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The Black SiMo unit [Sanctum 2 Fan Fic]

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1 The Black SiMo unit [Sanctum 2 Fan Fic] on Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:35 am

Chapter 1

In an Abandoned Lab deep in Lume Teratory. A Rag Tag group of Scavangers looking to make a quick buck delve deep into the labs. The Scavangers Eight in number. All of them wearing random bits of armor they scavanged from similar places. "Hurry up this place gives me the creeps, Zack why are we here again?" "I know but what you want me to do about it Samantha?" "Shut Up both of you we dont know what might be down here!" "Yes Tyler" Little did the group know but something was down there. A lume that has gained the ablility to manipulate machines and change them.

The group splits up to cover more ground. each a team of Two individuals. But deep within the lab the lume was starting to sturr sencing something in its Lair. One group consiting of a man with a cybernectic hat that looks like SiMo's head Zack, And the other female wearing something similar to Sweets outfit but without the stickers Samantha. they manage to find the Power room and head inside. "Look for the power up switch or something. " manages to get the power back on. One of them rushes onto a compute. "Alright now to disable the security systems." "You have Thirty seconds Zack." "I know dont rush me Samantha!" After a few seconds the screen he was on flashes red then blue. "Done! none of the security should be a problem."

Meanwhile on the other side of the labs. A rather buff man carrying a large saw on his back, Tyler. and a smaller male with with a special visor, Troy "Ah finnaly some lights." "Dont get too comfortable we still need to find something of value." "I know I kno....Hold up theres a heat signiture up looks like a...." Troy couldn't finish his sentence before he was blasted by a bio-plasma round by the infected turrets that were watching them. Tyler notices the next shot and gets out of the way and smashes his way through a door before taking cover. "What the Hell!" on the radio the others could be heard getting killed my similar plasma rounds. "Hello? Anyone? Whats going on!!" There was nothing but static on the radio. Tyler positions himself agaist the wall so he could see up the hall sooner than he does this than he sees a modified SiMo unit it was black and more armroed than the previous versions tendrels comeing out of its back with glowing red eyes and sharp steel teeth. "What the hell are you?"

As this modified SiMo unit looks towards Tyler's location he hides just out of sight. The thing stares for a few seconds as the tendrels were looking around before heading on to another location. Tyler slumps down taking a deep breath trying to relax. After collecting his thoughts he takes his saw out and charges down the hall using it as a defencive mearsure against the bio-plasma. letting it take the shots as he rushes out of lab. About half way he sees the modified SiMo unit as it trys to stop him. "I'm not going down that easy!" He trys his best to fight this SiMo unit. Matching it blow for blow. But in the end it was in veign Tyler just was no match for the Bio-Machine SiMo unit. "Damn it!" Those were his last words as life leaves his body. The SiMo unit watches as Tyler dies before consuming him for knowlage on Humans. "These Humans...they are weak physicly...but rather srong willed...This will be enjoyable to see there will get broken." The SiMo unit heads up to the surface to Observe the Humans and at the same time gain all the knowlage he can on them.

Chapter 2

The Black SiMo slowly emerged from the lab. The dense trees that populate the area blocks out the sun. With what little light there is he could see what looked like a sapphire orb pulsing with energy. "...what is that?" The Black SiMo decides to find out what it is. Upon getting closer he could see what the sapphire orb was. It was a core it glowed with a rich sapphire color the metal rings moving around it absorbing energy from it. At that moment a flash of light passes right by Black SiMo missing him by inches. After reaching cover he peers out from behind the tree seeing the defensive structures most different from the rest, but only one was pointing in his direction. The structure that was pointed in his direction was floating above its base rather high it was higher than the rest of the structures. It was glowing orange from the ring that was on it and the barrel of it was protruding out of it with an orange tip. "This core is well defended this might be fun..."

He ducts behind the tree again and begins to climb. When Black SiMo reached halfway up there were sounds of gunfire and lumes screaming as they were dying. Once climbing into a branch that overlooked everything. "This is all they have? This will be too easy since that thing is the only threat to me." Taking a leap of faith he jumps from the tree landing near the core with a heavy metallic thud that echoed through the dense woods. The tower from before takes aim as Black SiMo entered the range of it, and shoots him once on the ground. The hot laser round melts a good chunk of metal off of him. In pain he ducts behind the core orange ooze pouring out of him. "Ok this is going to be harder than I thought..." Taking a minute to think of a strategy gave him time to recover the ooze slowly stops pouring out. After thinking of a way to deal with the tower he charges in. The tower shoots at him but he was ready and dodges the shot. When closer the other towers take action and starts to shoot there rounds hurting less than that of his target. Upon reaching his target he take a second to ready a powerful punch, and swings hitting the base destroying part of it. Sparks fly as the base rips to pieces from the punch. Black SiMo runs out of range of the other towers before his wounds become serious. The base he smashed suddenly explodes, and the floating tower crashes down sparks, fire, and metal fly everywhere. At the same time a distress beacon activated alerting the nearby Conscripts.

Once out of range of the other towers he stops. the rounds slowly stop all of them landing harmlessly around him. Another wave of lumes come out, and again they dont get far there sreams echo as they die. "These lumes are weak....They need someone to help them..." But at that exact moment a small squad of Conscripts arrive from a nearby base. One of them notices the Black SiMo unit, and gets on the radio to command. "Sir! There seems to be a Black SiMo unit here." a voice cracks over the radio. "What? Did I hear you correctly a Black SiMo unit?" The conscript look back at the SiMo unit to make sure his eyes weren't playing a trick on him. "Yes Sir! A Black SiMo unit." the voice cracks over the radio again. "Impossable that project was abandonded years ago!....Get closer and deactivate him." "Yes Sir!" The consripts move closer to the SiMo unit. Black SiMo notices them and looks at them. One of them gets close to him. "Deactivate Protocall X 7 J 3 4 9" The Black SiMo looks at him. "Denied MeatBag!" he punches the Conscript breaking the containment mask as well as his jaw. The other see him do that and starts shooting. The rounds dont do much as the metal defects most of the shots. Black SiMo grabs the one he punched and rips his arm off before chucking it aside and charging at the others. The conscript that had his arm removed screams in pain as he bleeds out. The others back away as fast as they could but one by one they were ether maimed horably, or impaled by his fist. He leaves one alive not needing to pursue if they were this weak. "Puny fleshbags this is just a waste of my time!" The one that ran away could still be heard screaming even though he had vanished into the fog.

A Patriarch shows up throught the dence spore filled fog and starts to do its thing of smashing everything. Black SiMo take this time to attack the towers since they were destracted. punching each and every one with a powerful strike causes them to explode destrying the tower. Metal part fly as the Matriarch smashes the final one creating a straight shot to the core and charges towards it. Smaller lumes were now pouring in from the fog right behind and makeing a beeline towards the core. The Lumes starts to smash the core and Black SiMo joins in. Every hit turns the Saphire color to a more Ruby then Blood Red. After the Core turns red the rest of the structure shut down as the core implodes into nothingness. The Matriarch turns towards the Black SiMo and punches him. Black SiMo catches the punch with both hands and using his claw like tenticles starts tearing at the matriarch's flesh. The Matriarch reels back giving Black SiMo an opening to smash his fist through the Matriarch's face. It roars in pain for abit then falls silent as he rips out a part of its brain. The body falls limp and just lays there. The other Lumes stare unsure what to think since that Black SiMo just killed the boss with one move. "Dont just stand there you Idiots you all are coming with me..." He heads in the direction that the conscript fled through in search of more Cores to destroy. The other Lume following accepting him as there new Leader

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