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Arrival in Bellmuse (Open)

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1Arrival in Bellmuse (Open) Empty Arrival in Bellmuse (Open) on Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:31 pm

Jet Jeyson
“Attention all passengers, we are now arriving to Bellmuse central airport. Temperature outside is currently 22 Celsius with a clear sky. Please make sure to keep your children within sight at all times and report any Grimm activity to the authorities. On behalf of Vytal Airlines, we wish you a safe and pleasant stay.” Jet woke up with a snort to the pleasant voice of the stewardess. Looking around, he saw that he had fallen asleep with his book open on his face and his glasses had fallen down. Yawning for a bit while putting his sunglasses back on, he started to gather his stuff to prepare to descend on the island.

The trip was uneventful, if you forget the kid behind him who spilled his grape-juice on his head for fun. And the snoring man beside him that would always fall on him mid-sleep. Also, the fact that they actually forgot to bring him his meal and that once they realised, they only had the fish available and it was way overcooked. And also… ok it was eventful. In the end, he managed to fall asleep it seems for a grand total of thirty minutes.
He left Mistral in the middle of the night with the intention of sleeping through the flight, for an eight hours flight. Since in the end he got absolutely no sleep, it is now morning in Bellmuse and expects a very hard to handle jet-lag later in the day. Well, he can’t go to sleep now.

Getting of the plane, he walks toward the guy taking care of unloading the cargo. He can see that a few passengers got their vehicle and were leaving already, he wondered if his bike was unloaded already.

“Hello! My name is Jet Jeyson. I have a motorcycle onboard, do you know if it was unloaded yet?” Jet asked politely, though he did yawn once in the middle of it. He shook his head to try and wake himself up a bit.

The worker looked through his manifest on his clipboard and his eyes narrowed at one of the sheet. “Is it the black and green one?” When Jet confirmed, the guy shrugged. “Well, apparently we went over-weight before departure so we had to unload a few vehicles, they will be brought in tomorrow with the next flight. Yours was part of those delayed.”

“Aww man! How come I wasn’t advised? Beside, my bike is like super light! Most of the pieces are made of carbon-fibre and other super-light stuff!” Jet was really dismayed; he wanted to check out the city on his bike to help him wake up.

“We are very sorry, some of the things that were loaded were heavier than anticipated.” The worker said, clearly very sorry.

While the worker explained the reason his super-light motorcycle was delayed, Jet could see a wooden box large enough to contain his bike ten times being unloaded while a man, clearly the owner of the box’s content, was scolding the guy operating the heavy-machinery to unload it. “Careful! This statue for my garden is made of pure gold! It is a soft metal you know? It dents easily!”

“Sorry sir! Where is your transport for the item?” The man behind the wheel of the heavy duty lift was looking around, probably expecting to see some huge trailer or something like that.

“No no, I asked for it to be stored here, my lawn won’t be ready for another week! Only then will I come and get it! Now bring it to storage unit 24, that’s the one I rent for the week.” The wealthy man walked ahead of his giant-waste-of-weight-capacity-that-he-actually-didn’t-need-for-another-week with an air of superiority.

Jet glared behind his glasses at the worker with the manifest who shrugged helplessly. After being reassured his bike would be there tomorrow morning, Jet turned around and walked toward a café nearby, took one to-go, and began sipping at it while walking around town. He moved to Bellmuse early, considering the next term at Syne academy won’t start for another few weeks, so he planned on using that time to familiarise himself with the town.
Far to the east, he could see the mountain on top of which the school should be. He knew he would have to take another airship to get there later but for now, he was in no hurry and a little stroll didn't sound too bad.
Still anything to keep him awake right would be nice.

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Ishi Omo
He had been in town buying so ingredients for his potions and stuff like that, and thankfully wasn't getting weird looks. He sometimes got weird looks because of his messed up hair and lab coat, but it was no bother. The only other reason why he might, he that he carries his sword on his hip at all times, but he's known as a teach, so yet again, no bother.

