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The Beach's New Statue (Closed/Training)

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1 The Beach's New Statue (Closed/Training) on Sun Jun 21, 2015 12:39 pm

Richard Lionheart
“Nyohohohohoho, such a silly idea.”

“No sillier than your new weapon.”

“Hey, I had to sell the Kama, money’s tight nowadays. Besides, new weapons are far more fun.”

“That’s because you don’t work, ever changing buffoon. Your new weapon is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. Costly to.”

“Nyohohohohoho, you’re the one looking to make titanic slaves from dust, just ‘cause you’re too lazy to fight. The lazy shall inherit nothing but death for only through death could you be eternally lazy. Just be a big long sleep to you eh?”

“Well… yeah, basically… and stop with that philosophy nonsense, dust golems are happening no matter what.”

“Sounds impossible to me,” Gyro shrugged; “But if you think it’s doable then go for it. As for me I’ve got a date with a pretty lady to get to.”

“She’ll kill you in your sleep.”

“Eh, might let her. Then where would ye be? Left to your own devices you’d just sleep yourself to death, Nyoho.”

And like that Gyro strutted off. Stupid long hair swaying with each stride and a ridiculously smug smile on his face. Richard would show him, he’d show that overly confident prat. He’d walked out in the middle of their chess game. Next move and Richard would have landed him in checkmate, odds are the fruitcake didn’t have a date. Just felt like losing would put a dampener on his good mood. Fortunately the man had left payment for the bill, short on money? What a liar. He’d literally messaged him about having a ton of it. Richard shut away the small board, locking it in place beneath his scarf.

Richard drank from a white mug of coffee, removing a crystal of dust from beneath his scarf and beginning to attempt what he had theorised. He crushed the dust down to a fine powder, something that would usually be a waste for him to do, and littered the specific volume of the earth type. If all of his calculations had been correct then this should work. He had to be particularly precise, at least for the creation of the golem. He imbued the paper with the dust, forming the shape of the golem he required and layering areas of dust to account for its density. Slowly but surely the dust polymerised with the paper, giving the whole sheet a light brown tint. Richard then proceeded to fold the square as small as he possibly could. He pondered what to do now, the dust wouldn’t act on its own. He had an idea, just as one would unlock another’s aura he lightly pushed down on the packet thinking the words;

“I’ll pay in dust if you will obey.”

A negligible amount of aura was spent but it seemed that packet had retained it. Knowing he’d done all he could he paid the bill at the desk, walking straight out and onto the beach. Now for the moment of truth.

Richard scanned the shoreline, it had been raining the day before and as a result the shoreline was near devoid of people. The folded paper in hand Richard lent down, placing it on the sand before standing up straight Almost instantly the sand surrounding the sheet enveloped it before shaking lightly. A fraction of a second later it emerged, seemingly rising from the sand yet leaving no indent on it. It had been entirely formed from the dust and looked to be entirely made out of stone. It stood at seven feet tall and its shoulders; half a meter apart.

Richard had to be sure this had worked. “Sit.”

The lumbering giant immediately dropped, lowering itself onto the sand far faster than he thought it would. It sat, hands placed firmly on the ground. Richard had no idea how its joints were moving but frankly he didn’t care. He had a seven foot warrior at his complete command.

“Now rise.”

The golem remained seated. It would seem that Richard could only get one command out per use of dust. Still, with the golem formed he wouldn’t have to worry about the volume used. Just throw the dust to it and command, it would seem he could even get an initial command out after its formation. It was quite the assumption but he assumed the golem could do far more than just sit for that much aura. He would have to be specific in his commands. Richard pulled on its arm and found it fixed in place, a strong enough attack could perhaps smash it but it would take a fair amount of power. Certainly someone stronger than him. For this element at least.

Richard turned, leaving the husk sitting there, and was proud in knowing he had succeeded. Finally he had his own way of using dust. He had been eyeing some up at the dust shop and soon he would achieve his ideal method of combat. Letting someone else do all the work and only helping when he had to… with a possible side of poison. He plugged in his headphones, smiling as he made his way toward the center of town to buy new dust. For once things were going perfectly.

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