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Xavier, The Brooding Bat Boy

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1 Xavier, The Brooding Bat Boy on Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:57 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Xavier Pendragon Holstein
Age: 17
Birthday: 8/17
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 176 lbs (A good share of it is his wings, thirteen pounds per)
Face Claim: Not sure if from the manga-ka or if fan art, but it's Sakamaki Subaru from Diabolic Lovers. Entry on is from Raziel~.

STR: 5 (6)
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 150|150 HP

Group: Not even a student yet, but he would definitely be a Warrior.

  • Becoming more powerful
  • Beauty (which, as with many things, is in the eye of the beholder)
  • Roses
  • Going all out
  • Winning
  • Bloodshed (especially when he is causing it)
  • Being alone


  • People with happy family situations
  • His father
  • Weak people
  • Lazy people


  • Being unable to progress; Reaching his limit
  • Losing  
  • Dying before completing his goals

Overall Personality: When not in battle, Xavier seems calm, collected and cool…a little too cool. Anyone who meets with him will noticed that seems to be in a permanent state of ‘giving cold shoulder’, often not replying during conversations, or outright leaving in the middle of one. He often belittles others without a cause just to get them to go away, and tries his best to keep to himself, as he sees no value in relationships with others.

When he is by himself (which is most of the time),  he dedicates most of his time to training, whether it be his skills as a Hunter, his survival and tracking skills, mastering his weapon, or even studying for classes. He doesn’t like to rely on others and never asks for help, and he doesn’t play well with others: instead of fighting with a team, he’d rather do his own thing and pick up their slack along the way. Fortunately he is rather talented when it comes to combat, and he excels at anything he puts his mind to…unless it’s his studies, in which his lack of city life and knowledge of the sophisticated world make it difficult for certain subjects.

Another thing one will notice about Xavier upon deeper reflection is his lack of social skills. Regardless of his general personality, he seems to not be able to relate with most others on any sort of level. Being so used to living on his own, he has difficulty making and maintaining relationships...although whether he wants them or not is up for debate.

Being in the heat of combat is a different story entirely. Anyone who knows him would be able to tell that he seems to be different, that he seems to ‘come alive’ in a fight, showing close to what seems like excitement. While he doesn’t truly experience happiness, being in combat brings him as close as possible, as he gets to be in his element and doing the only thing he really knows: survival of the fittest.

Speaking of becoming alive on the battlefield, not only does this show in Xavier's demeanor, but also his fighting style. You wouldn't know it unless you saw it, but for such as crude person, he is a very elegant fighter. Every move has a purpose, no matter how flamboyant or excessive his movements may seem, and you'll find he is as one with the ebb and flow of battle; it would appear as if he perform some form of deadly exotic dance, and he commands one's attention to his spotlight.

Having lived ten years of his fifteen years alive surviving in the wild, Xavier understands very little about modern society and technology. He also knows little of events and pretty much anything that doesn't have to do with hunting and basic survival. This makes a lot of things difficult for him when it comes to studies, especially and studies that require or assume knowledge prior to the class itself. Since he's never had to ask for help (and possible part of his father's arrogant genes in him), he finds it difficult to get the aid he needs for classes. When he does learn something new, however, he adapts very fast and soon you wouldn't even know he only learned of the activity a few days prior.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Crimson
Semblance: Enhanced Speed - Flash Step:  


It goes by many different names: Quick Step, Blink, Body Flicker, Shunpo...but it's purpose never waivers. Being a distant relative of basic enhanced speed, the Flash Step is literally just boosting one's speed for a very short amount of time. This burst gets one over a short distance very quickly, and to the naked eye would appear anywhere from instant movement to some form of teleportation. However, it is literally just moving a short distance at a very high speed, and if someone can keep up they could easily interrupt this movement.

Xavier discovered his Semblance on accident...twice. The first time was when he faced the hunter in the woods, and he didn't even notice or understand what had happened. The second time was while practicing with his newly-acquired weapon. Another trainee had fired blindly and completely missed his target. Xavier noticed it too late to block it, and as his brain filled with the will to move out of the way, he noticed that he was suddenly on the other end of the training room. He has since practiced this and has control over his movement, but he currently doesn't understand that it is his Semblance rather than something he just does.

Item 1: Double-Headed Scythe (Weapon):


A couple of days before he stumbled upon the academy, Xavier had gone through a massive altercation that ended up in his first kill...unfortunately, that first kill was some sort of hunter. Very disoriented and having nowhere to go or what to do, he had picked up the dead hunter's weapon and walked off.

This weapon is a doubled-headed scythe, measuring seven feet long with a four-foot curved blade at each end, the blades facing opposite of each other. It's a very awkward weapon due to it's shape, and for many it would be too clunky and heavy to wield, but Xavier seems to be some sort of natural: he was able to wield it effectively with very little practice, and it always states that he doesn't find it to be heavy whenever someone comments on it's weight.

The only thing out of the ordinary with this weapon is that the middle portion has some odd etchings and has a metal chain that seems to wrapped around it. The chain is spaced out evenly, leaving a bit of a gap between the links, and this is precisely where Xavier prefers to place his hand(s) when wielding it.