He turned a corner and looked in his bag, counting 10 various herbs and a single poison. A normal carry for half-way through the trip. Ishi yawned and then stretched. He wasn't awake enough for this, so he put down his bag, and took out a vial of glowing goo, that was rose in color. He knew how the thing would taste, but he was not ready to face the day being tired. He opened it up, and drank it, and it tasted like salt-water and earwax.

He opened his eyes wide, and blinked a few times as he got energy going through his system. He picked up his bag, and put the vial back in the bag. He came to an alley, and went inside it, and sat down. He took the now mostly empty vial, and smiled. He took one of the herbs; Synope, which included bits of Mercury inside of it. While he was sure that the vendor who sold them wasn't actually aware of this, he took out a grinder from his bag, and grinded the herb into the vial, and then closed it. All that was left to do, was to let it settle.

He got up, after putting all of those things in his bag, and laughed. The things he could do with the things in this bag. Very scary. He then shook his head, and walked out. He saw a man with a giant statue made of pure gold. He totally needed gold for his stuff. He then walked and saw a man who looked capable, and was dressed in a leather coat. The boy was a tiny bit taller then him, and he seemingly quite a bit younger. He felt like this boy was a hunter, or soon to be, so he walked up and asked;

"So, boy, are you a hunter?"

He then looked the boy over, swiftly, and saw that he was carrying a small meal. He then, after a small look, figured that the boy was clearly physically strong, and if in a fight in combat, maybe beat him up, however Ishi held the feeling that he'd still win purely because of his smarts. He had a small chuckle to himself waiting for the answer.

After the small chuckle, he noticed the glasses, and that was awfully particular, was this boy blind? Maybe sensitive to the light, alas, he had pills for that and could fix it for a limited time. The wonders of knowing the body; however, he didn't know what the boys eye problem was, and it bothered him. Even back in his assassin days, he knew something was up when people wore glasses, and has never trusted them since.

Before the boy could answer, he decided to clarify who he was, "Sorry, I'm Ishi Omo, a teacher at Syne. I was just wondering if you were a student who was coming." Ishi scratched the back of his head, and looked around to see if anything was up. Nothing was up quite yet, but he had a feeling that something was totally gonna flip out because that's just how things worked. It always flipped out.

Otherwise, he might be able to have an actual, smart, conversation with someone. Even then; barely anyone professional was able to match his sheer knowledge on the human body. He also knew that in a fight, all he'd have to do to take down the fairly tall boy was to take out his knee and then maybe throw him with a Judo throw. He saw no real weapon on the boy, and wasn't going to ask. There was lots of students who hid their weapons so that they didn't have to deal with having them out, and then there was people like Ishi whom had theirs upon their waist for safe-keeping.

He had to think, though, about the fact that if his base assumption was right, that this boy was very capable at holding his own, and could at least hold himself in a street-fight if one were to come upon them. He hoped that wouldn't happen, but he knew it was possible. He had been in one before, but he had shut it down fairly quickly by pulling out his sword and cutting the first person who ran at him... not lethally of course, but the people involved got the message to bugger off.

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Jet Jeyson
Jet’s coffee was already starting to get cold which made it harder for him to appreciate; cold coffee sucks. Still, he kept it drinking anyway, starting to feel the effect of the caffeine and waking up a little. That and he paid for it; it’s not cool to waste money.

He was still a bit pissed that his bike wouldn’t be there before the following day. That meant he would have to come back here tomorrow, which he didn’t exactly mind, but that prevented him from planning anything more interesting. Well, he could always invite a girl to join him at that café he was just beside the airport until it arrived, and then give her the ride of her life on his performance-enhanced bike… no innuendo intended here.

"So, boy, are you a hunter?" The voice was coming from behind him. He turned around and saw and adult looking at him.

“Huh?” Was Jet’s very eloquent answer. Jet was probably too relaxed, he didn’t feel or hear him approaching. He knew the place wasn’t exactly safe, that Grimm activity wasn’t that rare so he was ready for any type of Grimm level of sneaking; stomping and growling inconspicuously. So he wasn’t thinking of listening for human level of sneakiness, hell just walking to him surprised him enough since he wasn’t thinking he’d be approached that early after his arrival.

