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When it Fails...

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1 When it Fails... on Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:46 am

Yu Leigenma
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Yu Leigenma
Age: 19
Birthday: 5/18
Gender: Male
Race: Owl Faunus
Height: 5'11
Weight: 134
Face Claim: Half breed  
Qoute: "Let each thought in the mind, germinate like a seed in a forest, but allow each one to develop without another corrupting the first, soon you'll inhabit a forest of mental tranquility. The forest can house all types of ideal's and moirals. Don't burn it away."

STR: 2
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 4
Aura 230|70 HP


Group: Current: (Extremist) Combat

Former: (first) Tech, (then) Dust,

Likes: Scouting, Peace, Training Grounds.

Dislikes: Grimm, Haughty Comrades/criminals, Failure.

Fears: Fighting along side incapable comrades, Being out done/Show-Off's, Me getting out of control.

Overall Personality: Yu can be unexpected and dangerous, especially around strangers, but also very valuable and impressive around those who really know and love you. Yu can become bold, fearless and fierce when triggered, yet calm and peaceful when he's feeling at ease. What others don't know is that Yu's actually pretty vulnerable underneath that tough exterior. Yu is often called out for his "nonchalant" manner of how he deals with things hearing him say "Sorry but . . . I'm what you call a philosophically cynical bastard, so . .  why should I care? . .", and he constantly makes smart-ass comments and sarcastic remarks frequently to read people based on their reactions. Yu has trust issues that he uses to lash out on people. However, Yu is pretty straight forward and generous to those he trusts, he is obedient but also defiant at times and rarely outgoing. Yu can also be very “One-liners” in the fact he will verbally shut people down and out with quick wit if he feels the need to. Yu also can be the most heartless being you ever met if he feels his comrades are threatened of his friends are too, as well as the family that took him in. Yu will never rush into anything but when he does he always has plans and tricks up his sleeve even when it looks as if he’s going to die.

Parents: Orphan, but was the son of an elite warrior class, in the rebellion Fuanus Era. Mikune-Fuu Nexucellion and Ro’gan Leigenma


Resi Leigenma (Deceased, age: 12. F)
Macidon Leigenma (Missing, age: 15. M)
Alistar Leigenma (Deceased, age: 15. M)
Rha'Szahr Leigenma (Missing, age: 19. F)

Aura type: Spirit  "Phantasm" (Like a lesser nine-tails body flicker/miniature body-fitted perfect susano'o)
Aura Color: A shimmering Silver
Semblance: psiPolarity  "Omni-magnetism" - (W/Kinetic Force through natural kinetic Polarizing. Where scientifically speaking, all objects have a current running through them, this current can be magnetized in any means, and once it has been, any magnet can impose its with both directly and indirectly but this isn't real life so tough luck for Yu. However, with that being said even in the universe of RWBY, not everything can be moved as easily as any science says, objects of great size, different or even foreign composition(s), and even those wielding manifested aura prove to be obstacles. More obstacles are, the four elements, few people and animals that aren't wearing any alloy of different types metal objects, almost non-metallic buildings (so pure stone castles are a no). If not all or some of these feats are proven impossible, it is  absolutely impractical.) Yu is a prodigy for his ability for influenced movement over objects, not limited to just metallic alloys.

Item 1: Guillotine - Shogunate *1492 Samurai Katana Dispersed Armor plates; A single Samurai blade, and a wide blade (about a half inch smaller in proportions to a traditional blade), while laying flat, able to place about 1/3 of a persons palm on the blade. The Blade also has distinct markings on it which allows the rest of the blade to clamp on to the existing plates to increase in size, strength, and weight in most cases. The extra blades are the old school samurai armor seen on the user.
The blade itself is naturally made from a special metallic structure that can stick to another plate of it metal with the adhesive force of grey aura only. Once the amount of grey aura necessary to lift the plates the metal with become attracted to other plates of that metal that has also been charged by grey aura, within a reasonable proximity. This also means that, if need be, all 9,569 pieces of armor can be manipulated around the user as well as the blade itself, or for the more conservative situations, the plates can revolve around the blade only.

Guillotine /Project/: A.D.E.M;

(Aura enabled) Dust Metal Oriented;Absorption+Deflection+Emission Modification.

