the way was really the victim, when would Black had the time to hide her in such a complicated manner. Not a lot of classes took place this early in the morning, so most student that were attending those were generally not late nor early for their classes. If Black would have been lead to Coal's class, he would have needed more than a couple of minute, even him, to plan everything, so the girl was surely safe...for now...

Coal slammed Black once to the ground against which he was against. "That's total bullshit! We both know it, so tell me what you're really up to you SOB! And don't try to fool me this time, I'm in no mood to play with you." As Black taunted Coal even more with his sarcasm, Coal was boiling in rage. He was so tempted to shoot this madman, to end this once and for all. He would save a lot more by doing so. People who deserve to live, that have families, friends, people that care about them... But no, Coal couldn't fall for the bait, ever so tempting it was, Black would win...

Coal slammed him once again on the ground as Black mentioned another murder he had commit while Coal was on the case. He was literally admitting his crimes, but Coal didn't have anything to record him. What a frustrating thought, if Coal had his old equipment, he would have recorded Black right away, send all the info to the police and hopefully everything would have ended. But things are never that easy, are they?

Black's cool and relaxed attitude would get to Coal if he didn't do something about it. He had to do something to calm down or he will end up seriously killing him. Could he play with that confession? Could Coal bluff about having recorded it? Would Black fall for this simple trick? Probably not, but if... Coal thought of something, it could work, but would need time and preparation. His look on his face changed upon that idea, just enough so Black could wonder. Coal stood up, letting go of him before lighting himself a cigarette. "Listen, either tell me what your plan his right away and we end this quickly, or I simply don't play your game anymore. You clearly came out of prison just for me, no reason to hide it, what would you do if I were to let you go, to let you kill without having me after you? Wouldn't you be sad?" Coal had find a way to stay calm: play tennis with sarcasm. The score was 30-15, the game was still on.

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He laughed a bit, as is of typical Grenal. He had driven Coal to anger. He also knew that Coal had nothing to record his testimonies with, as swores were thrown in his face. He smiled broadly though, as his lie was seen straight through. This was going to be a fun time at Syne if Coal was still that sharp. He listened to Coal talk or yell, it wasn't really registering as either to Grenal. He then heard the insult of leaving him, not persuing him. This actually made him sad.
"You are correct in the assumption that I broke out of Jail for you, and you'd be right still to say, if thinking, that I'd do it again. Heck, if you let me up, I'll even allow you to lead me to the school office, under the pretense of murder. No evidence except your voice, and any evidence that you try to get send from Atlas? Corrupted or destroyed. I have connections in the new department, you know, the one you left.

I will admit though, you have not dulled, I'd even go as far to say you got smarter, but you're a dull edge. You think too much. I feel... the old Coal, Mikael, would have shot me when I stood on the roof. As I lay here, being slammed, bleeding from my nose, I must say something. I must say something that I think you need to hear.

I forgive you, Mikael. I don't know if anyone back there forgives you for the crime that you didn't, but I do. I'm even willing to forward that you didn't do it. Anyone who knows me, knows we hate each other, but the truth is... I don't hate you."
A tear, that Grenal was forcing,  fell from his eye.

"I'd honestly be sad, and go on a rampage if you left me. I'm sure there are others that would try, but you're the only one I want to catch me. Heck, if it were any other detective... I'd have kicked him and beat on him and ran. You know that as well as I do, don't you? You know I stay here and play this game because it's the final game I can play. The final gambit. You know what I'll do once I leave the room. You do.

I'll find that lass, grab her and do whatever you think and worse. I'll enjoy it. You will try to find me and fail multiple times before you find her. Record this, bring it in. Do it. I know you want to, but I know, deep down, you want to play a game of cat and mouse like I do, you want to be what you used to, and I can give it to you."
He didn't move his hands even though he was slammed. He had reacted completely reasonable.

He took a moment to look inside himself, look inside what others thought was a mad-man. It was something he enjoyed, it was something he did for fun. He had the skills to do it, and he did because he had the skills. He didn't do it for the money, no, he didn't do it for fame. He did it because he wanted to enjoy it. He did. He found enjoyment in what others found sick. He could care less if there was cameras, as he was Grenal, the man who broke out of prison to antagonize one person.