The weapon is also painted purely black, blades included. While to some this seems like just a bland and possibly poor design choice, it bothers Xavier greatly. He swears that when he saw the man the possessed it before him, the weapon was green and purple around the base, with the blades being orange in color. The doctors told him that this was probably just some kind of illusion or vision-based mistake that happened during the commotion, but Xavier continues to believe otherwise.

Item 2: Leathery Bat Wings (Armor):


Xavier was born with wings, like a lot of other Faunus. However, unlike most Faunus his wings did not grow properly, always being a bit bigger than they should have been. Due to the mixture of genes from having a human father, it has affected a lot of his natural Faunus gifts: No thirst for blood (outside of shedding it), no echolocation (although he still has sensitive hearing), and above all else his wings are growing larger than the rest of him.

The average size for his particular bloodline is drastically smaller when compared to one's body, being rather tiny but able to sustain flight easily, but this is not so with Xavier: They tower him, being about three and a half feet long and four feet tall, and for some reason the skin on his wings is a bit odd. Rather than being overall thin and more of a membrane that would be ideal for flight, the skin on his wings is rough and hard, particularly that of the back of his wings.

After an examination at the academy, Xavier was told that he may never be able to fly with his wings, but that with the unique skin mutation he has developed that he could use them for protection. His wings were shown to reduce the impact of physical blows rather well, and without receiving serious injury. Due to their placement when fully untucked, they covered Xavier's entire body from behind, head to toe. This prevents him from needing to adjust them too much for protecting his backside, but to protect him from the front he still needs to have enough time to adjust them. Fortunately, his nimble speed and quick instincts make this a rather simple thing to accomplish.

By far the most important thing to Xavier, when he is fighting an opponent his natural instincts position his wings in a manner so that he will never hurt himself while wielding his exotic weapon, but this is also something a smart and nimble opponent could possibly use to his advantage.

History and Sample

The circumstances for Xavier's birth is a rather uninteresting tale in itself. His mother, Lilium Holstein, was of a somewhat noble family who had ostracized her due to her addiction to going to parties and having fun over actual responsibilities. His father, Trent Wolsworth, a highly unlikeable cut-throat business man who only thinks of himself and what he can gain off someone else. Normally these two types of people would never find one another, but Trent was invited to a party at a local bar as a way to let off some steam for once, and he decided that it would be a great idea. Of course, if there was a party, Lilium would be there.

There was no romance, no pick-up lines, no love-at-first-sight. Just loud music, way too many drinks, and suddenly the were waking up next to each other in his fancy bedroom and lacking in attire. Trent of course requested her to be quiet about this event, and Lilium was already getting prepared for the next party and on her way out the door.

Within about a months time however, Lilium's partying came to a crashing halt. Discovering she was with child, and having always wanted to be a mother, she finally embraced responsibility. Due to this, her family decided to accept her and aid her until she could find her own place. Now interestingly enough, even with all the partying she had done in her days, Trent was one of the very few men she ever slept with. Therefore she knew he was the father, and with her family's connections, she was able to reach him and inform him about the news. She said that he didn't have to be involved, only that she wanted him to guarantee his aid if she needed it, and he agreed so long as she remained quiet.

So the months passed by, and with aid from both her family and Trent, Lilium gave birth to a boy. She felt that he was destined for greatness, so she wanted to give him a flamboyant yet elegant name, and thus she named him Xavier Pendragon Holstein. Lilium turned out to be a great mother: she took care of all his needs in a proper manner, played with him, taught him, and above all she loved him dearly. Everything went as expected until Xavier reached the age of seven.

It was a bit of a rainy day, and Lilium was at home, taking care of Xavier as normal. He was having a blast playing with his new Build-A-Brick set when the doorbell rang. Lilium answered the door; it was her friend Tanya, and she informed her that the rest of her friends missed her and had invited her to a get-together. While she wasn't interested in a party, she had volunteered to babysit Xavier so Lilium could attend in her stead. Lilium was very hesitant, but Tanya insisted, mentioning that there would be no partying like they used to do back in the day. After a bit more coaxing, Lilium agreed. She look at Xavier and told him that 'Mommy was going to see a couple of friends for a little while' and that 'She would be back soon, so be good for Tanya.'

Naturally, since Xavier had never spent much time away from his mother he didn't want her to leave, but she promised him she would be back soon and that she loved him so much. After giving him a kiss and a hug, she put on a raincoat and walked out the door to her car. Xavier was sad for a while until Tanya asked him to show her his Build-A-Brick set. He then smiled and proceeded to show her the dinosaur he made all by himself.

When Lilium arrived at the party, she was swarmed by her friends. They laughed together, shared stories old and new, ate snacks; it was a great time all around. However, after about thirty minutes, Lilium was eager to leave. She apologized to her friends, but she couldn't part from her son any longer, though she promised that next time she would stay longer. As she get into her car and drove away, the small hairs on her ears prickled, sensing some sort of danger. She immediately thought of Xavier, and as she pulled around the corner she didn't see the semi that wasn't slowing for the stoplight.

