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Practice time [Solo]

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1 Practice time [Solo] on Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:47 pm

Viewing battles on the sidelines was a new experience for him, or at least it felt like it. There were times in which he saw actual street fights, nothing too intense. But the fighting in the Training Arena proved those street fights to look weak, and here Frain was. He was considered to be as strong as some of the student that were even battling down there. It put a smile on his face to think of that, to have the ability to match some of these amazing students. The current battle that was going on was between two guys. The one on the left had a scythe in his hand, it was nothing too special based on what the boy was able to see, but the man wielding it created plenty of impact with his weapon and the ground, giving everyone a nice spark show to enjoy. He was currently the one who had the advantage, leading on his opponent. The one of the right had dual-wielding swords, one designed for attacking and one designed for defending. Mastering which one did what took a lot of hard work, and being the Training Arena, Frain could only assume that he was here so he could sharpen his skills on the blades.

The Scythe man continued to slice at his opponent, the first move being a swing to the right. This was blocked with the blade of the Dual-Wielding man, but it was the offensive weapon that blocked the attack. Due to the light weight of that sword, the man with the blades stumbled backwards, but regained composure once again. However, the Scythe was already swung from the other side, causing the man to take a hit to the legs. This resulted in a leg sweep, meaning both of the legs of that Dual-Wielder were off the ground. To finish off the combo, the Scythe man spun the weapon away from the left side and swung to the right quickly, knocking the Dual-Wielders limp body to the side. This caused him to be knocked a good distance away, and then the buzzer rang. There was a winner.

At the end of the duel though, sportsmanship was shown. The Scythe-Wielder went towards the grounded opponent he knocked away, and offered a hand back up. The hand was gratefully accepted, and their lips began to move, showing that they were talking. Frain was unable to pick up on what they were trying to say, and would rather just leave it alone than just dwell on it. Nothing related to him, that was for sure. The students in the class were clapping as the both of them bowed, it was nice for sportsmanship to encourage the school, they were all classmates after all. Two slots were then available to battle in as that arena had now been open. The temptation to go down there and duel was... Tempting. But he knew that he could severely hurt someone if he were to do that. Then again, he was the only one in the school to hide his Semblance and combat abilities, it has been a few days and no one knows about them yet. Being a quiet one, people actually respected him, and whenever they want to see what he can do, they often push him.

Come on, Frain was it? You can fight too! Go out there and kick some- With that, he blocked out that sound. He would rather not mess up his pure ears. Cursing was just not something that should be done, some people get really offended by it. Though he was not one of them, he knew that people are influential with their words.It's always based on the type of crowd you hand with. Sow a good tree, you get good fruit. Sow a bad seed, you get a bad fruit. It was just that simple. Just one round, if you don't like it, we won't force you to go any further. Promise! And there was a lie. They would always make you do it if they like you enough, or if they see you lose so badly that they feel you have to keep trying and victory will happen one day. If he were not being pressured to go up there and fight, that was just a problem solved then. Frain continued to resist before an opponent had been put below, a confident looking little girl. Her weapons were a pair of claws that blend with the air, but her face showed that she was more than just items in battle.

Dude! She's a Freshman as well, you should handle her no problem! One of them said to Frain, clearly wanting to see him fight anyone. That was not a proper approach, for one thing, Frain only wanted to hurt those who he felt deserved it. Though she looked confident, she did not show any evidence of being arrogant. Once of the guys from behind tried to push the boy over the rail to make him fall into the second spot. To do this, the guy gripped the bottom of his legs, almost where his ankles were located. All that guy would have to do is flip the boy over. Frain had a grip on the rail, and though his body was flipped over the rail, his feet his the arena edge, allowing him to drop down safely. Frain had panic in his eyes, showing he did not want to get into the battle. Looking back up to the group of students that were cheering him on. Turning his head forward, he saw the girl, who tilted her head to the side with a grin on her face. Hello there, so you're my opponent? The girl asked with a perky tone in her voice. It was clear that she wanted a yes as an answered, but as usual, Frain remained silent. He would rather not fight her... Or anyone for that matter. But there he was, not getting out until one of them loses.

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2 Re: Practice time [Solo] on Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:49 pm

Now this was a chance to prove himself worthy, at least, that's what many would think. But this would also be a shame, he saw their combat system. How would he know if he were any good at fighting at all? Well, it seems he was going to have to find out with this battle. The question that the girl asked was if he was her opponent, and there was a huge amount of hope in someone coming up from behind him and claiming to be her opponent. Frain looked behind his back to see if anyone were coming, only to meet a wall in the process. A small sigh escaped from his lips before he looked forward towards his opponent. One small nod was the answer he gave, and surprisingly, his opponent understood what Frain answered with. Don't go easy on me now, I'm no pushover you know. The girl said with a bright smile. The buzzer once again rang, giving them a count after the fact. Not even any time to prepare? Whatever the case, he was going to fight now. He placed his fists into the air, not planning to use his sword for this battle, but if it gets to that point, then so be it. It was a battle after all. The three second count was lowering, meaning that once the Go command was given, or when the buzzer rang, they were both going to have to face off.