He was somewhat content with the fact that Coal lost his edge of ruthlessness, but was still sad none-the-less. He had nothing more to say, no more taunts to do. Not this turn, not this round. He wanted to see how Coal reacted. He knew Coal needed forgiveness... and he could forgive Coal. He could forgive him for capturing him, he could forgive him for crimes he didn't commit.

If he left though... that would be unforgivable. By Grenal, buts more so by the public due to the other thing. He wasn't as strong as some of the students here, but he'd be damned if he wouldn't take at least 10 students out with him before he was caught. He was an expert on fighting from the shadows. He did it for years,  he has done it so long that it's his primary style of fighting, primary style of giving death. Sure, he could be pushed to use his razor, but fighting from the shadows is so much more fun.

Could it be said that if Coal actually left him, he'd go insane? Yes. Yes it would. He'd go absolutely insane beyond that of his normal, sociopathic, murderous self. It was a interesting thing; his whole existience based on the one man, that he knew of, the one man that he got shot by. One shot that stopped his killing spree. He could control himself to an extent...but... killing and kidnapping were what he did. It was his life, it was the only thing he could do to keep living. Sure, killing Grimm was fun and well, but it was something completely different when you killed a human; fully aware that they were about to die. It was something amazing about it, the adrenaline. The pure adrenaline. It was something you don't just get. It was something you earn... through killing. Through Death. Through dismemberment.

It could be inspiring, but it's just a dark hole in Grenals heart that is only filled when death comes. He wonders, sometimes, if the idea that Coal could be an equal, could sit across from him, could finally fill this gap. It would never happen, Grenal knew, it would never happen between the two. Coal would rather kill him then talk to him as equals, he knew it. He knew it and it made him sad. Very sad. It could be the most amazing conversation he'd even have, but it'd never happen. It'd never happen because of the gap between the two. The gap that would never heal.

It wasn't killing him from the inside, no. He could live without it, but it'd be amazing. It'd be a bout about psychology, death, love and many other things. Things that shouldn't be spoken of, but those lines have already been crossed. Those lines were crossed long ago. These lines were crossed when he killed his first person, these lines were crossed when he was caught in the middle of killing a person.

These lines no longer did exist, as talk about death and love is rampant. Talk about human nature can easily be talked about. These lines were what made Grenal human. He's no longer human, not in anyone who knows eyes; the rest, he just seems like a sharp tongued individual who knows how to get what he wants. Coal knows there's more to that story, Coal knows that Grenal is a human being.

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Professor Coal
Even though he knew it without a doubt, Coal was still burdened by the fact that Black did all this for him. It was even worse hearing it from him directly. And yes, burdened. Coal felt heavy that a murderer like Black was just after him, killing people all around just for Coal to notice. But why him? Sure Coal was good at what he was doing, he was renown for his exploits, which probably drawn Black to him in the first place... It was obvious that the man that stood in the same room as him was delusional, that he saw Coal as, not an enemy, not even a rival, but as coworker of some sort. Co-writing the most gruesome stories that were laid upon Atlas, no, all over Remnant. Some were so atrocious that no detail or even no story at all were made by the media, totally hidden from the world.

Coal suddenly froze on place when Black "forgave" him. He knew that it was to mess with him, he knew it full well, but he still reacted to it, by doing nothing. Forgiving him? For not killing him? Black did say something true though: No one ever said those words to Coal. He was insulted, hate by all for simply doing his job when he decided to spare this monster. He would have love killing him, he would have cherished that moment. Ending this madness once and for all, he could have done this that day, on that raining night on the roof, but he had decided not to. But for what really? Was it really his duty calling for him not to, or did Coal had other motives for not doing so...?

Coal took a long puff from his cigarette to calm down and unfreeze as Black talked about how he would go on a rampage if he didn't play with him. He didn't look at him during his fake tearing, it was obvious though that he would have tried something like that to make him feel sympathy, something though that Coal didn't really have, not even for victims or their families. They were just another job. Wondering why he took on the job of detective if it wasn't for saving lives by arresting madmen? Simple, just because he's good at it... As he mentioned going after the lass, Coal didn't phased, he just stood there smoking and thinking, about his plan, on how to possibly stop him...