"Sorry, I'm Ishi Omo, a teacher at Syne. I was just wondering if you were a student who was coming." The man introducing himself looked slightly nervous for some reason. Well… That’s how Jet saw it. He wasn’t that good at reading people. Though the guy did scratch his head, that’s a nervous sign, right?

Still, the new … Bellmusean? Bellmusese? Bellm… Guy living in Bellmuse, finally caught up to the question. “Oh! Yeah! I’m Jet Jeyson. I’m starting school at Syne on next semester, moved in early to get used to the place.” It was Jet’s turn to be nervous. The smile he gave was genuine but he too scratched the back of his head before quickly extending his hand for a handshake when he realised that it was probably the respectful thing to do. He really didn’t plan on stumbling on a teacher just as he got out of the plane so good manners weren’t at the forefront of his mind.

“Soooo… what are your teaching? From the look of your lab coat, you are probably a scientist? The sword obviously means you’re not all books though.” Jet’s interest was mostly polite, but he was still curious.

It’s not like he had a pretty girl in front of him so of course his interest was limited, but the teacher slash scientist slash hunter was still the first person he met here and probably someone he would have regular interaction with in class. Considering this, it wasn’t a bad idea to get a head start in getting to know one of the people that were going to more or less be part of his future. Maybe the guy would end up being a cool guy, it’s not like all adults are boring… just most of them.
Yeah, Jet was technically an adult too but, there is young adult and adult adult, the difference mainly being that he was still in school so he didn’t get all the fun in him crushed by the responsibilities of an active work life yet. It doesn’t help that he was a few years late in Sanctum so his maturity level wasn’t really improved in any way from being constantly surrounded by youngsters three to four years younger.
Meh, doesn’t really matter. Jet would always stay young at heart (they always say that).

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Ishi Omo
Ishi’s smile grew as he was answered with the ‘huh’ from this boy, who then introduced himself as Jet Jeyson. The boy didn’t seem to be… how does one put it? Normal. Those glasses were sun-glasses, even though it wasn’t that bright out, but he did not plan on asking about them, not yet. He had just met the boy, but it wasn’t like the boy gave him any instant reason to distrust him. He had innocent questions, and a fairly innocent look, well, innocent in the fact that he wasn’t showing any of the signs.

He shook the boys’ hand, and his smile stayed on, and then he thought about how to answer that question. There wasn’t that much he taught; as he really only taught one class. This one class was anatomy, and it wasn’t a very easy class. Not something that Jet would be interested in, he figured. He could be completely wrong, and he always assumed the best of people, which then turned into the worst in a combat situation. It was something he had to be very careful about. If he wasn’t careful, there was no doubt that this boy could prove an assassin. He had seen less-convincing assassins turn into these deadly killers, but there was nothing that made his smile waver.
“I am what you’d call a Pharmaceutical Scientist, I deal in making medication for what ills you. However, due to my extreme knowledge of the human body, which does not vary as much as one would think when it comes down to it, as both are humanoid. I am the anatomy teacher, and can teach other things in the subject of Grimm hunting, as I’m very capable of doing so.” He let go of the boys’ hand, and cracked his own neck, and brushed his hair back. He had to look good for the ladies.

He had spoken formal, but he then decided to cut the formalities. “Who am I kidding, I’m just Ishi Omo, ex-doctor. I should really cut out those formalities. It’s not something that I should do when talking with future students.”

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Jet Jeyson
Jet nodded to the teacher’s explanation of his work. Though he had to frown when he mentioned his extensive knowledge of the human body, then saying “both” were humanoid. For a second - well more than a second actually – he was wondering what the hell he was referring to as “both” when he only mentioned the human body. He couldn’t have been talking about Grimms, that he mentioned after as being something else he taught because they’re not humanoids. Oh it was probably the Faunus he was referring to! That would make sense. During his short reflection, his face’s expression went from confused to thoughtful to eureka in a short span. He didn’t say anything though.

