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Going for the license [Training Dust]

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1 Going for the license [Training Dust] on Fri Jul 24, 2015 3:10 am

Nikkie Verdile
Mana stood in her dorm room. She was awoke for a while now, even saw Willow leave earlier, she was just laying in her bed looking at the ceiling thinking. She needed to find a way to better her fighting skill someway. The best would be a way to gain a bit more options during a fight. She then remembered when she was traveling with the Wanderers, at her time in the mountain near Atlas where she used rough Wind Dust crystal that they had found there. Those were very unstable, since they were unrefined and very volatile, but Mana had the technique back then. She knew however that simply telling that wouldn't be enough to get the required license for her to use Dust in the Academy.

She changed clothes and went in town toward the licensing bureau in Bellmuse. She went there with good hope that everything would go well since she hasn't used Dust in awhile. It was a beautiful day, giving Mana a good vibe about the day that was about to unfold on her. She walked through town looking at the sky for the most part, feeling the wind in her hair that calmed her a bit. She just loved this day, everything seemed to be perfect to get a good mood for her. Arriving at the bureau, Mana was asked to answer a small form in a closed room, far the opposite of when she was outside with the blue sky and the feeling of the wind, before taking the test for it. The atmosphere of the small building made her a bit nervous about it, but felt ready. After filing the form, she was taken to a large open room where some Dust vials were laying on a table to use for the test.

The person that followed Mana in order to get her approved or not read in the form that Mana wanted to get approved for Wind Dust.
"Alright, you see that target over there? I want you to attack it. We'll see how you do." Mana took a Wind vial and with a small gesture of her hand, created a wind stream that knocked the target to the floor. The instructor noted something on the form before pointing another target to her. This time, she made an arc with her hand, sending a sharp gust of wind to cut the target in half. The man repeated his last action and Mana sent another stream of wind to her next target, this time smaller and faster, leaving a hole in the target. The man noted a last few things before sending Mana in the waiting room.

After a while, the instructor came back and asked Mana to hand him over her Scroll. When she did, the man seemed to update it. After a couple of second, he handed it back.
"Congrats, you are now allowed to use Tier 1 Wind Dust in the region of Bellmuse. Please be careful with it." Mana nodded before leaving, happy that she could now use Wind Dust. Now, all she needed was to buy some.

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