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Things we write in our spare time.

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1 Things we write in our spare time. on Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:59 pm

Situation: A woman wants to jump and end her life
Character: Bernat
Bernat emerged onto the roof, where he saw a woman standing on the edge, and he asked, "What are you doing on the edge?"
"I'm jumping, what's it to you."
Bernat didn't move an inch, that'd just make it worse.
"Tell me your name, lady. I'm ex-champion Bernat Brennen."
"The names Alice."
"Alright, Alice. Tell me why you wish to jump."
"Why should you care? You don't have to keep up your looks!"
"Because, I'm human. Nobody can truly survive on thier own, so I've decided to be here for you."
"Are you trying to stop me from jumping then?"
"Indeed. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I could run up and grab you, but you'd jump later. You have a choice, you're at a cross-roads if you will. You have a choice. You jump and end it all, end a pain you have for now, or you don't and step away. If anyone should know hard-times, it's me. I've fallen from Grace for most; as a I got beaten in front of 1000s of people, yet I'm doing just fine.

I'm not trying to compare our pains, no. I'm not. I'm just saying that if I can get through this, you can get through what you're going through."

"Were you cut and almost killed?"
"Yes, in fact. On many an occasion I was cut and almost killed. It's something that happens, but I kept getting up and moving."
"Why'd you get up this morning then?"
"Because, I could. Because I had things to do. I have a mission, and that's to follow a friend on an adventure. In fact, we're here to challenge your champion, Fiore."
The girl now turned to Bernat, and said, "None of you can, the fights are clearly staged."
"So they are, doesn't mean we can't stage it for us to win. You think of things so simply. I've created things even past this reigons tech, but guess what. I've managed to be beaten. I think I know what you need, but for you to get it, you must come and give me a hug."
The girl shook her head, "No! You'll just harm me like the rest of them."
Bernat sighed. She couldn't be serious... well then again. He then gave her a look that begged her attention and he then said.
"I have no reason to. Come and give me a hug and speak with me."

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2 Re: Things we write in our spare time. on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:52 am

Character: Dachau(Pre-heal)
Situtation: Girl wants to jump to end her life
Dachau limped up the steps after he saw a girl crying on the edge of a building, and just hoped that he did see nothing when he got up there. When he got onto the roof, he saw the woman staring at him. He continued to limp until he got right next to her. He looked her in the eyes, and smiled a sad smile.
"What are you doing up here?" He asked, leaning against the railing and clearly in pain.
"I was planning on ending it, but what's up with you?"
"I'm just limping is all; it's no biggie."
"Even in this world, where the weak get persecuted and murdered, a limping man lives."
"Yes, yes. I do. I've been limping for a few months now, you get used to it over time."
The girl looks surprised. A man surviving in this world with a limp for more then a few days. That was amazing. She almost admired this man, who wasn't exactly large. She then asked,
"So. Since you're so tough I must ask. How in the hell are you still alive? Most people don't live with a limp for more then two days, and even then, those who do aren't even strong. How in the-"
Dachau put his finger up and saw a man come onto the roof, and asked the man to allow him to punch him. The man said fine, as he saw that this was to help the woman not to fall. Dachau put down his crutch and leaned back to throw the punch. He threw the punch and it landed on the mans nose, which started bleeding. He helped the man up. They then looked at her when she realized exactly who he was.
"Are you Dachau, boxing champion who supposedly took a fall. I used to be a fan."
He nodded sadly, and then leaned up against the wall. He was surprised someone would notice his distinct punch. He had used that punch to end many-a-men and it was a helluva punch. She went and hugged Dachau. She was so happy to meet her Idol.
"It's said that you were dead, Dachau. Most thought so. They figured after your injury that you went and offed yourself, but you're still going."
"Of course I am, I just ran a tavern."
"But... how?"

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