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Cormac Chojiro

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1 Cormac Chojiro on Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:22 pm

Cormac Chojiro
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Cormac Chojiro
Age: Seventeen
Birthday: June 5
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'5
Weight: 235
Face Claim: Murasakibara - Kuroko no Basket

STR: 4
DEF: 5 (+1 Aura)
RES: 1
SPT: 2
Aura 180|120 HP

Group: Warrior

Candy - Food in general is something Cormac could never live without. However Candy is his goto choice of anything. He loves it even more than basketball, and is nearly always seen munching on junk foods of some type or shape. Because of so much sugar intake he's also prone to sleep a lot.

Animals - Cormac has an inner warmness, he loves animals of all types, small critters seem to be something he holds as very precious. The Huntsman will literally fight bloody battles for nothing more than the lives of insects... It's obvious that inside of his colder shell lies a sweet and compassionate individual.

Basketball - Cormac played a lot of it before he found out about Syne Academy. It remains his favorite hobby to this day, and few rival his power in a ball game; even fewer rival his incredible defensive play.


Loud Obnoxious People - Anyone who's loud enough to keep Cormac from his dreams is not a friend. They are a foe. People with loud voices give him headaches, and drive him to a strong distaste for that character. But it will never cut off his loyalties on the battlefield. Those who fail to realize this are nothing short of 'stupid', in the eyes of Cormac.

Cocky Individuals - Cormac Chojiro can't stand people who brag of power. Never in his life will he like those kinds of people. Instead he will work towards crushing them. He believes in order to fight aggression, more aggression will win out.

Racism - Faunas are people as well, they deserve just as much respect as humans. Too a degree at least, when they turn into criminals or killers it changes. All are entitled to facing justice. It's only logical.


Death - Death isn't really what scares Cormac, its what happens afterwards... where does the soul go?  Heaven? Hell? ... Or does it just disappear? This question has troubled him for a very long time. It's scary to imagine just fading from existence forever. Thus he chooses to believe in heaven.

Karma - This goes hand-in-hand with death. He fears if he does wrong and dies, what penalty will suffice as punishment for his crimes... All these questions... But no answers...

Ghosts - Anything paranormal spooks Cormac, he fears the supernatural. He amazingly does not fear Grimm or anything that can be classified as alive though... Pretty weird right?

Overall Personality: Cormac is not a mean character, he is however, cold at times and is usually seen as tired. His personality is defined as laid-back and loyal when needed while staying very focused on his own desires. For example if he were forced to get out of bed and go grocery shopping he might waste half the money on snacks. Which is normally what he'd do; Cormac Chojiro also exhibits very lazy patterns in everything with the exception of basketball. He also has been observed to take battle just as serious, but cares nothing about victory or loss... Inside of Cormac's heart is a firm sense of justice. He has a passion for the arts and even paints and takes strolls out to be closer with animals. Cormac is not obnoxious or nosy. Instead he is studious and chooses to find out his answers without asking others. The huntsman isn't the typical lady-chaser, in fact he's never been. He is much more preoccupied with other things. Under his bed lies a diary full of his philosophies. But he doesn't dare tell others about it. Inside of its pages are all the mysteries that he comes across and he's pretty quick to get hostile if they are questioned by outside sources, such as another student or a fatherly figure. It should also be noted that he can be quite the messy person.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Purple
-Absolute Mitigation-
Cormac targets one object/person/thing, within a fifteen foot radius (including but not limited to himself). The target is coated in Cormac's aura and color. By paying 20 AP the attack's damage is nullified of 20 DMG points. This mitigation caps at 20 until upgraded. It is meant to act as an absolute and automatic shield. If an attack manages to limit break twenty, the blow has twenty points subtracted, acting still as a fair amount of protection. [Example: Attack with 25 (Mitigation Activates) - 20 = 5 damage received] However if someone were to attack with a strike able to deal 5 damage, the mitigation would act upon this five alone. However, Cormac will still be prone to wasting twenty points per attack. [Example: Attack with 5 (Mitigation Activates) - 20 AP = 0 damage received]
Item 1: Right-Handed Gauntlet (+10 STR)
Item 2: Magic Armor (+10 RES)

