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Inferis, Lael wip

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1 Inferis, Lael wip on Tue Jun 09, 2015 11:00 pm

Enrollment Form


   Basic info
   Name:Lael Ex Inferis
   Birthday:April 20th
   Face Claim:Kaoru Kiyami deviant art

   Aura 150|150 HP


  1. Competition
  2. Fire
  3. Duty and Honor
  4. Power
  5. Lien
  6. Honesty


  1. Grimm
  2. Weakness
  3. Cowardice
  4. Country Music
  5. Faunus and Androids(Slightly but not to the point of being unable to cooperate with one)


  1. A new Dominate Species
  2. Being Helpless
  3. Extinction

   Overall Personality:Lael is a stubborn and determined individual. Eager to see his ideals forced upon this world. Lael is a brash and brave young man often the first to jump into the fray or instigate an argument. A firm believer in self sacrifice Lael will not hesitate to die for his cause and expects the same of any hunter or aspiring hunter. Not one to easily accept defeat Lael will stand against certain destruction gladly. He is also not very fond of taking orders from those who he does not respect or sees as his equals. Preferring to lead rather than follow, this has caused him to butt heads with peers before. Lael also enjoys his down time (at least 100 words here)

   Aura type:Spirit
   Aura Color:Gold
   Semblance:Pyro-physiology/SPT Buff: Lael transforms his body completely into fire without anything truly left from his physical form. Thus giving him the ability to transform/reshape his form, create, shape and manipulate fire. Effectively enhancing his body for combat by using the fire element.
   Item 1: (Weapon/armor/Dust, and describe.)
   Item 2: (Weapon/armor/Dust, and describe.)

   History and Sample
Lael Ex Inferis grew up in the bitter cold and harsh winds of the northernmost part of the Mantle. Where he grew up as the only Scion of house Inferis with all the expectations that entails. His mother and father were as cold and rigid as the environment they lived in. Lael does not have many fond memories of them as he was almost always tended to by a nanny or some other servant. His parent union was not an act of love but more of a business deal. His birth merely a necessary condition of his parents agreement. Lael remembers the various mistresses and lovers his parents had shuffling i and out of the house. When he was ten years old hs father began having him trained in martial arts. It was also during these sessions that his father would teach him about the families history. How his predecessors were great heroes(or villians) of the Faunus Rights Revolution. And if not for the bumbling of high command the Faunus problem would have been thoroughly put to rest. Lael attended prestigious boarding schools through much of his adolescence preparing him to take over the family business. It was during these days he began having some semblance of happiness. He had real friends and a positive outlook on life. But most importantly he met a girl. Aveline Blackwitch was her name, and she was all that was good in this world. 300+ Words please.
RP Sample:
150+ words

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