Jet barely noticed the cracking of the neck, no cringing from him to that sound since he himself could probably crack every joints in his body. He did notice thought the probably unintended flair with which he threw his hair back. While he probably looked good, for a completely straight guy’s vantage point, that sort of pretty boy move irked him a bit. Might be a bit hypocritical since Jet too had his own pretty boy moves when he needed them… though their actual effectiveness was still a subject to be debated. He probably was more irked by the thought this older guy’s move was probably actually something that worked. And why was he even caring about that anyway? The guy was a teacher walking around town in a lab coat, he was obviously not trying to impress the ladies at the moment, no point in feeling threatened.

When Ishi dropped formalities though, Jet couldn’t help but smile at it. “I’m pretty sure your boss or someone is expecting you to be all formal and stuff with students. I personally prefer teachers when they’re not so right now, you sound like a teacher I’ll like.”

Jet had finished his coffee and was looking around for a trash can or something to throw his cup away. Why is it you can see trash cans at every corner when you don’t need them but there are never any nearby when you need them? Oh well. Instead, Jet started to tear it apart casually without thinking and trying – failing – to make an origami bird with it, not really looking at it through the process.

“Well, anatomy is important I guess. I mean, you need to know your own body to use it to its full potential. Don’t take it the wrong way but I’m more interested in your Grimm classes. Unless there are live models for anatomy classes, then I’ll be there at every lecture on females, faunus or human… Wait… shouldn’t have said that to a teacher. Forget that.” Jet nervously laughed, trying to make it sound like a joke. Well it was a joke… though one based on very true facts.

Shaking his head slowly in desperation to his misplaced comment, but still smiling, he continued, a bit more serious. “Anyway, I’m mostly here to be of help as much as I can in the place I thought would need help the most. I feel my time at this academy will be mutually beneficial. I’ll learn to be a good Hunter, and I’ll lend my help where it’s needed. So I’ll try to learn anything I’m told I need to learn.”

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Ishi Omo
He listened to what Jet had to say, and then cracked a smile and then a fully blown laugh at that live model joke, and then even louder then that. He heard Jet talk serious, but couldn't stop laughing. This kid was funny as hell, and seemingly a perv. Ishi saw himself in Jet to a point, and that was humorus, but then he stopped laughing, calming down. For a doctor, he wasn't mature, that's for sure. He gathered his poop in a group, and was back to being calm, and answered him.

"Sadly, I don't think I could get away with that. I mean, I guess that if we got people who'd want to do it, we could... but... it's just not something I can get away with!" He feigned sadness, purposely over-doing it. He heard some rustling in the alley-way, and kept his eye fixed, but nothing could be seen coming from it. Nothing as of yet. After a moment, 6 men bust out, and the on in front yelled,

"Old man! Give us your herbs!" Ishi moved away from Jet, and 3 men went at each of them.

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Jet Jeyson
Jet was pretty surprised that the teacher didn’t reprimand him for his comment. That told him the guy was pretty cool in general. He had to laugh at him trying to find a way but Jet was joking before and knew that it wouldn’t happen. There was always someone willing to do these kinds of things, somewhere. The pay is usually good and people like money enough for it. But it is a Hunter school, the kind of anatomy needed for the Hunter job doesn’t need that kind of naked models.

Jet couldn’t comment anymore on it though, as they were suddenly ambushed by a bunch of guys coming out of nowhere. Jet hadn’t realised that their walking had brought them to some empty back road. Well, not so empty now, considering there was like… eight persons in the road including the random dudes threatening them for some plants.

“Ehm… what is happening teach? Are they… robbing… you?” Jet asked the man accompanying him. Though he didn’t have much time to receive an answer, because the group of thieves decided not to wait, probably knowing Ishi wouldn’t give them what they want willingly. Ishi had moved away from him, either to force them to split or, if he was being a responsible adult, to try and not get the young man implicated in stuff that didn’t concern him. Well Jet was a Hunter in training, so they’d have to let him fight anyway so the youngster hoped his reason was the former.

“Well… I guess, I’ll have more details after we beat you guys up… Oh and… If you’re proficient with aura, I’d suggest you activate them… now” As Jet said that last part, he swung his right arm forward, uncoiling Drachenrüken which shot straight forward toward one of the attackers. I was a basic straight attack so it was easy to avoid, but it forced the thieves to scatter, which was what Jet wanted.

