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Moment of Change (Training)

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1 Moment of Change (Training) on Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:05 am


With his black pen and a numerous counts of black sheets of paper before him, Gawain sat in his lonesome room with only his thoughts, his sword, his drawing board, and the sounds of everyday life at Syne to accompany him in his work to improve his sword. There it lie, placed at the very back of his desk, unsheathed with the sword angled up against the wall and the sheath just in front of it, lying on the desk. The sword's blue, silver, and white hues stared back at the mute boy as he stared back at it with his pen in hand. Only the sounds of passing life accompanied him as the pen brushed against paper, expunging the boy's thoughts of development.

Ideas for Improvement:

  • More curve to the tip of the sword, thus starting earlier than it is now. - Drawing the sword away after a slash is easier.
  • Round hilt instead of straight-edge hilt. - Easier on the hand, enables easier 360° rotation of the sword.
  • .

From there, Gawain simply stared and tapped on the nearly blank paper, wondering what else there was he could improve on the sword. He only accumulated two ideas, but they were at least valid and valuable. In addition to the two suggestions, there was also the sharpening to do for the blade itself. For then, Gawain continued in his thoughts to define what exactly the sword would look after the changes. The blade will have to tempered with to achieve a curve earlier down the blade than it is now, but it is slightly minor in its detail. As for the hilt... Gawain reached out to another piece of paper, starting to sketch out a rough image of the hilt of the sword.

The hilt will be enlarged, so the sides of it will have more mass as well to fit the circular shape. This also changes the pommel and guard of the sword as well. Some mass will have to be added to their sides as well. The indentation on the guard could serve as a starting point to how much should be added. If so, then at the highest point...the guard will have as much mass added to the sides to be as wide as the medal indentations are. That way the round handle will fit the guard. As for the pommel, a circular design? It'd be smaller than the bell pommel right now, but it'd be wider the handle, nevertheless... With a rhythm of idea going for Gawain, he was able to take his thoughts to paper, drawing them out and making notes for what would have to be done for this improvement.

Near a half hour passed by when Gawain was finally done with a decent design for a redefined sword: the curve at the tip of the sword was slightly earlier on for a more smoother look; the guard of the sword had additional metal added onto it, starting from the beginning of the indent, thus giving the guard more mass on its side while maintaining its curved guard form; the handle itself was now fully rounded while maintaining the length of the straight-edge handle before, but the width was greater this time, due to the cylindrical shape(the entire color of the handle was changed to a blue, akin to the indent on the handle from previous design); and the pommel was changed to a white circular shape, wider and longer on the sides than the handle. With a completed draft of Gawain's newly designed sword, he sheathed the sword that sat on the desk in front of him and made his way to a forgery, after compiling all of his notes together into his satchel, to bring to life that new design.

The hours passed by as work went to refining, reforging, and sharpening the sword that Gawain had in mind; however, at the end, when the smithing was done and the sword was passed on, Gawain marveled at the sight of it and took to taking a few swings with it. It had better control with the rounded hilt, but with the additional weight from the mass that had to be added, there had to be some training to get accustomed to the feel. Ultimately though, Gawain appreciated the new design in its fullest.

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