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Nikkie Verdile, the Merc with the Stomach [Done]

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Nikkie Verdile
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Nikkie Verdile
Age: 22
Birthday: October 14
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs
Face Claim: Ragna the Bloodedge - Genderbent; BlazBlue

STR: 1
DEF: 5
RES: 5
SPT: 1
HP 200|100 SP

Major: Citizen
Likes: Food of all kind, has a HIGH preference for squid and calamari; working and helping others; music and dancing; messing with people
Dislikes: People getting the wrong idea; having nothing to do; being in a rush or forced to do something;
Fears: Any mechanical mode of transportation; being left alone on a deserted island; having to admit that her parents are the best cooks ever
Talent: Social Interaction
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality: Nikkie is like a superball: childish and going everywhere with energy you'd never expect. She is the type to go places, do things and say things that just crosses her mind and follow her instinct. She isn't going to think about things a lot and just move on as life is the future or something like that. Positive and cheerful, she's sure to bring a smile to you, or you know, stay grumpy and ruin the mood.

Something that's weird with Nikkie is that, while being a mercenary, she doesn't ask for money in exchange for a contract, she request food instead. Yep, bring this girl out for diner and she'll do the dirty work. While it seem to be some sort of scam for free food, she always keep her word and will do what was asked to do.

Nikkie is also the worst when it comes to remembering names, it's so bad that you can expect to be given a nickname in the first time you meet her. She somehow remembers the nicknames she's given though, which is weird.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Smokey Black

Semblance: Specter's Presence; Summon
Summon Description:
Nikkie summons a tall figures that follows her around, staying behind her to poke their enemies with its spear while being protected by the small girl. While most of the time summons are used to put distance between the summoner and their opponent, this duo does the opposite. Mike, the summon's name, apparently never spoke a word, but Nikkie can apparently communicate with it anytime, even if not directly summoned, which sometimes leaves Nikkie looking like she's talking to herself.

Summon height: 7'
Summon HP Points: 1
Summon Damage Points: 5

Item 1: Red jacket; Physical Armor; Nikkie's jacket is made from a pretty resistant material that'll endure many fights.
Item 2: Dust-based Augments; Dust Armor; Nikkie managed to get her hand on some sub-dermal augments that makes her more resistant to any dust-based attacks.

History and Sample
What happens when you are born into one of the greatest family of cooks in generation yet do not possess the culinary skills that your parents have? The answer is eat all the food that you can't make! With this mentality of making the best from a situation, Nikkie grew up to be a very optimistic girl who always did what she could around the house and her parent's restaurant in exchange for the promise of a good meal at the end of the day. With her outgoing nature, she never had trouble making friends, although she never felt that those friendships were meaningful enough to keep them as she grew up, which always made her feel lonely at some point. After a couple of years, Nikkie developed an aura and soon following she was able to summon a tall shadowy figure. Not knowing what to do with this newfound power that their daughter acquired, her parents tried to encourage her to not use it and to eventually forget about it altogether, but she wouldn't hear it. Nikkie actually trained using this thing to help, which actually worked. It followed her commands without a word and one day managed to help some huntsmen that were dealing with Grimms. Her summon was really powerful, but it would vanish away after a single blow would land and would then hurt Nikkie, which made her go into some extreme training to endure the pain and feeling weakness felt when it would vanish. It took year for her to manage making it to the power level of huntsmen that she would meet, and yet she never enrolled to Syne Academy. She didn't feel like going to school and didn't thought it was necessary to know about the enemy or the history of huntsmen or Remnant in general and just began to work on her own. Each time she would head out to help villages under attack, the only reward she would ask in return would be food, both because she never needed to get money and also as some sort of rebellion against her parents, trying to find a meal that's better that anything they could make. She got the nickname of "The merc with a stomach" as she went around Vale to help before she was convinced to take a boat to Bellmuse. Unfortunately the ship sank after a Grimm attack, which left Nikkie traumatized and refuses to board any mode of transportation that limits her movement. Now in a way stuck on the island of Bellmuse, she keeps doing what she does best, all for the good food of this new Kingdom.
RP Sample:
Sitting in the middle of Skylight Woods, just east of the nearest town, leaning against a tree was a girl with long silver hair who was humming to herself, her green and red eyes scanning the area as she waited. A tall and dark figure manifested next to her, showing up from a cloud of smoke that came from the girl's back. The figure took a similar pose as the small person, sitting against the tall tree before it turned its head towards her. She met eyes with it before she began to speak while shaking her head slowly. "Nope, we're at the right place, we just gotta wait. Of course I'm sure, what, you think I'm stupid or something? No, say it, say that I'm stupid if that's what you think! I dare you Mike! I double dare you! Oh so I'm an idiot!? Well guess what: you're an idiot too then 'cause you're part of me!" The girl made funny face at the figure before giggling, "Mike" not having spoken a single word. The two waited for a couple of minutes before the shadowy humanoid vanished back into smoke and seemed to fuse back with the girl as she stood up and stretched before sighing. The tree she was leaning against now became the center of a circle drawn by her footsteps as Nikkie began to walk around the large plant, bored and waiting.

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