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The Next Generation (Shadow Mission)

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1 The Next Generation (Shadow Mission) on Tue May 19, 2015 12:53 pm

Richard Lionheart
Richard sat, slumped in a chair near the front of a class; his hat and scarf hanging from a hook by the door. Turned out the woman he was supposed to be shadowing had been called out to a primary school, as a substitute teacher. He could feel the eyes of twenty or so brats, half of them were fixated by the math Miss Mace was doing on the board... speaking of bored Richard was, tired of the other half staring at him. He'd shot the group of brats numerous glares but they had either laughed or briefly looked away only to look back.

Miss Mace spoke out, "Right dearies, everyone who gets all the questions right will get a sticker!" As pencils immediately began to scratch on paper she turned to Richard, "Could you go a look around? Make sure none of them are getting it too wrong."

He internally gagged at her honey like voice, honestly to think someone this feeble was ordering him about. He should just show her and all these brats their place... but he needed the money so he swallowed his pride, "Oi... sure."

The short boy rose from his stool and meandered forward, observing the children's work. Wrong, wrong, wrong, right, right, cheating off the one to their left, not working, making origami from her sheet, eating a crayon, drawing-

Richard stopped in his track at the drawing. For that of a five or six year old it was outstandingly well done. It appeared to be a dagger of sorts, no it was more akin to an old style razor. The blade flipped out, serrated teeth on it's edge, but what perplexed Richard more was that the scale the little boy had put in measured it to about sword length... an interesting idea to say the least. An idea had brewed within Richard's head, was it irresponsible; sure, but it's exactly what Gyro had done to him. Richard hadn't expected it just as they wouldn't.

Richard leant in, using the back of the boy's chair to stabalise him and as a result his knuckle brushed against the back of his shirt. That's all the contact it would require;"As much less stylised as it is you would probably want a pointed tip to it and serrations running down either side. Allows for a backslash if it's required or a lunge for range." As he was talking Richard bumped him with the slightest amount of aura, that's all that a kid would probably need for theirs to activate.

The little boy almost jumped out his seat when he saw a tiny grey hue envelope him for a nanosecond, staring up at Richard with wide blue eyes. Richard merely nodded, grumbling to at the boy to get on with his maths and kept walking.

Wrong, fifty-fifty, right, right, right, right, right, right. It occurred to Richard that he had reached the more brainy section of the class however amongst them all sat a clearly faunus girl with horns alike a ram's and a set of thick glasses. Her sheet had been neatly folded and set aside and she had begun to read from a particularly old looking book. From behind her he could tell it was relating to dust, it appeared to be an old tome detailing various ways of using dust. Nothing he didn't already know, it was quite basic in truth, but an interesting sight to behold none the less. He approved of the girl's choice but couldn't help but notice something.

He leaned in, using the same method as before, pointing out an error, "Density is mass over volume not times volume."

The little girl sneezed as a weak yellow aura briefly flashed then faded, "Huh? Wha... oh, thank you mister short guy."

Richard immediately regretted his decision but bit his tong and moved on, if he beat up this one she would likely not recover or if she did seek vengeance. Like so many other idiots he saw at the academy seemed to, a fruitless endeavour in most cases.

Right, right, right, doing okay,  meh, fifty-fifty, meh, meh, average, about there, idiot, one off, not started.

Richard stopped behind the child who had not started, she was staring out the window. This one's drawing was not nearly as well done as the other's, it was a rather poorly done Beowulf; arms to skinny and claws over exaggerated. Getting a better look at the kid he found that her face had a rather nasty gouge out of it, a patch covered it but he assumed a slash had completely taken out her right eye and cut right the way down and through both of her lips. The wounds had clearly long since healed to the best of their ability, this must have been an injury she sustained as a toddler or a baby.

"Oi." Richard used his method again, recalling fights with many Grimm during his time in the forest as well as gaining many scars. Fortunately few remained, none visible to others at least, "If you do your maths and get smart odds are you'll have the know and be better equipped to get them back some day."

The little girl simply nodded, pulling out a pencil and beginning to answer the questions on the board. Richard was surprised to find this one's aura already unlocked, her soul had begun to manifest already. Be it through another hunter or even just shear willpower he had no idea, couldn't even tell when. He had no doubt she would make a good hunter one day.

He wandered back to the front of the class, yawning to get the teacher's attention; "It's a little obvious which of them want to be hunters isn't it? You can read most of these kids like a book."

"Oh? Well, while I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover, I'm fairly sure I know who you're talking about." She set her marking aside, "Did you say anything to encourage them or?"

Richard shrugged, "It's up to them what they do with the help I've given them...a little boost I guess we should say. Without work it'll likely fade. Remain untapped potential."

"Oh? Well... thank you I guess. I always like to see my students achieve their potential." Miss Mace smiled at him, genuinely grateful.

Richard quickly turned back toward his seat, embarrassed;"Yeah w-well... just don't expect it from all of them...bah."