That was when it happened, the buzzer rang and the duel has started. And to think that he was going to be just watching, now he was actually in a battle. Though he was rather nervous, a part of him actually liked being in a battle. It had been quite a while since he was in a fight that was not serious, meaning he was not forced to choke anyone by taking away their right to breathe. The both of them were charging, their running being different, meaning that no one would know how this will end up. The girl was running straight for the boy, nothing special. Frain on the other hand was trying to confuse her by zipping diagonally over and over. The both of them finally got to each other, a good hitting distance away. The approach that the both of them was going to show who was going to take control in the early part of the battle. The approach that Frain was taking was stepping backwards to dodge the claws, and repeat this method until he found a counter. His counters are often based on acrobatics, he was used to using Air after all, which is designed to be flexible and possibly agile. The girl reacted perfectly according to Frain's plan, she was aiming to slice at him and possibly put him in a combo.

The first attack to be made was a sideslash to the right, in which Frain stepped his left foot back, the claws almost hitting him, but only ended up slicing in a parallel to his stomach form. This was repeated to the right, and Frain repeated his same evasion technique by stepping his right foot backwards, and once again the slice was parallel to the stomach, but unsuccessful and unable to land a hit. The boy saw this as a chance and put out his left hand, gripping her right wrist and spinning over to the right one time. This was supposed to put her in an armlock, but it seemed every attack had a counter. With a bit of pain taken to carry out this move, the girl spun to the right, where her back would get closer to his. While doing so, her right heel would kick towards the back of Frains head, forcing him to release his grip. While stumbling forward, the girl took the chance and used that same right leg to sweep him off of the ground. The battle was currently hers, but Frain was more than willing to change that in an instant. The boy was going to end up hitting the ground, but his right palm hit it instead, allowing him to balance on a handstand. This allowed the girl to attack his stomach, but the boy was not so willing to give in.

Now he was standing on his hands, the rush of blood flowing into his brain had never felt so intense, the tension of wanting to win. It was something he never felt before, this was probably what a challenge felt like. If it did, then he would like to be challenged more this was. The girl aimed to knocked him off balance by leg sweeping once again, but the attack was neatly avoided by lifting his hands into the air, his right one first, and perfectly timed putting that palm down while lifting his left. Now she was exposed, Frain pushed his leg forward to hit the top of her head, causing her to stumble backwards as he landed the hit successfully. He then pushed his legs forward again to recover in a cartwheel sort of motion. The girl stumbled back in the meantime, and Frain could not afford to miss the chance. He put out his palm to cast out his Air Manipulation, this being done, a huge gust of wind pushed the girl forward towards him. Meanwhile, Frain aimed a Buzzsaw Kick to the face to knock that battle into his favor. Though she was a little bit surprised, her reflexes were as sharp as ever in this battle, and she found the attention and speed to duck under the high kick. Bravo performance, Frain had to admit that.

While behind him, the girl had the ability to strike him and gain a good combo. This time, with her right hand, she tried to slice upwards to launch the boy into the air, this being done, he would have a hard time countering since he would have a limp body airborne. The Semblance of the boy had the ability to stop the attack, but his reflexes were not as sharp as hers, and the final result was him taking the uppercut and being sent into the air. In doing so, his body was flipping, allowing him to gain a few moments to see what was going to happen. Luckily, his deductions skills were on point, and she was just simply trying to continue scratching him. That was not going to be an easy task, now he was going to bring out his weapon into the battle. Codex, a seemingly average looking blade that many think they can wield. And maybe that was how it is like in it's first height, but there was a small secret to it that one should consider, it has the ability to grow double it's original size. With that against claws that probably go up to a foot in distance, Frain would gain the upper hand in this battle. The girl was headed for him, and he was more than prepared to lock in a weapon battle. A good run for his money that was what she gave him. But now he was going to return the favor and give a little interest.