In a normal fight, with a normal weapon, you want to fight in as few directions as possible at the same time, to keep an eye on every enemy and their incoming attacks. But for Jet, with his definitely not normal weapon, spread out enemies was the best possible outcome for him to fight. His weapon isn’t the best to use in a one on one scenario even though Jet definitely can.
In gaming term, you’d call this an AOE melee weapon.

As all three thieves decided to charge him, Jet smirked and, with his arm over his head and his weapon fully uncoiled, he swung his arm backward to build momentum to attack the one in front of him, but that movement also created a sweep attack behind him that at least one of the two attackers didn’t see coming. Jet felt a small resistance in his swing and didn’t bother looking back. He knew from the feeling of it he only cut soft flesh and that it wasn’t deep. He didn’t actually want to kill them anyway, he didn’t know them or if they deserved death at all, so he was glad to know the man was now probably severely impaired – and hurting pretty bad – yet still alive.

The second thief in the way of the swing dodged backward, having the chance to see it coming. The momentum for the weapon was built and with a flick of the arm, the momentum was transferred from a circular motion to a forward one. The motion combination made the chain move toward its target while the heavy tip was pointing to the side. The man looked a bit surprised at the unusual motion of this already strange weapon, but he seemed bright enough not to try and block it since it would simply spin around his own blade and the tip of the chain would gore him pretty badly. For that reason, he crouched under the chain and jumped forward to catch Jet inside his effective range.

But Jet was no novice and that move was all planned. With a downward motion followed by a full turn of his body to face the other thief that had dodged the first backward slash, he jerked the whole weapon toward him. Like a snake caught by its tail, the tip reacted to the combination of the previous sideway motion and the sudden jerk in the opposite direction and flicked like a whip to bite in the first thing between the head and his tail. The thief never saw it coming before it pierced his back and both Jet’s opponent and his weapon lost all motion. The man fell to the ground and stopped moving. The wound was very deep yet non-fatal so long as he was treated, but he was out of the fight.

The last, still mobile thief was stopped in his track charging Jet and jumped sideway to his left. The Hunter in training followed his movement and charged him, getting very close and very personal. Had the thief been a cute girl, Jet might even have kissed her just to mess with her head. But it was a guy, ugly at that. So the young man simply jumped and flipped over his opponent, twirling his right arm in the air. Drachenrüken dislodged itself from the second guy’s back and Jet’s current opponent ended up ensnared from knee to shoulders in very sharp, very painful blades. Jet caught the tip of his weapon with his other arm and tugged lightly, just to make sure his current opponent didn’t get the idea to move. If he did, we would not only cut himself about everywhere on his body, Jet would also just have to tug a bit more and the guy could lose an arm, or two. At least lose most feelings in those two appendages. Jet thought it might be good to keep one unharmed for questioning, it just so happened his weapon was perfect for keeping someone from moving all together.

A groan brought his attention to his feet though and saw that he was standing just over the first guy that was sprawled on the floor. The man seemed to have a very painful gash at stomach level. He caught the eye of Jet and suddenly stopped groaning, starring like a deer frozen in headlights. Slowly, he started to bring forward a knife, as if thinking about attacking Jet while he was in no position to use his chain weapon.

With a shrug, Jet kicked him in the face hard, rendering him unconscious.

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Ishi Omo
Three of the thugs ran towards him. He didn't move into a stance, but rather observed their clothes. He noticed that the three were wearing rather thick clothes, but left their necks and such open, but that was too much of a risk to be lethal on the first strike. He knew what he had to do, but was conflicted. To not kill the people, he'd have to unleash killing intent. It was a talent he had. He threw out his intent with a glare, but the boys stood, their wills steel. They couldn't be serious; they had to back down, right?

