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Roommates? (open to three others)

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26 Re: Roommates? (open to three others) on Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:30 pm

after a few minutes it seemed every one had found a bunk of their own, she was left the top right bunk which was fine but now that every one had a bunk, and it seemed like two where sisters from the sounds of things the fake was trying to talk to the ninetailed fox faunus about maybe being her sister. this didnt bother merlynn as she was an only child so none of that feelings for the situation really showed up. "now that you all have a bunk stick too it." she just sat against the wall and closed her eyes and started to think about other things. she didn't take her long but she pulled out some ear plugs and stuffs them in her ears mostly because she didn't want to hear the two sisters talking nor did she wish to divulge her name out to the one who asked the other faunus. sasha, ahri, and niraya all some what faunus in looks but who knows if they all where faunus. merlynn knew she was a pure faunus as she finally just finds her self picking away behind her chalk line working on some thing.

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27 Re: Roommates? (open to three others) on Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:48 am

Sasha (Mina) Manusika

The Drying Pole

The Washing Pole

Aura: 180/180
Health: 120/120

S asha woke up to the sound of more people hopping into bunks, he opened her eyes to see the two pick the bunk opposite of hers, and realized she got the crazy yet cute deer above her. Hopefully she wouldn't kill her in her sleep, she had plenty more in life she wanted to do before she died. But with the other two in the room she felt safer, and the deer beauty had seemed to calm down. She moved to face the bed above hers, and looked at the way the beds were crafted together using the desk. It looked stable enough, but if that bed came crashing down she would be killed. Sasha then overheard the conversation going on between the two opposite from her, something about family matters that didn't concern the sleepy fox in the least. Many people had family that went here, she didn't know her cousin was here but many had families that came to the school. She spoke softly to herself Sisters huh, that's sweet. Suddenly the thought came back to her about the girl she upset, and wanting to make things right she brought herself the courage she needed to. She hopped out of bed slowly to pop her head up to Merlynn, looking down for a moment but looked back up at her. Sorry for making you upset.... I just thought you were super cute and I acted on impulse. Sorry... I'll make it up to you I promise. She said as and got back down, not sure if the girl could hear her over her music. Slowly sliding back into bed she watched the other girls for a moment before closing her eyes once again.

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