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Bleach Rps

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1 Bleach Rps on Sat May 23, 2015 9:03 pm

BleachRPS a server ran by players. Where your choices matter and impacts the world around you.
One small step can lead to victory or death. Join the races and help them fight for their goal.
Join the Soul Reapers where their swords are brought by judgement by the Gotei Thirteen and help
protect the balance from those who disrupt it or Join the Hollow that impact the world and devour all
that are in their way but don't forget Arrows of Chaotic Justice the Quincys who main goal is to wipe all
that don't agree to their ideals. A thousands years have past since the Quincy Invasion and all looked normal.
But a dark force is coming to devour the world and only you can stop them. What is this new threat and who are

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