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3 Re: Practice time [Solo] on Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:49 pm

Frain was now ready, his body still rolling due to the impact that he had to take from the previous attack, and admittedly, it did hurt a lot. But instead of dwelling on the pain, he made sure he was more than ready to face off against the girl. On his left hip, there was a hidden sheathe with the legendary Codex, a blade designed to be used to a tauntive way in combat. The boys confident in himself is a lot higher than without it, and it's added range allows him to cause destruction with ease. The girl was about to feel defeat once the blade had been pulled out. When she got to him, he got the blade out of its sheathe, revealing it to her by blocking her next attack with claws. Before she could continue, about a quarter of a second for an accurate visual, Frain grabbed one of the two pairs of claws with his available left hand, then spun upwards before letting go. This caused the to launch high in the air. Frain's eyes shifted from their usual light-green/blue to a completely dark blue color. Now he was fired up, and the silent ones are the ones that have a lot to say and show, this was now his time. The many people around him were all at the edge of their seats, such a comeback from a freshman was quite odd it seemed.

Frain's feet hit the ground successfully, allowing him to gain ground leverage. The girl was still in the air, this gave him the ability to attack her while her body was still limp. Target locked, executing action. The boy ran over to the wall and began to run up it as far as he could, being forced to fight gravity in the process. It was possible if he put enough weight behind each step, but didn't apply too much force to launch him off of the wall. The boy began to slow down on his way up, a little short from where he wanted to leap, but for now, it was good enough to land a hit. Pressing himself off of the wall, Frain got off of the wall and sliced downwards onto the girl, who make an attempt to block with her claws. The claws got in the way all right, but the impact was just too much, and being in the air, his impact was able to cause her to be set flying down to the ground. Luckily for her however, despite the speed she was going, she was able to land on her feet, bending her knees roughly to make sure she didn't fall over. The people around the both of them were split on who they were supposed to be cheering for, after their displays, it was kind of hard to argue with their charisma. The Silent Swordsman for once had a crowd wanting to favor him. It felt great to be honest.

The boy landed on the ground from the jump he made, landing by only bending his knees a third less than the girl needed to. The battle was not over, but the thing about Frain is that he doesn't need to attack with Codex out. In fact, he would prefer not to do so, it doesn't really show his power with the sword if he looks so desperate to get a hit in. The girl clearly didn't think so as she zipped to the boy once again, her attacks became a barrage instead of power filled, this showed how badly she wanted win this battle. Frain was not going to let go of victory either, and there was no such thing as a two-way victory with only two people competing. The boy blocked the first claw attack by slicing upwards, causing the claws to move away as it slid off of his blade. The next attack was with the other set of claws, trying to slice downwards at his back. The boy turned his back and slid the blade between his back and the claws. The next attack aimed at the back of his head, a slice to the right side of his head. Frain in the meantime just stepped to the side, using his left hand to grab her exposed wrist. To prevent any further attempt of any taunting move go further, the girl fell backwards, putting herself in a cannonball position. This will allow her back to roll onto the ground, launching the boy like her were on a catapult. This attempt was successful, it was an attack he did not expect, but it took enough time for him to figure it out and how to recover.

Just as expected, the boy was launched backwards, causing him to backflip one time. But his reflexes were sharp enough to recover with harm, if it were successful, it was like the girl pushing him away from her.. Simply no harm being done in the end. As his body rolled backwards, his left foot hit to ground, balancing the roll to let to right foot hit the ground. Admittedly, he did slide a little bit due to the force of the launch, but the landing was graceful. So graceful that he did a formal bow, and the students around the two of them were beginning to clap after that happen. This battle was intense, but lots of fun for Frain. Hopefully the girl was having a little bit of fun as well, this is a training duel. Just merely practice was all it was. The boy felt like he should do the same thing, but there was a different way to launch her. Being an acrobatic, it was not going to be hard to execute, he just needed to get a grip of her wrist once again. This would disarm her weapons from the back of her palms. It might even knock her for a few seconds before she woke up. That's what the both of them understood while entering the arena. Well, at least that was what the girl understood, Frain was forced into this match. Then again, the girl didn't know that.

The boy had a grin on his face as he was ready to execute the next attack, which was too easy for him to do since it seemed she was running a little bit low on health. The hits that she took recently were no joke. Frain decided to not go too far with this, and that this will be the last attack to finish off the battle. He would rather not draw blood from a practice battle. The girl was going to show a bit of resistance as he attacked, that was what a battle was supposed to make people do after all. Frain ran once again, sheathing his blade since he did not feel like he needed it. To get past the speed semblance that the girl had was going to be a little bit hard, but if he could nail this move, it was going to make sure that semblance was useless. The boy zipped over to his opponent, who sliced to the side to get his face. The silent one ducked under the attack before aiming for a leg sweep from behind. The girl jumped and spun at the same time, slicing her claws diagonally downwards to strike the boy. It got his face, causing him to stumble a little. The plan there was failing, it seemed he did not inflict enough damage onto her yet.

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