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Drunken adventures that Soyata.... will not remember!(Open)

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Magnus Mist
Soyata was standing in the courtyard downing what looked to be an alcoholic beverage in the middle of the courtyard. It was indeed alcohol, and if you'd look to the nearest tree, you'd see about eight bottles fully drank behind it, and then one added as soon as he downed the final one. He yawned. The scene was quite the scene. A man in black pants, shirtless, with his staff. It's just something you don't see everyday.

He looked up to the sky. A full moon. Wonderfully beautiful, and wonderful as the sky was clear and he had no reason to worry about rain. Rain sucked. well. It fell, but it still sucked!

"I wonder if anyone would be up for a duel at this time of night!"

More a challenge then a question, he leaned on his staff for support. He had fought drunk before, but he had not fought hunters drunk before. Hunters were a whole new ball game to fight drunk and that excited a drunk Soyata.

"OtherwiseImightget bored." Most of those words came out right after another, the curse of being moderately drunk after about eight bottles of alcohol.

He had to wonder who would come.

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Nikkie Verdile
"I will make him pay, this damn brat, could have at least give me the direction to the -ouch- the Academy. But noooo~ he had to just leave me there, injured and weaken in the forest, where Grimms could have show up. For a second year, he's probably the most stupid of them." Mana walked slowly, she had made it back to the Academy, but only at midnight. She was bruised and weak, but her self-esteem is what was more hurt than anything. "Did he really had to be so hard on me? Sure I threw him my Scroll, but it was an accident, and he didn't have to destroy it either."

She then stopped walking in the middle of the courtyard, looking at the sky, with a smile on her face. "Although I must admit, it was quite the fight. Never expected half of what he did. I won't have a fight like this in a while that's for sure, and it would probably not be with anyone else than him either. He had quite the skills, that's for sure." When she realized that she just gave him credit, she shook her head in disgust."But he's still a jerk. A stupid little piece of brat."

Mana didn't noticed if anyone heard her as she started to walk toward the school once again. A good hot bath would be nice now, if nothing happened of course.

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Magnus Mist
"Oi. I hear you complaingwhydon'tyoucomeovere'ereandcomplainmissy." So obviously drunk Soyata was, he himself would think it pitiful. Not that he'd remember. He sat down, his staff supporting his weight. He was honestly willing to lean a helping hand, but there was also the fact that drunk Soyata knew no bounds, and was bound to accidentally say something super offensive.

His words often cut much deeper then he wanted them to, but hey, it's the cost of having a silver tongue. It was a blessing and a curse. It was ruff. He couldn't be known to not cut people down with words because of the fact that he held his gift so elegantly. It also helped that if words did not work, it'd make him seem like a brute when he resorted to using brute force and beating you with his staff, also known as an over-sized stick but he liked his life and couldn't complain about it.

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Nikkie Verdile
As Mana slowly walked toward the dorms where she would probably rest for the night and next day altogether, she heard a sudden voice talking to her. It came from a man, that was totally wasted obviously, sitting on a bench near her. He seemed to inquire on whatever reason she had to complain, like he cared or something. She wondered for a second if a drunk man would be of any help, or anyone for that matter since her problem was obviously someone that she could probably never cross ever again. Although the opposite could also be true, being stuck with him for whatever reason fate could find funny too throw at her. She looked at the half-naked man on the bench before looking away in disgust. "You should wear something, it's a public area you know, I could call the cops on you." She then resumed her walk toward the academy.

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