History and Sample
Cormac began life as a normal kid in Bellamuse. For a very long time he cared nothing about the Grimm or the problems of the planet. Instead he focused his attention on basketball. It was a sport that he was quick to excel in. There was nothing else in the entire world that swayed his attention, that is, except food. As a child Cormac Chojiro was overweight, it didn't bother his talent for basketball but he absolutely hated the comments people gave him. His ego hurt and so, he began to train. Though Cormac despised getting up and working for his body, he 'did' eventually attain it. While the young boy grew his muscles and name amongst the highest ranking ballers; something remarkable occurred. The teenager got taller. He grew exponentially. Causing his turning point with the game. It was all his life amounted to now. He was as good as guaranteed a spot in college ball. Until one day... Cormac was jogging too the local court when a black monster attacked a small girl. By the spur of the moment his body lept into a defending stance. The monster was a beowolf; but compared too Cormac's incredible strength it was nothing. He instructed the girl to get out of the area and when she did his successfully ripped the monster's lower jaw from its head. (Because of his courage the boy had been protected by his aura, awakening it for the first time)
After this event, everything was different, the huntsman lived for one reason. Protect those who cannot protect themselves.
He began searching the internet for a career in monster hunting, he was aware of Hunters and Huntresses, but was clueless in how to become one. His studying in this field would lead to a request with Beacon Academy. However Beacon was the school for the top ranked champions. Sadly he was denied for this reason, instead they recommended a resolve. Bellamuse had a local school known as "Syne," if he managed to pull off a graduation; Beacon would consider taking him in after all four years of training was passed. Cormac was very displeased... He didn't want to goto school for eight years. It seemed pointless... But he knew this was what his life pointed towards. He accepted and sent In his enrollment slip for Syne Academy a month later.
RP Sample:
[Is this just to prove we know how to rp or something? I'll use one of my older posts from a different site. Sorry if it is confusing; it was the first part of my trials in order to get a keyblade xP. Also it might look ugly because I was (still am) learning to rp]

The bustling morning in Halloween Town was truly a wondrous thing in a town that doesn't sleep. It was the Eve of Halloween; and even as the monstrous children were awaking from their beds, the parents were already out and about setting things up for a frightfully fresh year. To be very truthful Jasper was still very young, only at the age of four when it was happening. He remembers it as the most hyped up Halloween of his childhood. So in a way, yes, he did remember today. It was just much different in the fact that he forgot someone very important. A female who left him a power like none other. But as the chronicler of Jasper's tale, I'm gonna take it slow and explain everything from start to finish.

Now, as a trick or treater on the World of Halloween. Children had a regulation of staying out of the adult's way, so that all could be perfect. Since they were kids and a lot of them knew they'd be feasting up to candy later, they didn't really mind. All the little witches, mummies, skeletons, and ghouls, ghosts, wolf pups, and even vampires would head outside the Guillotine Plaza; more commonly known as the Town Square. The scents of candy and dress up costumes would fill in little Jasper's nose holes. Magic was known to be abundantly alive inside Halloween Town. It's what held the world aloft, everyone assumed so at least. When in actuality all of the power granted onto the inhabitants was the work of the World Heart... Jasper never paid it much attention really, mostly because these were the days before his true self started hoppin' like everyone else's. No, unfortunately, Jasper was the shyest of all and unlike his eventual personality; he cared nothing for adventure. Sad as it may be.

Jasper was three foot - two inches. His age during this time was four; and he wasn't much of the Holiday Cheerer yet. He was ignorant to being well-liked; however all of that would soon change.

Oh man... Can't I just go back to sleep, thought the child as he took steps towards the outskirts of the city. His large gaping eye holes were in a frowny position as he stared down at the ground. All the other kids ran off to wherever they wanted and left him standing by the Graveyard, which was Jasper's typical place. (Think of it like an area of solitude that he felt comfortable in.) The bony-boy took a seat on the Gravestone labeled 'Tom Smith' and sighed. His eyes wandered around the area, but he himself, didn't move. Well, except for his swaying feet. It was eternally night in the town, Jasper thought. But it didn't really phase his interests much, because of the fact it was known to him being morning. The air was always still at dawn; or at least, as far as the skeleton could tell.

It's kinda boring around here with no one to play with. Maybe---

A few boy's would walk by his graveyard spot. A ghost hovered off the ground and repeatedly wiped ectoplasm snot off his intangible nose, Jasper took note of him first. Then his eyes traveled toward the middle of the group; this kid wore a lab coat. Believe me when I say the boy was ugly, trying as a knock off version of Frankenstein. The third was simply a hairy-kid probably a were-pup.. The three were giggling, but Jasper was caught staring at them. They stopped, and walked into the gate.

