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Lloyd's incertitude [Weapon Upgrade/Solo]

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1 Lloyd's incertitude [Weapon Upgrade/Solo] on Wed Aug 19, 2015 9:36 pm

It was dark in his room, near midnight probably and Lloyd was awake. He wasn't able to catch any sleep since all he has been doing for the past hours was thinking about Sleipnir, his motorbike. It was in a corner of the room, since Lloyd was alone in it, it wasn't bothering anyone, even with the million metal pieces everywhere on the floor. It reminded Lloyd of when he was a kid and played with small construction blocks... that feeling when you step on them, he remembered quite well, although here it was metal pieces such as screws and bolt, not simple plastic cubes. At least Lloyd didn't shared that mess with anyone.

The real problem though was that these past few days, Lloyd has spent most of his time working on Sleipnir and practically did nothing about Gae Bulg, his lance. He felt a bit bad about it and it was the reason why he wasn't currently sleeping. He wanted to make up for the time he hasn't spent planning for Gae Bulg, all in that single night. Doesn't seem like much said like that, but it caused a great incertitude in Lloyd's plan for his weapon. He had though about a light machine-gun as a second form to have somewhat of a range weapon to fight the likes of Nevermore as they fly, but he felt like it would be the only real thing that this gun would be used for. That single though created doubt in Lloyd's mind as wither it was a good plan or not in the end. He spent at least 2 hours lying in his bed, looking at the ceiling while thinking about other potential weapons he had thought using while talking with Peri, the engineer in Bellmuse. She had talked about other heavy duty weaponry in the likes that would interest Lloyd. Now he had wished he had kept the other blueprint as well. He tried to remember by thinking aloud... "So... she said... the light machine-gun, which doesn't make any sense now really... I think she had mentioned a rocket launcher as well, but it's not really my kind of weapon, if a rocket get's damaged during a fight and it explodes, I'm screwed... It my also be heavy to carry a bunch of rockets... I think a sniper rifle was in the choice, it's good, but I would need to be at a longer range... it's not a bad idea though, starting a fight with a long range weapon, forcing the enemy to come closer and bring the offense to close quarter, which I can bring my Semblance as a surprise counter... But a sniper might not pack enough punch against something big like a King... The rocket launcher could work, but again, the weight... Wait a sec..."

Lloyd stood up and walked over his desk where his blueprint for Gae Bulg was. He looked at it before picking the actual lance. He placed it on the desk and started to think if there was something in between a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle, like a in-between in fire power that he could use. He look over his Scroll and made some research as he sat down the chair that was in from of his little workplace. He stumbled on a bunch of design of anti-material rifle, which are basically bigger snipers and made to be used against heavy-armored vehicles or even to shoot through buildings at some point. Lloyd had found a nice and simple design that seemed easy to either reproduce and then work with in order to incorporate his lance in it. The problem was that it would be bigger and would be really heavy to move around the way Lloyd do if he had to carry it everywhere he went. Also, the design wasn't even close to what Gae Bulg is currently looking right now. So it would mean that he would need to rework everything... from scratch... Lloyd pondered on the idea for a whole hour before giving a random glance to his bike that was standing, half-finished in the corner. He then looked back and forth between the blueprint, his Scroll, his lance and his bike when an idea came to him.

Without a second of hesitation, Lloyd picked Gae Bulg and dismantled it, leaving it into a simplest appearance. It looked like a simple metal rectangle when collapsed and the same rectangle with a long pipe extending when it was unfolded. He then undone the weapon once more to separate the tube and the rectangle to have the lance into two pieces. With the small set of equipment he had, Lloyd reinforced the rectangle part by melting the tube and reforging it into the rectangle, making it stronger, more than when they were separated. Lloyd didn't have a clue on why he hasn't done that sooner but he was glad that it was now. This new core was at the base of the weapon, so it was clear that he would keep that, but rework everything. Since Lloyd hasn't worked on the core on his last upgrade though, he thought that it would probably be the best thing to do right before working on a new frame that would go around the core to preserve it. So Lloyd spent the night reinforcing the Core of Gae Bulg by adding new layers and added some pieces here and there for the handle and the guard. Gae Bulg wasn't the lance it was before. After he had reworked it from scratch, it seemed like a over-the-top long blunt rectangular sword with a hollow space that he had carved and reused the metal in the extern layers. It could still extend itself to its 3 meters length and was sturdier and lighter, but it definitively didn't looked the same. Lloyd liked its new design though, he thought that it was a nice change. When collapsed now, the lance looked like a simple lump of blackish steel with red accent on it caused by the work of the metal. It also had a red engraving which read "Gae Bulg's Core". Lloyd then worked the rest of the night on something else, something that wasn't directly part of Gae Bulg but that seemed linked to it. It was in fact what would be the whole anti-material rifle. He had plan to have it kind of aside and only use it if really needed. The way it would work is that by inserting the Core into the slot he would made in the frame, the gun would be then operational. Since it would be heavy and difficult to carry in fights, Lloyd would have it "mounted" on Sleipnir, that he would have to work on a bit more, and call it using the rocket-locker on missions if he didn't already have his bike with him. And yeah, you heard right, he would send his motorbike to his position from the rocket-locker for his gun... He's random, I know...

When the morning rose, Lloyd's room was in less of a mess than it was from all the pieces he had used in his late night work. He was proud though, but a bit pissed that he had to scrap the whole last rework of Gae Bulg, it had a nice design, but Lloyd was still happy that the new Core seemed more durable and stronger than the whole lance itself from before. It was also a new step for the weapon. After he was done, Lloyd went to bed, at what seemed to be like 8:00 in the morning, not caring of when he would wake up. Now, the weapon was ready, or almost, Lloyd had to get some more key parts for the gun and also get the license to use it. Believe it or not, anti-material rifles aren't easily approved since generally it's the military that uses them...


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