Coal stood there, silently thinking. Not reacting anymore to what Black could be saying, trying to get him frustrated by Coal's inaction. He had a plan. A good one? Certainly not. Would it works? Probably not. Did he had a better one? No. Did it worth trying? It would worth all the trys he would need for it to work. Would people die? People needed to die for it to work...

He thought a moment about the lass. Did she deserved what was probably coming for her? No, she didn't, she wouldn't even know what would be going on, unless that sick bastard of Black would torture her mind, something he is good at. If Black was going on a rampage after that, if Coal wouldn't intervene to help the poor girl, more people would die sure, but Black wouldn't be at his usual peace of mind. He would be, vulnerable maybe. He had to try this, maybe then all this would stop...

But... does he really want to...

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Grenal shook visibly as Coal froze, realizing that his words had effect. He knew his words has effect because Coal froze. Coal was not the type to just freeze, he was the type to have a comeback and Grenal knew that. Grenal knew this because he knew Coal, and he knew Coal knew him. He knew all of this, because the two had faced off consistently. He was going to respond to this silence. He knew Coal wanted him to react, and he felt Coal wanted him to react violently, but did he want to give Coal that? Did he? Yes... but he won't. It's not worth it, not yet. This was a game, and you needed to know how to play it.

"Tell me, Mikael. Tell me." His voice got louder after the few words, "TELL ME HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE FORGIVEN YOU. TELL ME HOW MANY YOU'VE SHOT AND THEY'VE BEEN WILLING TO FORGIVE?" Grenal yelled those words, actual tears coming out. He had to figure it out, it was going to destroy him otherwise. It was going to drive him insane, and he'd go on that rampage anyway.

These next few words seemed like whimpers compared to the others, but he knew what he was doing, "I can't give up killing. You know this, and you also know the only way to put me away for good is to kill me... or have you guard me. You know this as well as I do Coal, and Dammit, you will admit this to me you SOB."

His body shaking and tears coming to would break a lot of men, but he doubted Coal would react. Sure, his nose was still bleeding, unchecked, and such, but that wasn't what mattared at this very moment. This moment there was a desperate man who was running from himself, and speaking to the only man who could truly understand him. A man who could think on the same level, the man who also suffered.

He continued to say dammit over and over again.

This wasn't quite fake, but it wasn't fully real. It was mostly real, except the fact that, normally, he wouldn't repeat himself saying dammit over and over.

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Professor Coal
Although Coal did react to what Black said, it wasn't as much as his silence brought upon him. Sure it was different in the way that Coal really reacted, while Black it was uncertain, could be one of his trick again. But the tone he had seemed, different, practically... sincere? But Coal didn't want to fell for that, so he just shook his head as he released a cloud of smoke. He decided that he'd try to be cold to him, to disregard his "feelings". "You think I care if people have forgiven me or not? Like a give a shit. And you think you'll make me feel better by forgiving me? You of all people?" He released a small chuckle, trying to play it off.

But as Black started to whimper like a dog, with the mention of Coal "guarding him", he looked away. Not knowing what to think of this. Coal didn't bother with the tears, just the words, they were enough. Could... Black be right? Did Coal really want to keep him alive? But for what purpose? His job was to bring criminals like him to justice, to stop all carnage and murders. To stop all of them, to bring peace, to... not have crime anymore...

Coal had realized, if he did stop Black, whether by killing him or not, he would have nothing left to do. Yeah sure, crime will always exist, but to what extent? Black did bring... a certain challenge to crime solving, a sick challenge, but a challenge nonetheless. He then thought of the first words he had spoke this morning as he was waken up by the knocking. "What I'd give to work as a P.I. once again...Anything would be better that this really..." He laughed at the irony, that twisted game for whoever set the stage...