Guillotines frame and blade work was extensively remodeled after the fuanus rebellion. With Guillotine being his fathers blade, it had to have work done for it was terribly criticized by Yu himself. By adding extra dust to the material that it's made from (33.7% more dust material), allowing Yu's special semblance to better conduct through the blade/plates. Since Guillotine uses the channeled aura from the battery, (Yu).  Depending on how much aura, from the default level which is about 100 G's, Yu can channel more aura through the blade with and without touching it, allowing a large range of aura to flow through the blade due to the newly increased amounts of Dust infused to Guillotine. Movement (Dust) based dust attack are somewhat buffed from the Guillotine blade where Guillotine is able to match the force/momentum and steal some of that force to move and or convert it into a weapon based dust attack, which Yu is in dire need of other than speed and agility. With the infusion of an extra 33.7% increase of more dust than necessary, (133.7%) when Yu channels his blade full of semblance and clashes it with another Weapon, it exerts an aura and Guillotine will begin to glow grey and give off a thick white steamy mist. The Mist, chalky Dust, saturated with Yu's grey aura/semblance energy making it brighter than if it was just his pure aura which turns storm grey.

Purpose of Function: To decrease the amount of mental and physical tax on Yu, since he already fights as if his weapons are his limbs, these (expensive) modifications makes Yu a sharper support character in his team where he's more likely to help out the tanks of the group. Also, to gain an advantage on the range combat game.

Item 1 (continued): Kumuraikotsu Plates'; Most foes are oblivious to this method due to the armor and the blade being so old fashioned and comically historic, which is Why Yu's third greatest aspect is surprise. All the armor on Yu swirls around him and creates metallic plated wings, a few other plates clamp onto the blade "Guillotine" and about 5 excess plates swirl around the blade just in case. The Wings can project plates at high speeds at foes, or to reduce area damage, the size of the wings dramatically reduce allowing the excess plates to flutter into a swirling dome with 3 inverse rotating layers making it tricky to escape. Guillotine's special dust infused metal makes it unaffected by polarity based moves, as well as man made magnets, the only magnet Guillotine is attracted to is the gravitational effect upon the activation of Yu's Semblance, even when the semblance isn't concentrated to attract the plates (which are the same substance as the blade) and the blade itself, guillotine and the plates will gravitate around a seemingly invisible magnetic field around Yu. When the plates form around his body and blade, is called a Phantasm, the Phantasm allows the soul/spirit movement through indirect contact of Yu's semblance, using this to his advantage, like explained previously, Yu can, without need of direct touch, impose his will onto an object by releasing a controlled amount of aura in/on/around desired objects forming them a desired shape, or moving said object to a desired place. Finally the most noted ability is that the aura is to completely envelop the users body, or a desired object, and these plates manifest along with an armor of aura for battle, whether it be Defense or Offense.

- Limited to the energy needed relative to the objects density/size. -

Item 2: 5 vials of Green Dust.
Dust Combinations Primary only.
(not including secondary combo's which are RP exclusives.)

Moderately Used:
Wind -
Tornado (Walls, Rippling waves, etc)

Commonly Used:
Wind -
Slashes (Offensive, Defensive)
Solid-like Constructs (Weapons, people, items)
Coating Yu's wings for various elemental uses; Control wind to glide and fly, to fight/flee, tofeel for creatures nearby, control objects in the air confined to a suitable radius)

By releasing an almost skin tight aura, the heavy amounts of dust saturating the material in Yu's weapons, armor, and clothes and mixes with Yu's aura.
This allows Yu to glide from place to place using his ability, Yu can charge specific plates on different places on his body to deflect, reflect, and project amounts of dust/semblance at targets. (i.e. Inuyasha's Wind scar, Naruto's roar when he first fought Sasuke in the valley)

History and Sample

RP Sample:
:Story Piece:
~The Redacted Guillotine's Enrollment.~

*Sitting in the tree's, his attention grabbed by the scenery, the red trees that blanket the area in red fluttering leaves were enough to make Yu forget that he needed to make the landing posts time in under 12 minutes.*

