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Just a Relaxing day at the beach... Yea Right(OPEN)

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Vladimir D'yavol Onikisu
Vladimir sat at the tavern by the beach and thought about all that he had experienced and had learned in his years of life. it was a rough road to where he was now but he had become stronger going through all those times but it wasnt just becoming stronger physically he had evolved one could say. he wasnt the naive little boy that had started this journey with his uncle when his parents "went away" he now knew what was going on around him to a larger degree. he slowly got up and looked around the area as his eyes held a conviction something he would hold onto till it was his time to go. He wouldnt simply live day to day. He would experience life as it was truly meant to be. and part of that was educating the people aroumd him Inspiring and encouraging them to live their life. So as he said this he didnt know what was going to happen next but he was sure of one thing. "It doesnt matter what happens now I'm going to get wild wherever I am"  He was going to progress till he died and with a smile he walked towards the beach again ready to make use of this new day.

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