He saw one step forward and bring out a knife. He had thick red clothes on, and black shoes. It was clear that he was a normal thug, too think to realize that there was a very high chance that he was going to die. Ishi still didn't assume a stance, nor did he bring out the blade on his hip. He threw his herbs back and stood with his hands in his pocket. The first man ran forward and attempted stab Ishi who dodged to the side, and said,

"Don't push you're luck. If you do, I can't promise that you will do very well." He saw that Jet had taken care of his side, but the three facing Ishi didn't seem to care. Ishi would have to take care of the guy. The man in the red ran forward again and slashed, and Ishi merely dodged it by moving forward to the right of it, and ended up behind him. If he was attacked twice more, he was not going to be amused. He turned to see the knife being swung at his face, which he leaned his head back to dodge. He heard the other two start to run at him. He turned to see the two, and when they attempted to punch him at the same time, which he ducked under and walked forward and turned towards the three.

Two unarmed and one armed. He kept his hands in his pocket before he cracked his neck. This wasn't going to be fun. He then shook his head, and told them once more, "I'm telling you, this is a lost cause. If you keep attacking me, I will be forced to make sure you can't attack me any longer and I will have to subdue you."

The thug in red decided to chime in, "Really? I don't think you can, old man! Why don't you use that blade?"

He sighed and took his sheath and threw it towards the men, "Use it against me and you will die."

This was, on the outside, a bluff. He knew, inside, that he'd have to follow through. He had no idea if Jet had dealt with death before. He also knew he didn't want to kill them. It would be going back to what he used to be, and it was something he was afraid to do. He didn't want to. If he plunged back, he couldn't imagine what he'd do. He used to be a very lethal man compared to this day. He shook his head of the thoughts and then put his hands back into his pockets. He couldn't use his hands yet, no no.

The thug in red charged him with his own blade, and something snapped inside Ishi. He pulled his hands out of his pockets and onto his head, and ducked to dodge a swipe, and then moved back to dodge a slash-down. His eyes shone slightly as he looked into the thug in reds eyes, and smiled. He waited for the next slash to close the distance, and then nailed the thug with an open-palmed strike to the stomach. Due to this, he was able to bring the very same palm back, and hit the man in the chest which made the man fall back. If Ishi had hit harder, that would have ruptured the thugs heart, but until then, he looked at the other two who now ran at him. He ran at the one on the right and nailed the man with an open-palmed blow to the head which easily gave the boy a concussion, and then had the other guy jump on his back.

He grabbed the guys head, and threw the guy, hard, on the back. He then climbed on top of the boy and started striking in key points, and the boy yelled in pain as he felt strikes to key points in his arms as his bones shifted out of place, and then all of his ribs broken, and then his heart ruptured from a extremely hard blow to the heart. Ishi saw the life go out of his eyes, and then looked to his right to see the one who he  hit with the blow to the head still out-of-the-loop, but saw the thug in red getting up.

He got up off of the dead boy, and ran towards the thug in red, and dodges to the right, letting the blade skim his coat, and grabbed the thugs wrist, and his sword dropped. He pulled the boy closer and rammed a knee into the thugs stomach and then shifted his leg behind the thugs and tripped the boy to the ground. He then grabbed the thugs arm and twisted it behind the thug and hit the shoulder, causing it to dislocate. He leaned down to the thugs ear and whispered something specific.

"You've done this to yourself." He then brought the thug up and let the boy take another swing and then grabbed the boys other arm and broke it at the elbow, and then broke it at the wrist. Ishi then Judo threw the thug onto the ground and broke the thugs legs at the knees before grabbing his blade. He grabbed the blade, unsheathed on the ground, and stood above the thug... but could bring down the blade. He dropped his blade, and he looked to see the boy who had jumped on him not moving, and he just sat there. He had killed a man yet again. This was all going to hell.

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Jet Jeyson
Fights are like that. Regardless of how long they seem to you, they usually end in a flash. They can last very long, but those epic fights are very rare since it requires an opponent of equal power. Statistically, it is rare to find two opponents of the same caliber; one will usually be better than the other, sometimes not a lot but usually enough that the fight leans heavily in that guy’s favor. The current fight had been very one sided in Jet’s favor. These guys didn’t even have Aura to defend themselves so it was quite a bit unfair actually.