*Sighs and sluggishly climbs out of the trees using his claws which made the task seemingly effortless being that as it may Yu is an Owl faunus with contrast fur of black and white, though having a weird genetic defect that gave him 2 sets of wings that Yu used to slowly descend, having to rarely show off this trick, Yu keeps it hidden.*

*Yu chuckles to himself as he dashes to the launch post using his aura to propel his body forward, dashing past rocks and streams, you never known how beautiful the select few parts of the are was, even if a full scale war was brewing, the single thought made Yu have a flashback of how he was came to be a possible graduate of Beacon . . .*


 [During the early works of the faunus period after the new leader was appointed, the leigenma family was the potential to either help the cause or destroy it. With their frightening "Eraser" abilities they were used and expendable pawns on every mission until the elders spoke out against the negligence, they too were executed on spot sending the place into a complete rally. Rogan, the next head of the leigenma family, was given a dire option, have the younger generation live in camps to serve as elite warriors, or to be slaughtered where they are. Being the man that he is, Rogan gave up his sons for the sake of the others. Living in the harsh conditions of this fragile era, the kids were kept under intensive watch as well as grueling training protocols. One day on a mission the siblings were sent to investigate a missing shipment of dust, the missing soon spiraled out of control being as it seemed as if their own comrades were waiting for them, to eradicate them. The Leigenma brothers tapped into their bestial nature slaughtering their comrades 3 by 100's until the numbers and fatigue was too much, the twin Alistar was struck down by a Faunus with red hair, something that Yu will forever remember. Macidon was lost in the commotion while they were escaping through the woods. Stumbling all over the country never seeing his family and friends again, his home . . One day while walking through the slums of the streets Yu stumbled onto a Mixed martial arts tournament where he bested almost everyone there except a well dressed man in white hair. After getting knocked down time after time the well dressed man decided to use an aura move, unseen by the untrained, to stop the leg movements of Yu but upon applying the Aura to the right and left leg while Yu was in mid motion to drop kick the man the Aura was absorbed  and reflected knocking both of them into the far opposite walls.. . ]

History End

*Interrupted by distance yelling Yu snaps out of his stupid daze. flying in at speeds approximately 7 miles an hour Yu closes in on a group of guards on the launch post,the one yelling was long gone behind Yu cause of Yu's absent minded strides he didn't even notice the guards. Yu chuckled as he manifested his aura to become denser causing Yu to become more and more heavier but just narrowly slowing down enough to come to a complete stop*

Guard: "Geez! . . Control yourself, what are you? and anima- . . ."

*The guard tries to cover what he was trying to say while looking up from his clipboard, locked in Yu's glare of odium his eye's that screamed anger but he remains quiet not trying to causes a scene. The guard clears his throat and continues his work*

Guard: "Name, boy?"

"Lei, Yu Lei."

 * Enticed to cause trouble with the guard and figures not to, Yu lei steps up to the ships platform with the rest of the students there waiting for our shuttle., Feeling sleepy Yu takes it upon himself to lie on the floor and catch his long awaited nap. Upon waking Yu and the other Beacon candidates are told to wait at the cliffside for further instructions, while there they are told simply to ‘Survive’ by finding a piece and getting back to the academy, failure wasn’t an option, and for Yu’s reality, he knew that it was his time to resort back to his old ‘Animistic’ ways. Yu and the other candidates were then launched off of the platforms they stood on.*

*While strolling through the woods after being debriefed of his mission, Yu and the other cadets were told to simply survive long enough to find a piece, retrieve that item, and be rewarded. . . . Upon landing, Yu sensed some movement in the brush below and behind him in the dense forest. He trudged on grasping the hilt of Guillotine making sure that the pacing in his steps can match the reaction of the attack to be.*

*While he thinks to himself*

“What am I supposed to be doing right now?“

*After walking through the forest for a while, seemingly for hours on end, Yu decides he'd get places faster if he'd just start scanning the area for any sign of people. Immediately Yu jumps onto the branches above and climbs farther into the tree tops, and by using his keen sense of

sight Yu barely sight the rustling of branches every so often but he pays no attention to it until he scans the area back to the direction and see's that the rustling continues in a somewhat linear fashion, Yu takes this opportunity to check his weaponry and the condition of his gear. After a thorough investigation and a few triple double checks Yu then dashes in the direction of the rustling, hoping it's a person and not . . anything else . .*

