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Combat and Encounter Rules

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Leena Lilac
Combat and Encounter Rules

  • Combat
    Combat here is pretty simple. You and your opponent each have a pool of HP/SP, and using COMMON SENSE, You use a combination of Weapons, Dust, and/or Semblances to whittle the foe's bar down. Weapons, Dusts, Semblances and Grimm all have their different damage amounts, and you MUST TRACK how much HP/Aura you have with each combat post.

  • Grimm Encounters
    There are Creatures of Grimm all over Bellmuse, hence the need for Hunters and Huntresses. If you WANT an encounter, Go to the Grimm topic in resources and make a roll. Be sure that the post includes the difficulty (easy medium hard) and the thread. Difficulty changes your chances of getting certain grimm.  There are only eight current species of Grimm, and you can only encounter one species at a time. On Rare occasions, it is possible to encounter no more than three Grimm, though it does not happen often.

    Once you roll, Get someone to GM the grimm for you. Be sure that it is someone you trust to be active. YOU CANNOT GM YOUR GRIMM YOURSELF. A topic's GM will get the same ammount of reward as a hunter, so it is definitely worth your while to try it.

    Now, just because you don't ask for an encounter, doesn't mean you won't get one. Grimm is allowed to appear in any IC topic that isn't in the school. A bored staff member has complete rights to pop into a random topic with a grimm. If you don't want an encounter, there are items in the marketplace that can help you avoid them. If a random grimm appears, they only have 24 hours to post on each of their turns before they can be skipped. Skipped grimm lose an attack and the hunter can attack again for extra damage.

    Speaking of damage, Different Grimm do different damage.

    Beowulf/Boarbatusk/Creep (low Intelligence)= their level does damage equal to the same level weapon -5

    Deathstalker/Griffon/Ursa (medium Intelligence)= their level does damage equal to the same level weapon

    King Taijitu/Nevermore (High Intelligence)= its level does damage equal to the same level weapon +5

    While defense is determined by dice roll, the things that happen when you hit the white bone armor of a grimm change depending on the difficulty:

    Easy: defense is doubled
    Medium: damage is halved AFTER the defense is applied
    Hard: damage is halved BEFORE the defense is applied (this makes a big difference)

    0 damage IS possible when hitting armored areas, so plan your attacks accordingly.

  • Pirate Encounters

    Pirate Encounters-

    To coincide with Bellmuse’ island nature outside Grimm you have the chance to encounter pirates through encounter rolls. These pirates, while not directly tied to the plot, come from islands beyond Bellmuse or the mainland itself. You do not have to kill these pirates, rather you can capture them to turn in their bounty and reap their reward from an IC perspective (Just as you’d say you’d hunted a grimm and claim the reward for that). Pirates function the same as Grimm, with armour as designated be the GM in place of the white bone material Grimm usually have, however rather than being strength based all of their attacks utilise dust; thus being hit by a pirate uses your res to defend rather than def. This dust is considered contraband and you cannot take it from them, their dust type is at the discretion of the GM though they should only use one dust type which is used on their weapon. Pirates have no aura thus no aura type or semblance. The pirate types and their dust weapons are as follows;

    Harpoon - “Pirate Fisherman”
    Grenades - “Powder-Monkey”
    Pistol - “Crewman”
    Boarding Dust Anchor/Hook with Rope - “Boatswain”
    Cutlass - “Raider”
    Blunderbuss - “Sapper”
    Multi-Form Weapon (One of above into another) - “Helmsman”

    Their damage modifiers are as follows;

    Pirate Fisherman/Powder-Monkey/Crewman (low grade dust)= their level does damage equal to the same level weapon -5

    Boatswain/Raider/Sapper (medium grade dust)= their level does damage equal to the same level weapon

    Helmsman (high grade dust)= its level does damage equal to the same level weapon +5

  • Encounter Rewards
    Encounters are the easiest way to rack up Exp and Lien. When you defeat a Creature of Grimm, you get Lien equal to the Grimm's HP x5. Depending on the Species, you get a Certain amount of Exp. Once a hunt is complete in order to receive your reward post here and an Admin will get to it promptly!

    Pirate Fisherman/Beowulf- 400
    Powder-Monkey/Boarbatusk- 600
    Crewman/Creep- 800
    Boatswain/Ursa- 1000
    Raider/Griffon- 1200
    Sapper/Deathstalker- 1500
    Helmsman/Nevermore- 1800
    King Taijitu- 2500 (you will only ever encounter one at a time)

  • Bonus Wheel

    When you take down a Grimm, You have the option to roll a bonus wheel for extra loot. The rewards are as follows:

    BONUS REWARD (Per encounter)
    1-10: 100 Lien
    11-20: 200 Lien
    21-30: 100 Lien, 100 exp
    30-44: 200 exp
    45-59: 300 lien
    60-64: 300 Lien, 300 exp
    65-79: 400 exp
    80-94: 600 Lien
    95-100: 500 Lien, 600 exp

    If you are a GM, you also get to roll, and your reward from this roll is doubled atop the regular reward the hunter gets. Thank you for your hard work!

    The rolls must be made in a Bonus Wheel thread in the resource forum.

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Leena Lilac
Update: Ddamage and bonus wheel rules updated/added

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Leena Lilac
Update: Bonus Wheel Re-implemented.

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