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With Friends Like These... [Private]

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1With Friends Like These... [Private] Empty With Friends Like These... [Private] on Tue May 19, 2015 7:14 pm

His pride and joy had been cleaned, maintained, and fully loaded. Ace had named one pistol pride, and one joy. Had a nice ring to it in conversation. On his right hip, attached to his belt was a small bag with a few dozen small marbles inside of it. Each of them had been properly calibrated, and had been triple checked for efficiency. Also attached to the boy's belt were several clips of pistol ammo. If that wasn't enough he had two clips in each of his boots, and a few more tied to his legs and upper arms, covered by pant legs and shirt sleeves respectively.

His attire was the same as normal, formal wear white collared shirt with a black tie and black vest. He wore long dress pants, black boots and a black belt with a silver buckle.

The boy found himself in the Finnek forest, a place outside the academy where he was hoping to get a bit of action. He had not come alone, instead he was a part of a four person team that was expected to arrive shortly. Along with the four amateur hunters would be the strange Professor Coal, an unorthodox member of the Syne academy faculty who had so quickly offered a chance to kill some Grimm after only a short and boring seminar. Having arrived a bit early, Ace opts to light up a cigarette. He flicks his lighter closed and brings the addiction to his lips, inhaling deeply and exhaling a cloud of smoke with an impatient sigh.

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2With Friends Like These... [Private] Empty Re: With Friends Like These... [Private] on Wed May 20, 2015 6:36 am

Euros Ikari
It seems Euros would be the second of his team to arrive, quite a strange set up for a "team" with the four never really meeting, except maybe in passing in the halls of Syne. Euros was sent out by one of the professors when asking more about the Grimm, letting him know an extermination was going to take place, and he could take part and take a few out. Euros was a little hesitant, but he has a dislike for the Grimm that is steadily growing with the more carnage he sees. Life is short enough already, what the Grimm are doing is inexcusable. Normally against violence, being a practitioner of Baguazhang and evasion he has never really went out actually to hunt something, aside from average game in the mountains such as deer, or a bear, that was just village survival, not an extermination.

Today however he has set in his mind he will take out the Grimm for the sake of protecting others, pushing it through his mind that these creatures are bad, but part of him wants to understand them and find out why they are doing this, and if they are just going through motions like mindless drones, or if they are like a predator hunting for survival. It was an interesting concept to think of, perhaps he can uncover a bit more here in the forest.

This however, brings us to our current point in the story. Euros is walking through the forest, his hands behind his head, his chakrams on leather belt straps hooked to his waist. He was told a general area to meet his team for this expedition, he isn't in any real rush to arrive which is humorous in itself being that he is the second to arrive. His clothing is a dark green mixed with white sections, his entire clothing is cloth, not one other bit of material on him. A notable thing is that the man doesn't wear shoes, never has.

The boy is humming to himself as he walks through the forest, singing softly as he looks towards the sky, a bright smile upon his face. "Someday I wish upon a star, Wake up where the clouds are far behind..... meeeeee. Where trouble melts like lemon drops, high above the chimney tops that's where, you'll fiiiiiiiiiind meeeeeee" His voice is soft, singing to himself sorta living in his own world for a moment. He reaches the small clearing where Ace is currently located, his smile still bright. "Hey there friend, which one are you? I'm Euros!" He says with an upbeat tone, this may come off as annoying or just weird to some, no one is just....this happy, it's not common especially during this time in the world with the events taking place. Alas, Euros has his reasons, and no one will stop how he acts or sees the world.

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3With Friends Like These... [Private] Empty Re: With Friends Like These... [Private] on Thu May 21, 2015 6:15 am

Helios soon after arriving at the school, and speaking among the teachers and other students he learned of a mission to exterminate some Grimm was in the making, and they have already selected a group of students to under take this mission. The first being A man named Ace, from what he can gather he doesn't go to a lot of classes, seeming to be more of a loner from his understanding, although due to the lack of knowledge of him, Helios doesn't plan on making any comments, or judgments himself until he can either speak with him face to face or see him in action.  The next person that would be on this mission is a boy named Euros, little is known about this person as well. From the other students it would seem that he spends most of his time on the roof tops, and doesn't go to classes at all. The thought of two people that don't go to learn or to get more information is defiantly troublesome, although there is still the chance that these people are simply naturals in the art of disposing of Grimm. This thought alone makes Helios interested enough to join. The last, but not least, as Helios never writes anyone off until he knows what they can do, strengths, weakness etc. is Siegfried, from what he can gather he does go to classes, but he is not 100% human, some say that he is an animal that should be in a farm, while other mention that he with the tail and horns that he may be a dragon. Little is known about this person other then that, so seeing as three people of unknown skill and motive and going to be thrown into a team to fight against Grimm, Helios when offered the mission did so without a second thought, as even if the mission is a failure, or they become less interesting, he will still gain some more knowledge about the people around him that may help out in the long run.

At this point in time however Helios would be following a map to the location they were going to be meeting at, dressed in a red button up long sleeve dress shirt with a loosely put on tie, with a black suit, that looks to be rather expensive is adorning his body, covering most of the shirt. As for his lower half Helios is wearing a pair of black dress pants with a black belt wrapped around his waist, that holds his sword which is in its sheath. On his feet are finely made black leather dress shoes. Finally upon the mans head is a black fedora that is pulled down slightly, this added with his rather long red hair blocks most of his facial features. As he walks along the road, he can't help but hear some humming, and what appears to be singing, however due to the distance between him and the noise, he can't really make it out. After continuing down the path he would view the one known as Ace, and the one known as Euros, but there is no sign of Siegfried. Seeing as he is not late, and is not early is a good sign for him, he hates being the center of attention and would much rather watch others, and come up with his own thoughts before joining in, or stepping into the spot light. Upon seeing them engaging in a conversation with each other Helios no wanting to draw any attention to himself just yet, decides to walk into the scene without speaking, and leans against a near by tree, listening in on the conversation.

His head would be bent down slightly, making it where his face is fully hidden from anyone, and everyone that may show up here.

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