*While Yu catches up with the object of interest he sniffs the air, finding out there is something sweet nearby and the scent is somewhat distraction. Not noticing that he's terribly close in detection parameters of the pursued target, Yu decides to just advance and confront whatever it may be.*

*While Yu approaches the target he trips, losing his balance, causing him to fall from the tree to the ground below, ultimately Yu notices the distance gap has increased exponentially.*
I got to catch up . .that didn't seem like something out of the ordinary, but the target is fast, I'll give it that much credit.*

“Huff Huff . . What the hell is this thing?“

*Obviously frustrated Yu decided to use all fours for his race against this unidentified object he was tailing*

“You have GOT to be kidding me . .“

*Yu says in grunts as he dodged the oncoming volley of branches, some that came way too close for comfort were merely swatted from the sky by Yu's claws, or diced into oblivion through the works of the blade Guillotine.*

“Screw this, that isn't the work of a grimm, that's the cognitive reasoning of a human, a faunus would have sniffed me out eons ago.“

*Yu sheaths Guillotine and catches his breath before looking around in his immediate area and storms up a tree.*

“From here should be a great vantage point . .“

*Yu begins to get silent as white energy, in the physical form of mist or steam start to envelope his body, giving him a faintly bright white glowing outline but his armored plates and apparel seem to have a white glow that was a couple of shades brighter than his outline. Yu opened his eyes, revealing that his grey eyes darkened like a storm cloud*

“Ahhh, this feels amazing-“

*Yu dashed off the tree top onto another, and as quickly as he landed on that tree top he was at another, then another, then another. Yu spread out his plates in an arrangement that could be described to as "wings", though if he chose to Yu would be able to fly along side the pursued target with almost ease but Yu didn't seem to think that was a smart decision and so, yu decided to to this tracking this the "Low-Tech" way, allowing his "wings" to glide him along the tree tops so he would have enough leverage to catch he slip ups. Finally Yu starts to call out to the target that he'd been pursuing so diligently, but, in hindsight, Yu notices that through all of this the target seems to have kept on the same linear fashion as the initial tailing so something must be going on.*

“Oh! that's right . .“

*Flashback to when directions were told*

“We needed to look for something . . and something about something was going to be "put to the test" and "to be measured, appropriately/accordingly". I wonder what it-“

*Yu redistributed his plates back into his clothing/armor and dashed wildly along the tree tops past the pursued target*

“Whatever it is we're after . . I need to get a front row seat to watch it all unfold . . I'm not dying just yet . .“

*Dashing forward among the tree tops Yu smells a certain stench in the distance, but everything goes silent.*

“What the hell? Where'd the presence go?“

*Unable to tell where the feeling originated from Yu stopped on the next tree top and looked around but nothing was out of the ordinary, so he decided to to keep moving. Tree's in front of Yu widened and bobbed back and forth, this puzzled Yu, making his rationality stutter,he didn't know what was going on.*

“That's not anything friendly . . I bet anything on that . . .“

*Smiling with his head bowed, Yu begins to carefully grip the hilt of Guillotine and sticks one foot out in front of him*

“In sickness and in health . . .“

*Yu shifts forward and falls threw the brush below, cutting the foliage around him to create mid-air maneuvering makeshift platforms . Awakening the his semblance allowing Yu to place his aura around the foliage for more aerial support but his concentration is cut short for a brief moment to hear the sound of the target . . .It was a chilling sound, a treble of terror thins a musical fluid motion of"Eww" and "Oh my goodness I'm going to crap my pants". Shifting his thoughts back to the task at hand, while reaching the ground now at an alarming speed, Yu increases his speed to s quickened rate passing into the trees and seeing a silhouetted figure about the size of a large van keeping pace with him. Sliding into the open space the figure bursts from the brush to engage in a stare-down with Yu.*

