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Muses Guide Us (Closed)

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26 Re: Muses Guide Us (Closed) on Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:05 am

Sevy looked at Gawain as he joined her back on the piano's bench.They both seemed to enjoy each others company and with goo reasons. Sevy never really had any good friends in the past, or friends at all. She was always shy and hiding from others as she feared their reaction about her eye. It might seem much simply for her eye, but she couldn't help it at the time, not really today either to be honest. But with people like Gawain who doesn't judge her for a simple yet mysterious trait, it felt great. She was glad to have him as a friend, he makes her fell comfortable when he's around, like simply his presence is soothing. It's a friendship that she would cherish as long as she could, that's for sure.

When Gawain went to play the song again, this time without the sheets he had used earlier, Sevy smiled seeing him so eager to continue practicing. When he looked a bit embarrassed and tried to mimic to get her to lend him the sheets once more, it made her laugh. It wasn't to mock him, but the fact that he went with mimicking rather than writing on his notepad was a funny change of pace. She was able to understand what he meant and nodded. "Yes of course, give me a second, I'll..."

At that moment, Sevy's Scroll rang, someone was calling her. She looked it up to see that it was her father calling. "Give me a minute, it's my dad." She stood up and walked by the window before looking outside. She clearly was happy to talk with her father as it has been a while since they talked. He called to know how she was doing and she replied that she made great friends here at Syne, giving a look and a smile to Gawain at that moment. She then seemed excited for a quick moment before hanging up. She then looked a Gawain for a second and her excitement changed to a sorry look. She walked towards him and hugged him. "I'm so sorry, but I got to go. My dad decided to come visit me and offered to got eat. I haven't seen him in a while, so I couldn't refuse. Let's continue practice another time, okay? I'll be happy to." She then quickly grabbed her stuff, packed her bag before leaving by waving at him. Halfway in the hallway, she thought that maybe Gawain might stay to practice some more, so she decided to send him the sheets to his Scroll. Although she loved to see his mimic, it would be better this way. She left a little message with the sheets. "See you tomorrow, Maestro~"


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27 Re: Muses Guide Us (Closed) on Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:07 am


With a tilt of his head, Gawain was curious to know about what Severa's dad was calling her for. The last time he could remember the calling of him from a loved one was from his god-grandmother, and that was years from then when Gawain was in his mid-teens. Then at the present however, he had no one who would call him for a meeting, for holiday gatherings, even for a simple talk. Although, for the mute boy who lived a decent portion of his life without a parental figure, he was more than understanding of the situation, willing to bear through his current situation for the future ahead. At the moment, Gawain simply watched Severa from a distance, returning a smile in kind when she gave him one.

However, when her gleeful look turned to a more depressing one, Gawain once more tilted his head and slowly stood up to see what was wrong before she hugged him. Returning the hug with his arms on her sides, he quickly let go after she did and listened to each statement she had to say before nodding once with a kind and warm smile. He was okay if she had to go; after all, she had a family to go to, people who cared about her from birth; for Gawain, who had little to do with family, he knew how precious such things were, having lost them. With a simple wave of his hand, smiling at her throughout her leave, Gawain then returned to his piano before receiving a sudden notification on his Scroll.

Taking it out of his satchel, he managed his way towards his messages before seeing the small gift Severa left him, and all the boy could do was smile at the message she left him, knowing that they were ever so closer, as friends.

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