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The Eight Continent

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1 The Eight Continent on Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:59 pm


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For thousands of years dragons have been peacefully kept from terrorizing humans (and other humanoid species like elves and dwarfs) and vice versus.  While people still have wars between themselves like animals, Elder Dragons are kept safe by a unique group of individuals called the Peacekeepers.  These Peacekeepers are humanoid beings who have accepted a duty to keep the balance between Elder Dragons and people.  While peace was held between Elder Dragons and people for a very long time, an Earth Elder Dragon, unbeknownst to the Peacekeepers, awoke with an extreme rage.  Attacking villages indiscriminately, it remains elusive to the Peacekeepers.  
Due to the influence of this rampaging Elder Dragon, other creatures have risen up to attack people.  What was previously an attack maybe once a week is now multiple times a day.  Peacekeepers have issued an all out call to the different continents to ask anyone who is able-bodied to take up arms and defend from these attacks.  It is not the Peacekeepers job to save all people, but to maintain balance between Elder Dragons and people... they will attack and kill people who attack the Elder Dragons as well as the Elder Dragons who attack people.  
So please, come and help the people fend off these attacks... or be destructive and add to the mayhem.

- We are not grammar Nazis we do understand there are people who do not have perfect English skills. we just ask you make each post understandable.
-Large free roam sandbox world.  
-Combination of medieval and magic meets steampunk.  
-Large Dice system.
-Leveling system in place for players  
-Slight 18+ due to possible gore like scenes but not required.  
-Free player weapon creation, this includes blades, guns, bows, crystal pistols.  
-Large player creation customization: be evil or good or anything in between, use any weapons or armor that you can.
-Vast quantity of creatures with many possible to become mounts, such as unicorns, pegisi, dragons, and other fantasy creatures.
-A large npc interface that changes depending on you... treat them good and good will be returned, and vice versus.
-Play in plot or just have fun outside of the plot, you are free to do either, but the plot may be dropped on you somehow.
-Have fun with the Role Play.

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