“Oh you're a fast ugly bastard aren't you? I have no time for you I'm-“

*Immediately the Death Stalker's tail hums toward Yu's face and grazes his cheek, Yu side steps, to the left, narrowly avoiding the fatal miscalculation twirling slightly, arms behind the chest counterclockwise, in the action, assembling an array of plates around his body and drenching them in his aura so much that the resembled flat ice cubes. The plates, as an entirety, Swirled around Yu's body more and more allowing the DeathStalker to stutter its attack onslaught to try and figure out what it was seeing. This gave Yu some room to catch up on some missed breathers and ample time to arrange an appropriate attack pattern to take out this creature. .*

“.. Dammit all . .“

*Biting his finger nail, Yu realized that the Death Stalker was slowly closing in on him*

“Hehe . . .I see now. .“

*The Deaths Stalkers right claw moved in great comparison to lightnings second or third strike, easily anticipated and an broadcast to understand. Using his plates to get away, Yu formed the plates into steps preparing to outreach the Deathstalkers tail, this didn't go well . . . Within seconds of knowing the target got away the Deathstalker scanned the area in the time is takes a newborn to cry after it's born, the stalker honed in on to Yu's position before it sought him too far to pursue.*

*Looking back in shock*

“Damn you're persistent . . . You deserve a day off . .“

*He didn't notice the tail in the opposite direction that collided with the makeshift steps Yu had created, Yu didn't even get passed the first step completely before he was knocked from the air landing back first into a tree trunk . . The Death Stalker, mad with aggression, followed its presumed prey, claws in position to skewer.*


*Throwing his hand to the right of him, Yu makes a plated wall to kick off of avoiding the stinger and racing up a tree halfway, bolting off into the swirling mass of plates applying the plated wings, and armor to both his blade Guillotine and his body.*

“Such a quickened death you're asking for . . This might cost me a great bargain, so be it . .“

*Rushing up to the Death Striker, Yu's instincts kick in, exposing his animistic nature, claws, fangs, and tail in a manner that reveres him the name that compliments not only his blade but him too "Guillotine"*

“let's see now . .how should we handle this  . I may need assistance  . . . .SIKE ! ! !“

*The two engage in a stare down and by doing so . . Yu rushes to the front of the DeathStalker then races to the left side*

*With the approach of Yu, clocking speeds not necessarily easy for a human to contend against, the DeathStalker, however, saw little to no threat to Yu. Raising its pincers a considerable distance above it's head, Yu saw this as an opportunity to begin his Telekinetic breakdown by dispatching a volley of plates toward the shoulder area of the DeathStalker's other armored appendage, layering the plates to the outermost layer of the DeathStalkers armored skin.*

“I'm not sure if you have vocal chords to speak  . .let alone communicate . .“

*The DeathStalker's ground level claw races around from the right side, Yu dodges by pushing off of the ground twirling in the most uncomfortable position, he could feel the rough surface of the DeathStalkers claws grazing below him. Yu lands on his side, rolling about until his feet are once again.*

*Huff Huff,*
“Dammit . .that was  . .“
*Huff Huff*

“Huh! !“

*Spotting out of the corner of his eyes Yu spots a black mass expanding around him . . . No! Under him! With only mere seconds to comprehend what is said to be done, Yu, in the heartbeat of instincts, envelops his body in a distinct misty coating and in that fluid motion, reaches for Guillotine. Looking up at the approaching bottom side of the DeathStalker's claw Yu dashes to the right hand side as the claw approaches closer and closer. Yu, knowing that his chances are slim to none realizes he's not going to make the escape in whole form. Activating more of his semblance the increasing size of the shadow ceases and yu's trajectory sends him into the ground shoulder first, feeling an unforgiving pain in his shoulders Yu grabs for the injured shoulder and knows the problem.*

*Violent inhales accompanied by violent Exhales*

“Arrgh! Mmm! Mmmm! Okay okay . . Grrrr Here we go . . One!“

*The Deathstalker scatters around trying to get it's arm to obey its commands, only making it more and more angrier, the DeathStalker seems to give up and scan the area again for it's potential prey and finding it as if it was below elementary level grunt work.*

*Breathing becomes regulated and controlled, despite the immense pain Yu is under.*