As Black was broken on repeat, Coal looked at him. "Oi, would you cut it out already? You're really getting on my nerve. You look like..." Coal had a sudden image in his mind. A small but nightmarish thought about him and Black to be closer than he thought, to be more similar. Black looked like a small kid, angry at his friend, or even at a brother. But Coal would never say that, never think that, never admit that... He would shut up on this, never will anyone know that this had cross his mind for the slightest amount of time. He just released a "tsk", not looking at Black, hoping this one wouldn't have any idea of his own about Coal's thought. Without turning, Coal spoke again. "Now get out of here, I don't want to see your face again. I have a class to prepare..." Trying to be cold once again, he had hope that all this would stop, only knowing that it was just beginning...

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19 Re: The Past Comes Back to Bite! (Private/Coal) on Fri May 22, 2015 12:38 pm

He dragged himself to the wall, and brought himself up. He was sad, he was furious, it was a mix of emotions. He didn't know why. Why did he feel these emotions? He had no reason to feel the emotions of sadness, of frustration. He was being manipultaed by this... and he had to contine.

"I know you feel sad and guilty. I know you feel. You don't show it, but you do. I have nothing much more to say but this.

'That who stands as a anchor, as a rock, is bound to fall apart faster then the rest.'

It's the quote from Jackel Quinn. Did you know I killed Mr.Quinn and stole his book? I stole his book after the fact, I stole an explicit copy. I had it shipped here, it lays inside my room, and I read a bit out of it each day, it's a book of advice, and that's a piece I think you need to hear. It's something that a man such as you needs to know."

He walked towards Coal, and put his hand out, and if allowed... touch the side of his head and murmer something.
"We are two peas in a pod. We know this."

He'd hold his hand there for a moment looking into Coals eyes, and once that moment was over, walk towards the door. He had no reason to stay otherwise. He had done the thing he came to do. He had come to talk, to manipulate, to visit. He did just that.

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20 Re: The Past Comes Back to Bite! (Private/Coal) on Fri May 22, 2015 10:47 pm

Professor Coal
Coal tried not to react when Black talked about knowing how Coal felt. He didn't feel sad for all this, but guilty? Oh yes he did. Each day Coal had to think about that night where he could have ended it all. Something he was being remembered by the people at Atlas, and now by the presence of the exact man he should have killed. Even without being dead, he was haunting him. He would have haunted him form the afterlife as well, but probably in some other way, for other reasons...

As Black came up with yet another quote, Coal sighed. He knew the quote, he knew the book, he knew the man... Quinn was someone Coal had practically grown up with. He had drank a coffee the day before his murder, talking about that book. Quinn asked Coal to read it, to give him his opinion about it. Positive review from him, in his cold way of saying things of course. When Black had murdered him, Coal had wondered if it was a mere coincidence, or if he killed him trying to reach Coal by his death. But by his words, it seemed more coincidental than anything.

As Black forwarded his hand toward Coal's face, he raised his to stop him from even going further, but he did listen to what he said. Releasing a "tsk" before pushing him without too much strength toward the door. "I said get out, we aren't similar and never will we. You said that you didn't hate me, well I do, so bug off." Coal tried his best to make him leave, he was on the edge to do the unrepairable...

As Black would leave, Coal would just punch the wall, over, and over again...

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21 Re: The Past Comes Back to Bite! (Private/Coal) on Fri May 22, 2015 10:59 pm

As Black was pushed off, he went towards the door and when he got to the door, he heard the wall being punched over and over. Black laughed manically, and said a few words.

"I'll go do what I said. You come about finding me when you will. Just make sure to remember... That lasses life is on the line." He then stepped out into the hall, laughing more. He took a few steps, and thought deeply about that last action, the punching of the wall. Was it anger? What was it?

He thought hard and then came to the conclusion that it was frustration about something. Was it that Grenal was still alive? Was it because he felt guilty? Who knows. Who god damn knows. This frustrated Grenal as he hit the walls and kept walking. He didn't plan on hitting that woman that guided him, no. He didn't plan on even touching her, but it was the fact that it was in Coals head that mattered. That's all the mattered to Grenal is that fact that Coal knew for a fact that he might go after that lass.

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