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Combat RP related question

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1 Combat RP related question on Fri May 29, 2015 1:19 am

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I'm interested in your forum but I do have a concern before I decide if I want to come back in the RP world or not. ^^

I can see that you have an established combat and encounter system and from what I can see, it is made so that every combat is sort of PvP, either against an actual player or against a GM controlling the enemy. I have no problem with this kind of system for important or rewarding battles since I agree you do have to earn those rewards and all. But I'm thinking it is a bit sad that there is no possibilities for players to fight low level enemies (commonly known as mooks) and manage them by themselves, have control of the fight in the RP.
The restricting type of combat is pretty good to keep control of the pace of a story or to make sure players don't just go destroying everything in one shot and getting a crap ton of rewards with no risks, but I like that I can, if I want, just go ham and make fighting roleplay involving my character and a bunch of no-bodies that I can creatively bash around to my heart's content (within reason of course, I mean, if my character is faced with a Deathstalker, I'm not gonna have him kill it casualy with a backslap while drinking tea... as funny and badass it would be).

So after all this, I was wondering if it would be possible for players to have their own self-managed encounters.
Exemple : I go and roleplay a stroll in the forest but don't use the Grimm encounter dice. I'm doing this roleplay for fun and not for any reward or XP. Of course, as stated above, I'm reasonable (at least I think I am...) so I'll struggle appropriately against my enemy but I can write what my character do, what the enemy do and be as descriptive as I want to be without restrictions. Then again, I'm not against a staff member deciding he feels like jumping in after my fight with a trio of particularly menacing Beowulf that he manages. I would only get a reward for those specific Beowulf and not the 2...3...25 others I killed before. Hell, I would probably give myself a health/aura penalty considering the fact I just finished fighting already since that would only be logical.

That being said, it is not exactly a game breaker for me and won't necessarily join if it is approved, but it would be nice. I've been out of the RP scene for quite a while(though I was mostly doing it on french forums) and the RWBY series made me feel like writing again in this universe. Though I understand restrictive combat rules, especially for player versus player, I like to be able to let my imagination run loose sometimes in fights and write some awesome combo that I couldn't have described if I didn't have control of my opponent.

Anyway... to my second (shorter) question (though answer might not be shorter on it) on the stats use in combat. I remember reading that we use common sense to determine what happens in the fights, but the amount of stats, status effect and other makes me wonder if I missed some more regulated mechanics. I saw damage and defense and stuff, but I didn't find anything on how they are calculated in battle. Like, having 5 brawn with rank 1 weapon, I'd do 15 damage per hit minus any armor the other person has? But how are the hits determined?
I guess that's where the common sense comes in, a guy with 5 brawn using a rank 1 weapon fighting an other guy with 1 brawn with a rank 2 weapon in a weapon only battle, the guy with 5 brawn would hit the other much more frequently but dish out weaker hits from his weaker weapon. That is, as long as both players roleplay with good common sense, it is not rare on forums to see the weaker guy just refusing to take any hits and playing it on his character being lucky or barely avoiding everything. I had my share of these kind of opponents and it is one of the reason why I like to have some form of free-style combat roleplay available on the side to play my character how I want to from time to time.
Anyway, back on topic. I actually read 2-3 encounters in the forest but I couldn't understand how they determined the amount of health/aura that was lost. From what I understood (and I might have simply missed a post or might have just not understood how it works) you take into account your stats, vs the other guy stats, and determine yourself how much health you would have lost considering what happened in the fight, using common sense. That is fine by me and so would be having a more calculated system, but not understanding is not something I like :P

Well, I hope I didn't bore you with my rambling x)
I'll be around to see your answer and comment on it if I have something to add.


2 Re: Combat RP related question on Fri May 29, 2015 8:31 am

Hello, Thank you for your interest in RWBYRPG~!

To answer you first question, this is already a thing that is possible. I have absolutely no problem with any member self-controlling any NPC's or Enemies for the sake of their own stories, as long as it is understood no Lien will be gained.

On to the second question,you basically have the jist of it. i have recently answered this question for another  member and will use the same example here:

If you faced a person with 3 points in Strength, a level 1 weapon, and a power aura, you would take

15 (3 STR points)
+10 (Lvl 1 Weapon)
+05 (Power Aura)
30 hp of damage.

However, You have your defense stat too. If you have say, 3 stat points in DEF, you take 15 less damage. Add a level one physical armor to that (-10 damage), and you are really only taking 5 HP of damage. But it might make you vulnerable to Dust, which follows a similar system.

If an attack is outright dodged, it has to be COMEPLETELY  justified. a person cant dodge a bullet and say "I got lucky". Its a question of can you legitimately do anything to prevent what your opponent is doing, or can you logically react fast enough to get out of the way or block? While combat is on honor system, Staff Does read the topics, and we will step in if things get out of hand.

I really hope this helps, feel free to look around a bit more before you decide to join or not.
We hope you become another amazing member of our community~

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3 Re: Combat RP related question on Fri May 29, 2015 10:02 am

Aspiring Member

Thanks for the fast answer! :P

Well, I'm happy to learn I'd have the liberty I like to have when RPing. I'm also glad to learn that the base stats like brawn/str actually have a x5 ratio on damage since I thought the weapons damage bonus were much too high compared to base stat. I didn't see anywhere though that the base stats have that x5 time ratio so I'm wondering if I missed a topic somewhere?


4 Re: Combat RP related question on Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:52 am

So combat is basically me saying " I attack and this happened but I was out of position to follow up" and the other person saying "I stabbed your foot because I was in the right spot"?

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5 Re: Combat RP related question on Sat Aug 27, 2016 1:38 am

So first, in battle against a grimm, you have to let the GM appear on the scene with the grimm and not place them yourself, even if it's a simulation like in your hunt.

As for how the actual fight goes, you will state your attacks, without saying that they hit your target as it needs to be an attempt at an attack. Then, the GM as the grimms in their post will determine if the attack as landed or not and then take their turn to attack. Then it's your turn to avoid getting it if it's feasible or get hit. Rince and repeat until the battle is over.

As for the damage you deal and take, there're formulas to follow:

[(Hunter's STRx5)+(Weapon's Tierx10) - Grimm's DEF+ Potential Armor Bonus] for when you use a Physical attack and

[(Hunter's SPTx5)+(Used Dust Tier'sx10) - Grimm's RES] for when you use Dust

If you use your semblance to attack if possible, you can deal up to 20 Unaltered damage, meaning that defense or resistance are bypassed.

That's for dealing damage, but you'll get hit as well at some point, so here's the formula for when you get hit:

[(Grimm's Lvlx10 +/- Intelligence bonus*) - ((Hunter's DEFx5)+(Armor Tierx10))

The intel bonus/malus of grimms as well as other information can be seen here:

I hope it helps ^^


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