*Grips his shoulder harder, holding back a wince that violently claws a path out of Yu's throat. positioning his shoulder closer and closer to its original placement. The DeathStalker draws near, practically able to smell the death on Yu's very soul, Yu looks into the DeathStalkers unforgiving scarlet eyes disabling his immediate movements to carefully anticipate the DeathStalker's movements for a correct counterattack, but this only hinders Yu's movements for the brief seconds left that he has and knowing the pain he'll endure . . . Yu finally plunges the dislocated shoulder into its socket and upon doing so, Yu releases a roar of anger and pain that forces the DeathStalker to stop and hesitate trying to figure out what beast was capable of making that sound. With it's eyes working on four different directions for more than a couple of seconds it, once again, begins to advance. He feels his body shrugging off the pain even when he thinks about the pain he's in, moving his arm around in a windmill formation once or twice and flexing fist exercises, finally stopping. Yu's body begins to rival that of a smoke machine by giving off a blanket aura around himself big enough to hide an average sized lawn chair and completely concealing his entire being inside the aura haze, The color dramatically shifts from a cloudy water color to that of grey storm clouds and from the dead center emerges two radiating pale illuminating spots, much like the area eyes are located. The DeathStalker raises its tail and strikes down into the mist with sheer force for a sure kill shot.*

*Humble growls trickle from beyond the dark grey abyss*

“Over YOUR dead body  . . .“

*Seemingly rivaling the speed of refracting light itself, four tendrils extend from the grey abyss, which seems to decompress into the center comparing to the ratio in size to the tendrils to the grey mass, the tendrils, which are made up of Yu's specialty plates, break apart, extending in the air around the grey mass like leaves caught in a storm speeding into a hurricane of leaves, soon to be blizzard, the DeathStalker's tail gets within the final two to three meter distance gap in which the plates intercept. Forming, once again, four large tendrils that two tendrils clash with the force of the DeathStalker's tail creating an omni directional outward force, a force so shocking in tremor that it grabs the attention of nature through blowing the tree's back so much it's as if they're doing split second yoga. The other two tendrils wrap around the DeathStalker's tail and proceed to advance towards the tails base.*

*The grey misty mass growls more cold words towards, what it seems to be, IT'S prey*

“Now  . . . You'll see . . You will see why . .”

*At the base the plates expand a long ways then stopping . . . From the grey mass Yu's hand extends, open palm facing the DeathStalker who lashes and struggles to get free. Yu closes his hand and the tendrils loose posture, due to the spaces between the plates, are reformed into stiff objects, while at the base the plates form a discus shape, Yu's plates proceed to rotate around all sections of the DeathStalker's body, grinding it up into mere shreds *

“They call me . . the Guillotine . . .”

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2 Why it seems "tanky" on Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:59 am

Yu Leigenma
Most of the actual stuff that explains the rp post is omitted due to forum template rules.

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3 Re: When it Fails... on Sun Jun 07, 2015 2:14 am

Yu Leigenma
Can I get some help?

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4 Re: When it Fails... on Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:29 am

Leena Lilac
Hi! I'm Leena and I'll be your mod today~!

I cannot deny that this is a very well done app. However, I did spot some issues and I would like to go over those now.

Race: pleace specify what kind of faunus.

Face Claim: The face claim is basically the source you get your character's general appearance from. So the anime/gane that the chara in your image comes from, or if its just an OC from you or someone in Deviant art or something, then just the Image link is fine.

Stats: You only get 12 stat points to spend, and by my count you have 17. Additionally, there are 50 points missing from your Aura/HP. The values in both Aura and HP must equal 300.

Fears: must have at least three.

Semblance: A kinetic semblance is fine, but it does need to be limited to a single Element/Material.

Items: alright, you get one weapon. If ont item is a weapon, the second item spot must be specifically reserved for Dust, Physical Armor, or Spirit Armor.

History: it seems to be missing.

And that is it for now. Bump when the necessary adjustments are made.

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5 Re: When it Fails... on Sat Aug 01, 2015 10:13 am

Richard Lionheart
Warning, app has one week until it's archived. Please finish and bump before then if you want it graded.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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6 Re: When it Fails... on Wed Aug 12, 2015 11:32 am

Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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7 Re: When it Fails... on Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:26 pm

Yu Leigenma
History is in the brackets inside the story, bc they go hand in hand I decided to but them the story as 2 co-dependent parts.