The short boy reached up and pulled his hat over his head, unlocking aura was so tiring. He decided he'd earned a small siesta... at least he thought he had only for the teacher to stand and begin to once again talk to the class. Interrupting his peace was a line of children, all coming out to receive stickers. He supressed his grumbling with a yawn as the teacher droned on and on, complimenting each of them and helping correct their errors. He could tell this was going to be a long day, a glance at the clock told him he had more than three more hours to endure.

"So, Richard. Seeing as you're with us and not sleeping why don't you explain to the boys and girls what it means to be a hunter. A small reward for them all doing so well."

Immediately the children swarmed him, sitting on the carpeted floor all around him. Richard struggled to supress a cuss as six of them all began to ask questions at the same time.

"Oi, oi. Shu- Quiet down, quiet down. Alright one at a time, raise your hands, I'll tell you when to talk... The one with the green hair, what is it? Your hand was up first."

"H-have you killed a Grimm?"

"Yes, many. It's very difficult and tiring, there's a lot of learning in it... you with the rabbit ears."

"Sure humans aren't as good hunters as faunus."

"That's not a question but no, race has nothing to do with a hunter's calibre... you with the purple shirt."

"What does calibre mean?"

Richard sighed, "The way I was putting it; it means how good. Girl in the hat."

"What is-

The bell suddenly rang and students flooded out, grabbing lunchboxes as they ran.

"That'll teach you not to sleep in my class." The tutor taunted.

"Going to be honest, don't think teaching or tutoring is really my bag. How can you stand having their eyes on you?... Let alone the bratty questions."

She laughed, "Long as I'm helping others, guess you're looking to do that through hunting though aren't you?"

"Eh... sure." He shrugged, "Regardless what's after lunch on the agenda?"

"Well, fortunately seeing as you're so tired, it's PE. That'll wake you right up, you can do another demonstration."


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2 Re: The Next Generation (Shadow Mission) on Tue May 19, 2015 3:12 pm

Richard Lionheart
Two hours of reading, an hour of maths, a break for lunch, an exasperating hour of PE and two hours of history now behind him; Richard's eyes were heavy and throat dry from all the talking. Suffice to say Richard was ready for a nap. The bell signalling the end of the day finally went. His final duty of the day, seeing the brats out. He near collapsed against the door as he opened it, yawning more still as children poured out.

Miss Mace stopped next to him, "So enjoy your day?"

Richard yawned, "Had it's ups and downs. Things could have been far worse. Got to see potential, that was my true goal so, eh."

"Well, long as you learned something... even if it was that you don't think you fit the job, at least you learned something. Honestly think you're more suited for it than you know."

He cocked an eyebrow.

"Sophie, the girl with the scar, you got her to work. I usually have to bribe her with extra rewards to get her to even think about it."

"Oh... meh, guess it's some of my mentor shining through. He could get me to work on an almost daily basis... almost daily."

"Oh? Does he teach?"

Richard paused, "He's very... unorthodox. Uber eccentric and far too lively."

"I see... so not at all like you. Oh well, hopefully some more of him rubs off on you. Well, off you pop. I've got marking to do and it would seem you need a nap."

With a wave from her and a grumble from him she closed the door behind him. He began to plod, wandering in the rough direction of the airship when he came to a sudden stop.

With a sigh he said, "Now it's a half a mile walk to the airship... ah forget it, they'll hardly miss me. I'm going off for a nap."

"Hey, Mister short guy!" Called a familiar sounding voice.

"Oi, oi. What is it?" He grumped.

"I can make bubbles now... is that normal?"

"That's weird" A familiar looking boy commented, "I pointed over there... and now I'm over there... this is strange. I didn't even have to walk."

Richard felt a hand tug at his sleeve, looking down he saw the eye-patched girl, Sophie; "I touched my freind's mum's hand and now she's complaining about feeling sick. Says it feels like food poisoning."

Richard's jaw dropped, "Errrrrrr...It's normal... well kind of normal, bit sudden and you all learned far faster than I did,  but just listen to me. If you just try not to do it by accident and learn to control these powers, these semblances, you'll become good hunters when the time comes?... I guess?...Probably?... You only teleport when you have to. You don't hurt anyone with your bubbles. And you try not to poison anyone. Got it? Promise me you'll only do it to Grimm and really really nasty people... not mum won't let me play video games nasty like... I'll hurt you nasty. Got it?"

"I can be a hunter?... Cool. I promise only to do good stuff with this sembiance thingy."

"I'ma be the best hunter ever! I'll only use it on grimm!"

"Oh, so my semblance has unlocked...Vengeance shall soon be mine. I shall make good use of these powers in due time, you needn't worry, I'll have the one who unlocked my aura help them."

Richard decided it was best to run before any parents started to ask questions, heading straight for the airship and far from any of these kids, it was not dissimilar to how Gyro had left him.... only not in a forest full of grimm and with more with people nearby who could teach them. And the cycle shall continue to repeat. Soon again the gift of aura shall be bestowed upon a child far too early, leading to the mentor running away.

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