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Step One to Immortality[Solo/Upgrade]

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1 Step One to Immortality[Solo/Upgrade] on Wed May 20, 2015 12:32 pm

Yin sat calmly in the forest clearing. The ground and leaves were painted with charming orange tones. The tell tale signs that the time for curfew was winding down. That didn't matter for now. There was a lovely part of this time of day. A feeling as the world was falling asleep. A profound sense of synchronization with ones surroundings, and their selves. She breathed in relaxation, and exhaled any lingering stress she had. There was a mostly empty vial of dust in front of her. One use perhaps. She could feel the connections between her and dust becoming more fluid. Lines were less blurred. Communication less harsh. She knew the chemistry of it. What mattered was here. Her affinity for the art increasing. Simple control. It was everything, and came with time, not simply intelligence. Just like any worthy art. Dignified... Like her. It only expanded her infatuation with the substance.

Finally, she felt ready to leap to her new plateau. The soft substance began to flow freely from the vial, circling her in the form of wind. Just as she thought. It felt so much less crude. Formless to a brand new degree. The dust pulled in front of her, a small sphere of pressurized air setting in front of her. Contained from the area around her, and not kicking up so much as the smallest speck of dirt. Every moment she let it linger it felt more and more ready to explode. A girl foolishly delaying a hand grenade. A giddy smile grew across her face as she imagined the increasing applications of her dust. This must have come much easier to others. Shifters were everywhere. But they weren't Yin, and what they gained naturally, she took boundlessly through will. She could never meet someone she wouldn't surpassed. Of this she was wholly certain. She lost herself in the sway of her control. Romantically regarding what she'll do one day if she could come this far in a mere month.

She felt the limits returning. The orb wanted to spring loose. It wanted to lash out, and break to pieces. Proficiency would never rid her of the limits of dust. No matter how well she used it, she would always need more, it seemed. She had to test her command. Her new found serenity. Another smile crawled across her visage as she knew what she would do to test. It would be so unpleasant to fail that she would have to succeed no matter what. Closing her eyes and reassuming a solemn expression, she ran her mind through the movements her hands would make for this action. In focus, she lifted her hand, throwing it behind her. The dust followed suit, flowing gracefully around her face, and weaving into her hair with the touch of an adept, and the force of a storm. In just a moment, the dust was spent. Gone entirely, leaving Yin to pull her freshly braided her in front of herself in admiration for her own work. It wouldn't be long now. It could take decades, she wouldn't care. But, at this pace, it would only be a few years before she was staring her goal in the face.

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