Sorry for my leave I had to return to active duty training, then I was stationed, but now I'm back. Another thing, I think I'll be using one or two combo's of dust, idk since the "dust" that I use now (from the wikia) is gravity. Which, scientifically, polarity/magnetism are byproducts of.
I have my updates ready, this post (in a sense) predates the changes taking place atm.

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8 Re: When it Fails... on Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:00 pm

Yu Leigenma
Whats a group?

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9 Re: When it Fails... on Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:32 pm

Leena Lilac
Face Claim: I need a character name, please

Semblance: it does have to be limited to one substance/material.

Item 2: so... 5 vials wind then?

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10 Re: When it Fails... on Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:37 pm

Yu Leigenma
Faceclaim, I don't know the character name, there is a "manga" on divantart a while back and I just saved the pictures.

Is there a problem with the semblance bc I'm having a difficulty understanding if it is or not.

Dust? No, I thought there was just a vial and we use it accordingly. If not, yes, five I guess.

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11 Re: When it Fails... on Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:48 pm

Leena Lilac
FC) is there a character name mentioned at all in said manga?

Semblance) "Yu is a prodigy for his ability for influenced movement over objects, not limited to metallic alloys"
if you are going this route, It WOULD have to be limited to metal, or any ONE other type of object, Such as only being able to move plants or non-metallic rock.

Dust) You get 5 posts worth of dust for free, but have to refill as needed is how it works. I really just wanted to be clear that you wanted 5x Wind is why I asked.

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12 Re: When it Fails... on Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:33 am

Yu Leigenma
Do you want me to put that?
umm huh? I mean, I guess I gotcha... I believe so.

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13 Re: When it Fails... on Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:42 am

Liona Mimiko
Sorry for the wait!

FC) Then put a link to the image please

Semblance) Yes, please update it to follow Semblance guidelines.

Dust) Please update it so that it is 5 posts worth of dust. 13 is too much.

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14 Re: When it Fails... on Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:18 pm

Yu Leigenma
but I don't remember the name of the place I was like a freshman in HS.

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15 Re: When it Fails... on Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:21 pm

Yu Leigenma
Updates made. Except the faceclaim, thats kinda impossible.

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16 Re: When it Fails... on Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:21 am

Liona Mimiko
If you were able to put the image on the form, you are able to provide an image link. Its litteraly whever you have in the IMG code.

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17 Re: When it Fails... on Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:43 pm

Yu Leigenma
Hey.. yeah ik, it's been a long time, a lot has changed, and even though returning to this place isn't the same as what I fell in love with, it's the journey that counts right?
Anyways.. I kinda need this approved or rejected.

I'll update his personality later, as he changed, so have I.

I'd like to keep the old group in parentheses bc of nostalgia purposes.

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Yu Leigenma
I also have a problem, certain levels of polarity are mere electrical forces that interact with materials on an anatomical level, for all states of matter. So I feel as though that Yu should be able, with enough description, bend certain solids and liquids to slight degrees from sheer polarized forces. I mean indirectly, for sake of clarity. As a former science major, polarity to not have affects on solids liquids and gasses makes my head hurt b/c its certain that electrical forces of a polarized by-production effect causes most states of matter to exist. That was confusing, I know, I hate explaining things b/c I suck at doing it idk why I'm a teacher lol . Forgive my shitty explanations. I'm not looking to become an alchemist here, I just want to be able to have polarized waves affect material, except most alloys that naturally have annoyingly neutral states.

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Lloyd Vanheim
Alright, I'll be picking it up from here...

So again, a link to at least the image you have right now would be great if you can't give the name of the FC.

I'm not sure of which group you wanna be in... please just write one...

I understand the logic of your point about your Semblance, but we have to limit it to ONE element/material for balance purposes. So please adjust it.

Next I see about your History and RP sample, they aren't the same thing. History is a tale of your character's past, which you did just fine, while the RP sample is to give us an idea of your posting capabilities. Although I can see your talent, you need to separate them into two different spoilers.

Please begin with those changes


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Hello there Yu Leigenma! We see that it's been awhile since you made changes to your application, so the Staff is giving you a seven day notice: should you not make any changes to this app within seven days from this post, it will be moved to the Inactive Apps section.

Sorry for any inconvenience! ^_^

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