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The Speed and Clash Rules

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1 The Speed and Clash Rules on Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:53 am

Leena Lilac
This will be a block of some new information, but it is very important that you at least read through it. As always, Any member of staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Now, as those of you who bother to read the mid-monthly updates already know, The Speed stat is being reintroduced to the forum. A few months back, we removed the then useless Speed and Reflex stats in order to redo the systems. After much deliberation over time (And a newer member's brilliant idea, Stay awesome  Jet), We have decided that it is now time to bring back speed. It is unknown if Reflexes will ever return, but that is for another day.

Here is how this will work:
Due to the fact that this site's combat relies heavily on logic and reasoning, having speed determine how fast a character can physically move will just leave us with the same issues we were having before, that caused us to remove the stat in the first place. So instead, Speed will determine how many attacks a person can make in a single thread.

This will all be calculated based on your other stats. If you could pardon the math here (This is the only math here, I promise!), the formula is (STR+SPT)-(DEF+RES). Basically just your Offensive stats subtracted from your defensive stats. For example, if you have all of your stats at 3, It would end up being 6-6=0. This means that Offensive players will be "faster" than defensive players, following the logic that defensive players generally act as the tanks, and therefore isnt quite their job to be super speedy (though there are ways to be defensive and fast, more on that later).

So what do these numbers mean?
Well, these numbers will determine if you are of average speed, above average speed, or below average speed.

  • If your Speed Value is >2, You are of above average speed and may hit up to 4 times in a single post.
  • If your Speed Value is -2 to 2, You are of average speed, and can hit up to 3 times in a single post. Most people will be here, thus 'average'
  • If your Speed Value is <-2, You are of below average speed and may hit up to 2 times in a single post.

No worries though, Staff will handle all of the calculations. You just need to worry about how many times you can punch your opponent.

Sure, but define 'Attack'.
An attack is whatever you are doing to cause ONE instance of HP loss to your opponent, determined by your stats, the opposing stats, and weapons/armor. Punching a guy is one attack. Whacking a guy with your spear is one attack. Shooting a bullet is one attack. Most people will be able to do three of those in one post. some four, some two.

If you so choose, you may decide not to use all two/three/four attacks in any given post, If it makes more sense to do so. Remember that too many attacks in one post does a lot more damage in a shorter time span, but can give an opponent more openings for counterattack, rather than making one attack and then seeing how your opponent reacts.

(Side note, ambiguous attacks like 'a flurry of ice dust arrows' counts as ONE attack. One very flashy attack that only does one attack's worth of damage.)

How are Aura and Semblance effected?
This is for you defensive people who insist on being speedy. Speed Aura will return, increasing a person's speed by one stage. This means that a below average person will be average, and an average person will be above average. THIS DOES NOTHING FOR ABOVE AVERAGE PEOPLE.

As for Semblance, the super speed semblances will remain as they are, acting as a more physical form of teleportation. However, you now have the choice (if your semblance logically allows) to  Buff or Debuff Speed, increasing or decreasing the number of attacks one can make by 1. Meaning the absolute maximum for attacks per post is 5, and the minimum is 1. When using a semblance buff it takes one of your attacks to begin the buffing but from then on, for as long as you maintain it, the buff will not not cost an action. All semblance usage, utility included, costs an action and thus one of your attacks. Use your actions smartly.

What if I don't like how my stats make my speed?
As always, if you have any suggestions to make this or any aspect of this site better for everyone, we will be happy to hear you out! If you managed to get to the end of this, good on ya! People like you keep us goin strong! Hope to see you all around!

The Clash System:

When in combat an individual can expend one of their actions in an attempt to “Clash” with an opponent. Clashing happens when an individual attempts to block using their weapon or (in the case of dust clashes) when two dust based attacks collide. A clash can only be initiated by an individual who is being attacked rather than one who is actually attacking preparing to clash next post. When a clash occurs before calculating damage the defending individual subtracts their item tier + Defensive stat from the attack; if that would reduce the incoming damage to 0 or less this means they take no damage from the attack. If the damage exceeds that however they take, at minimum, the minimum five damage. This creates the following calculations;

(Str x 5 + Weapon Tier x 10) - (Def x 5 + Weapon Tier x 10) = Remaining Damage

(Spt x 5 + Dust Tier x 10) - (Res x 5 + Dust Tier x 10) = Remaining Damage

Engaging in a clash does guarantee that the remaining damage will pass through, you cannot clash and then duck out to avoid the remaining damage. When clashing without the use of an offensive item, on either end, they are removed from the calculation. As is stated in the speed rules the action costs for these are quite different when compared to normal actions, be it semblance or attacking. Above average speed characters get no free clashes, average characters get one free clash and below average speed characters get two free clashes. You can also spend an action in order to clash. Only dust can clash with dust and only weapons can clash with weapons remember!

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