But even though Jet’s fight ended quickly, when he turned to see how his teacher fared, it seemed to have been over even more quickly. There was no blood, or not enough to actually be significant, so Jet had to assume Ishi had fought barehanded. Now Jet was sure he could have handled it with straight martial arts too, but the impression he had when he looked at the aftermath of the man’s fight sent shivers through his spine. He didn’t know why, but the man who was so friendly before now looked scary as hell.
Jet had no illusion: he would lose against that guy. Swiftly and soundly. Well, that was the impression he was getting at least, he wouldn’t know unless he actually fought the man… which he hoped he didn’t have to… ever.

Still, Jet looked at his opponents and with a cursory glance, one would say he was the one that overdid it, considering the amount of open wounds they have. But looking more closely at one of Ishi’s opponents, Jet realised that he was more than just unmoving, he was breathing, he was dead.

This affected Jet who until now had only ever killed Grimms and bugs. Killing another human being was something he knew deep down he might have to do one day, but he hoped he never did. While he didn’t kill the man or even saw Ishi do it, the fact remained that the man was dead. He didn’t know the circumstances, maybe it was necessary, maybe it was accidental, but at the same time, Jet doubted that it was really inevitable for the man who so thoroughly destroyed them.

He was shocked, but not as much as he felt he should be. He should be appalled, horrified, disgusted, but all he was, was shocked and slightly sad. Thinking back, even with all the control he had on Drachenrüken, either of the three thugs could have died on the spot pretty easily. He could control what he did with his weapon, but he couldn’t predict every reactions. He could have overestimated them and the first one he attacked could have been too stunned to dodge the attack and get impaled on the first attack. This was something that not only could have happened, but will probably happen someday.

Still, he frowned and shot a dark look toward the teacher, not that it was visible behind his glasses. “Was it really necessary to kill him? Who are they anyway? I haven’t been here one day that I get attacked by a bunch of mooks and I witnessed a teacher kill a man. I may have missed the memo but I don’t remember hearing this was a common thing here.”

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Ishi Omo
He brushed his hair back again.  He heard the boy's question, but he had to think. He got up, and cracked his back. He went, and grabbed his blade. He had a few words, but he figured he could ad-lib something. Surely.

"Necessary? Probably not.  To defend my side, you must understand. I've... been more than a doctor. Especially back then. I'm sure you didn't watch my fight, too busy inflicted 110 wounds on those three. I dunno who they are, but I assume that they were hired by someone in the area to attack me, unsuspecting that I'd have someone with me. I... go to shadey people for my herbs sometimes, and I attract some attention, but that's really nothing much.

Anyhow. You wanna know why I have the... skills, I have? No, no you don't."

He stopped and finally regained his entire compsure, he was back to being causal looking, even though it wasn't quite as casual, the conversation. He did move closer, his hands back in his pockets, to Jet. He kept his voice slightly quieter, making it harder to hear.

"Ki-, Jet. I used to be... I used to be an assassin. Old survival habits kicked in. You wouldn't understand, I don't think. I spent most of my life killing people, and now I heal them. Irony, huh.  Anyhow. I suppose you were expecting some words of wisdom. Something to actually justify the killing of another man. Well. I don't got it."

He sighed. He couldn't justify his means to an end by telling him survival habits. Not that most would understand. He had to survive for years with no name to him beyond Isane Curando. He had no identity. He decided then that he'd survive, and did he? Of course. He needed to. After all, what would Ishi do if he was dead? Nothing. What would his family do? Go after all, since no one cares about him much anymore. Considering that he's a good for nothing ex-assassin.

Screw education, screw experience. Nothing gave you the edge in combat more than knowing that you'd be alive at the end. Experience? Sure, it'd help you. The idea that you'd be alive at the end could be the very thing that helps you push your limits. Since... it's something that he knew all the time. He'd be alive in the end because he decided it. He could get stabbed, but he'd heal himself. So he had no reason to believe he didn't.


Jet most likely didn't understand. He was still young, and clearly lacked experience.  He didn't know how old Jet was, but he had one more thing to say.

"I might only be thirty, but I've done more things then most have done in two life-times. If you ever need help, kid. Come to me. I have skills that most don't."

He wouldn't leave. Not yet. Why should he? He wanted this kid's reaction. He wanted to know what this kid thought. There's was two usual things that would happen to a normal human being. They either ran or went in shock, he was bound to find out which Jet was.

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