When the ambulance crew arrived, it was too late: the damage done to her body was too severe, and there was no way to remove her from the vehicle without causing further injury. Lilium knew this was the end, and before she passed she told one of the crew members two things: 'Wolsworth' and '...our son.' Then, she was gone.

Considering how big a name Wolsworth was, it wasn't long before Trent got the call. Xavier being only five, Lilium's friends decided it was best if he didn't attend the wake or funeral, and since Tanya being her closest friend and being unable to attend out of emotional distraught, she decided to take care of Xavier until his father showed.
Trent did show up, and he picked up Xavier. He even had the whole 'loving, yet distraught father' charade down pact. As he walked away with Xavier in tow, he already had everything planned out: there was no way he could keep the child, as eventually the media would dig up the information about his conception and his career would be tarnished. Even with how self-centered he was, there was no way he could kill a child, so he had something else in mind.

So one night, while Xavier was sleeping, he picked him up and carried him in both arms as he boarded his personal helicopter. His pilot transported them until the were above a forest that was way far away from the city. He then opened the door, and prepared to drop Xavier into the forest...and that's when Xavier woke up.

'...Daddy?' he said, his eyes wide with fear, not recognizing his surroundings.

'Don't call me that! I've never cared about you, nor have I ever loved you!' he shouted at him.

'...but...' Xavier sniveled, clinging to his father's shirt.

'Begone, you beast! Join the other wild animals and become like them, just like your mother was!' He then tossed Xavier out the doorway of the helicopter.

'Daaaaaddddyy!' Xavier screamed as he plummeted through the night sky.

Trent watched as the child, of his own blood, fell farther and farther. The wide-eyed expression of fear never left his face, not until the darkness that was the forest below swallowed him whole. He stood there for a few moments, being attacked by pangs of guilt, before assuring himself it was for the best. He then sat back down and was whisked away.

Xavier honestly doesn't remember much about what happened in the following months after that: between fending for himself via hunting, creating shelter, and fighting off intruders, everything else is a blur to him. The only thing he remembers is when a young man attacked him, and even that memory is very foggy. He clearly remembers picking up the man's weapon and stumbling out of the forest to spy a large building, and heading towards it out of curiosity. That was how he discovered Syne Academy, and the rest is current events.  

As far as Xavier knows, he hasn't been 'legally' accepted at the academy, due to his age and having no relations, but he still sneaks around and tries to learn new things while also practicing his combat techniques. While this sometimes gets him in trouble, he has pretty much been accepted by any and all students and even a few professors at the academy. He hopes to soon be accepted so that he can move on and accomplish his goals in life.

RP Sample:
Hmm...what should I focus on today? Xavier thought to himself as he walked up the tall, impressive set of steps that lead to the prestigious learning center known as Syne Academy. I would personally love to focus on my studies here, but I feel that my brain capacity outside combat is pretty much a lost cause... He continued to ponder options as he walked through the wide, high-arch hallways, snacking on a home-made squirrel snack as he passed multiple classrooms on his way; some were quiet, some were packed with voices, but only a few were of a normal, tolerable caliber.

I guess I'll just hit the 'dojo' again, never hurts to keep one's combat skills sharpened. He turned around the corner and passed by a few more classrooms before entering the one dubbed 'Combat Practice.' He then unfurled his wings and grabbed his weapon by the center before it hit the ground, then leaped from the opening of the room and landed with a simple sideways slicing attack to the neck of a nearby wooden dummy. He then backed away slightly and got into his typical fighting stance: his knees slightly bent, holding his weapon with one hand, positioned slightly diagonal in preparation for a spinning attack. He twirled his weapon like a baton for a few moments, then launched his assault.

He began with a downward-angled slice to the left shoulder, then reversed the twirl and came back with a slash to the midsection. He then jumped up and kicked himself off the head of the dummy, and after a simple airborne spin, he threw the spinning weapon at the dummy. It stuck into the dummy, the lower blade point first into the groin area, while the upper blade had it's back stuck into the face. After a very brief moment of bracing against a nearby wall with his feet, he pushed off and performed a divekick aimed at the upper blade of his weapon. Upon contact, it dug the blade deeper into the face of the dummy while also knocking it down, and the momentum and force flung the blade out of the dummy and into the air. As Xavier landed, he grabbed his weapon, and landed rather silently and without a negative impact to his lower body. As the dummy met the full impact of the ground, and fell apart, and Xavier looked up to see some female students staring at him.

'Hey, you! What do you think you're doing?! That's academy property!' The sound of the academy's version of security approaching behind him made him sigh. I never get to practice for very long, though... he griped to himself. Just as the security men were about to be atop him, Xavier was just...gone. He then seemed to reappear just outside the entrance of the room, and hid around the corner. The security guards, after search the room for him, ran right on past in an effort to find him.

I guess I'll try and see if there is a class I can sneak into, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to even understand...this world outside the trees is a rather mysterious place. Xavier then walked the halls again, a little slower than last time so that he could hear what was being said. He stopped just outside the door of one classroom after hearing the teacher say something about 'the bloodiest battle in the history of our kind'
I will say though, it isn't all that fact, I rather like this new world. I can't wait to learn more about it...

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