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Lost Warrior

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1 Lost Warrior on Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:33 pm

The hot summer air was a stark contrast the controled environment of the air ship. Nagi readjusted his duffel and pulled teh zipper of his shirt down to allow more air to flow and cool his body. "OK, Syne academy." He said taking in the landmarks and comparing them to the map on the back of his welcome packet. "Just where am I?" He wondered trying to orient himself with the map. It seemed simple enough at first glance. "The commons eh, I guess it makes sence the ship port would feed into the largest section of the school, so where is admitions?" He pondered letting his feet carry him forward while his eyes scanned the map and its legend seeking the key that would designate the admissions building.
"lecture halls, Dorms, The commons, Trainign gyms, Shadow mission boards...." Nagi muttered trying to figure out where he was supposed to go. "Perhaps I should just head to the headmasters offices?" Nagi Scratched at the back of his head not careing what the action did to the gray mass of hair on his head. A gust of wind pressed against his clothes but the heavy material didn't budge far, only the belts on his jacket moving with the air. "Alright, if anything I'll just end up pointed in the right direction." Nagi decided before setting off for the main building and for the Headmasters offices.

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