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Arriving at the Academy (Jun and Yuu/Private)

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1 Arriving at the Academy (Jun and Yuu/Private) on Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:40 am

Whirling blades cut through the normally still air as a large military style jet landed onto the academy ground, the rotating blades in the wings only slowed to a stop once the vehicle’s full weight rested on its landing gear. The ramp opened down and touched the ground, allowing the young girl standing behind it to step down from the plane wearing a scowl on her rather attractive face.

“I can’t believe I have to be here…”

Jun couldn’t believe that she had been shipped off to an academy for Hunters and Huntresses on her parents’ whims. All these years of being cooped up in her bedroom under Yuu’s watchful eyes, left to her own devices, only to be cast off to protect her parents’ and their company’s, reputations. Jun had given up on any hopes that they’d treat her like an actual daughter. At this point in her life she knew she was just another pawn for them. Her cover was supposed to be that she had come to the campus to better study the students’ weapons first hand, so that she could build a whole new portfolio of advanced weapons for the next generation of Hunters and Huntresses.

“Can we just get to our room already Yuu?.... You know how I feel about being out in the open…”

Looking behind her Jun questioned her bodyguard, and the object of her affection. The young girl didn’t care about the luggage or even meeting any of the staff. She just wanted to get out of the open and back to some form of normality.

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Yuu sat across from her Mistress as the jet flew towards Syne academy. The golden haired woman looked out the window towards the towering spires of the approaching academy and was awe struck. She still wasn't quite used to seeing nice buildings. To Yuu, a building was basically just a dull grey block, these.... these were art pieces. Yuu let out a whistle at the sight, but that was all that she let out of her awe. She was a professional after all, and she had to look after her charge. The jet started to descend and Yuu looked over at Mistress Jun again before standing up. Yuu turned and grabbed her equipment from the seat next to her and swiftly and easily strapped the massive object to her back. The plane touched down and Yuu stumbled a bit from the sudden contact with the ground, but soon righted herself. With that she turned to her Mistress and gave her a warm smile as she waited for Mistress Jun to exit the plane.

Yuu followed closely behind her Mistress as Mistress Jun walked down the steps of the plane. Upon touching the ground Yuu quickly visually scanned the area for threats before turning her full attention to her Mistress.

Despite being a bodyguard and a servant, the only part of Yuu that looked the part would be the massive sword and shield that rested comfortably against the girl's back. Otherwise, she was dressed in a short, shoulderless brown dress with long sleeves, a collar, thigh high striped socks, a pair of combat heels, and a tiny tophat resting on top of her golden head to finish off the outfit. One way to describe the way she dressed would be ridiculous. But Yuu rather liked these clothes and was quite comfortable in them.

Mistress voiced her displeasure of being at this academy and requested to head to their room. Yuu thought for a moment before nodding and responding to her mistress with a warm smile on her face.

"I would love to take you to your room Mistress, but we weren't given really any information about where we would be staying once we enrolled in this academy. Or at least I wasn't. I think it would be best if we had a look around, and maybe find someone who can set us up with some lodgings at the very least."

While this certainly was one of the reasons Yuu wanted to have a look around the school, the other was tied to her job. Yuu needed to intimately know the layout of the school if she was to protect and serve her mistress here. What the security was, where there was blind spots, hiding spots, or even just good observation spots. If Yuu is going to protect her mistress, she needed to know where any form of ambush could come from. Mistress comes from an amazing family after all. She is an ideal target for kidnappers, or worse. And Yuu was determined to make sure that any and all threats are eliminated, permanently. Yuu was a trained killer after all, and Mistress is the closest thing she has to family. She will protect that family at all costs.

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Jun could only scowl listening to her servant’s words. It was true, they didn’t really have any information about where they would be rooming let alone how to get there. If Yuu said she didn’t have any information about it then they hadn’t been given any, after all Jun did leave that sort of stuff to her bodyguard due to simply not caring about things like that herself. Yuu’s words made sense, but that didn’t mean Jun had to like it. The idea of actually dealing with people, about being out in the open in some random academy that her parents just dropped them in, she hated it all almost as much as she hated her parents. Now she was supposed to go walking around the campus without a single idea as to where they’d be putting their stuff or sleeping?

If she wasn’t upset before she got off the jet she sure as hell was upset now. Sighing she simply picked up the bag containing her own weapons and hoisted it over her shoulder.

“I…suppose you’re right Yuu. But let’s not take long please?”

A blush seemed to form on her cheeks as she grabbed onto Yuu’s arm and held herself close to the other girl. The prospect of having to actually deal with people caused the genius to seem to regress to a more childlike state where she relied on Yuu like a young child relied on their mother. Of course the feeling of Yuu’s body being held against her own, even if it were only her arm, made Jun’s heart flutter a bit. For a moment her mind wondered off the reasons of why they were there and came up with a possibility of making it bearable. Would she be able to confess her feelings to her servant while in the academy? They were virtually unknown here, as far as she knew, so a fresh start was possible. Including a new variation of their relationship.

“L-lead the way… Yuu…”

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