"Hey bonehead! Whatcha looking at ehh? Mad cause we got flesh?"

"No not really. But in all fairness he doesn't even have bones." Jasper's feet would quit swaying and a bony index finger extended at the ghost.

"Hey! Shut up talking to him like that, ya punk!" The young wolfboy immediately jumped at a reason to pick fights. Unfortunately for him, hurting the skeletal kid was a most annoying challenge. Though, picking on him tended to be much easier.

"I didn't mean to--- Oomph! "Ugh. Ouch." The wolf had already hopped the fence and punched the head clean off Jasper. Which resulted in it being sent some eight feet away. The boys ran off laughing. The skeleton went silent as his body stupidly moved and searched for his skull in all the wrong places. Some time passed, I don't know, I wanna say ten minutes?... A large black portal opened up. A witch wearing clothes that resembled Halloween Town's, but appeared slightly edited by world exploration, stepped out. Her appearance was beautiful but she had grown old and a person could see that in her. She quickly caught sight of the confused body and it's head off in the background. Oh dear. It seems he's lost a head!

"Are you okay child? Why is your skull in the dirt?" The lady would take steps forward,  absconding as the sound of leaves crunched behind her. She passed the headless toddler's lower half with little to no hesitation. Then she proceeded into picking up the skull, she held him up to her face. She smelled like mint, stride gum, or something to that effect. (We'll just stick to mint for now.) The skeleton's face shaped into an embarrassed expression. "Well uh, ya see, I made some other boys angry and they umm, well they left me here ma'am." The ladies voice had an accent that combined a strong british-english heritage mixed with traces of a possible french. Atop her head was a large witches headpiece. Her dress featured a design of pink and black and in her eyes were a gazing purple that took the child by surprise. The woman's hands felt warm and peaceful, gentle to the touch.

"I see. Where are your friends?" She spoke with a powerful tone, but her hands grasped him with nothing short of peace. "Friends ma'am? I don't think I have any. That is, if you really want to know the truth." She scoffed and levitated back to his heap of bones. (Still looking around graves since Jasper hasn't learned to control his powers all that well yet.) "Ridiculous! I'll teach you how to make friends. Then you won't complain, yes?" While Jasper fixiated his head atop the torso his face lit up in a ghoulish smile. His huge eyes widened as far as they could. "Yes please!"

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2 Re: Cormac Chojiro on Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:13 am

Cormac Chojiro

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3 Re: Cormac Chojiro on Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:26 am

Leena Lilac
Hi! I'm Leena and I'll be your Mod today~

Face Claim: Please state the anime/game that your FC is from.

Stats: please do not add in the extra point for your aura.

Semblance: cant be automatic. You have to be aware that an attack is coming for you, and you have to react upon it yourself.

Bump when done~

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4 Re: Cormac Chojiro on Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:57 am

Cormac Chojiro
I was told in the chat box by Liona that I could have it this way, as an automatic.

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5 Re: Cormac Chojiro on Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:57 am

Leena Lilac
I never said Automatic.

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6 Re: Cormac Chojiro on Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:00 am

Cormac Chojiro
What good is it now? I spent all the work making it just to find out that I can only use it during open intervals? How is that useful at all...

What if I set cooldowns between castings? So I can cast it upon as many as I want in one quick sweep but I still have to wait before I can do it again?

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7 Re: Cormac Chojiro on Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:47 pm

Leena Lilac
"Oh no, my friend is about to get whacked by the tail of a deathstalker! Better cast my semblance on him to nullify some damage." *activates semblance, spends 20 AP.

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8 Re: Cormac Chojiro on Thu Jun 11, 2015 2:45 pm

Cormac Chojiro
Yes exactly. That is exactly what it would do, it's what I wanted. Lol


Do you know what a cooldown is Leena? It makes it so that I can't use the power again for a set amount of posts.

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9 Re: Cormac Chojiro on Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:00 pm

Leena Lilac
Thank you, I MMO.

The site does not run with cooldowns. You can use your semblance as much as you want, at your own risk.

ANYWAY, if that is what you wanted, then do not describe it as automatic. You have to actively use it, rather than it activating on its own. Aura is Automatic. Semblance is not. Even in canon. There also has to be some kind of physical or Visible tell, whether you throw a visible piece of your aura at an Ally, or you tap him on the shoulder. Otherwise, its classified as auto-hit, for lack of a better term in this case. Hopefully this makes some kind of sense.

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