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A Day Off [OPEN]

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1 A Day Off [OPEN] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:49 am



It was a clear day and the sun was shining down brightly onto Syne Academy. Kei was enjoying the weather, it was nice. It was as if the warming rays of the sun was welcoming him into his admission into the academy. Kei was still confused on why he managed to get enrolled so easily; he lacked many of the physical documents and backgrounds most people needed to get in. Perhaps it was the need for more hunters?

Well it wasn't really a big deal. All that mattered was that he got in. Now all Kei waited for was to be called on because at the moment, he was on standby until the school would decide what to do with him. He didn't have much belongings with him and he was kind of broke on cash at the moment, severly limiting what he could do at the moment, leaving him quite bored.

He decided to go exploring and went into the library, hoping to find somthing interesting like the 18+ section of the library.

No no no, Kei realized as he walked into the library, This is a school, there's no way they'd have something like that in here.

Kei sighed. What the hell was he supposed to do right now?

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