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"Unwanted" attention [Open]

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1 "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:41 am

It was the beginning of September, the beginning of autumn. It was suppose to start getting colder already but it was not, and Glace did not like the current heat that was outside. Sure it could have been worse, sure she could go inside instead of staying in the vast outdoors of the yard of the Academy. "Why is it this hot in September? This is not normal. Where is my fall climate? When will it get colder? I want to be in the winter already. Please, someone help." While complaining about the weather, she was still sitting by a bench to enjoy the sun, but the heat started to make it really unbearable. That is until she looked at the fountain that was standing in the middle of the yard. It was a nice and rather big fountain with a statue representing Huntsmen and Huntresses working together. But the statue is not what got Glace's attention, it was simply the water that was flowing. With the current heat, she was starting to feel a little dehydrated, which was not very good for her health. So she decided to slowly walk toward the stone structure that was standing proudly by the sights of one and all in the yard before slowly removing her sweatshirt.

This rather unexpected action in the eyes of other quickly got the attention of many when Glace, not wearing only her swimsuit, stepped in the fountain's cold water to get better.  Without a care for the prying eyes that quickly amassed themselves, Glace was enjoying the refreshing cold of the fountain, submerging and splashing herself. After a moment, now feeling a lot better, she looked around to see many students around simply watching her with curiosity in there eyes. Glace then giggled before smiling to them. "Can I help any of you with something? Maybe some of you would be interested in joining me~? The water is really nice I swear." She giggled once more before rolling in the water like some sort of child. She seemed to have fun at least.

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2 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:56 am

Willow believed that this was going to be a fairly normal day; one for training and not getting into trouble. She was planning on even getting some work done on her studies and possibly even draw some designs for her weapon's alternate forms. Something she was never exactly good at, but she enjoyed drawing up rough ideas and blueprints that could later be expanded on by an actual professional. Or at the very least someone with more skill than she. But until then, she continued to sit down on a bench near the fountain, sketching away. She enjoyed the openness of the area and getting to see some of the other students spar as she worked on her designs gave her more ideas to attempt to implement into her own weapon. But of course that meant that she would occasionally glance up to see if there was anything to catch her eye around.

And it was during one such glances that Willow witnessed something she had never expected out in the open like this. A young woman with long blue hair moving towards the fountain was this thing. It seemed innocent enough at the moment, Willow only watching for a few moments as she considered the fact she had never met the young woman before. She almost pushed it from her mind to return to her work before Glance began to... undress. Her eyes widened, not entirely sure what she was seeing while the woman took off her sweat shirt and entered the fountain with just a swimsuit.

Willow's mouth was agape as she couldn't pry her eyes away from the scene before her. Her face was steaming red, almost not being able to believe that the sight was happening. Really, things like this only happened in her dreams and those sites that Warren would find in his search history, but Willow would swear that she knew nothing about.

She moved her hand towards her arm, pinching her skin between her forefinger and her thumb. Her arm twitched, "Tch... okay, not a dream..." she mumbled to herself as she allowed her gaze to return to the fauna to only not realize that she was offering others to join her. However, it certainly didn't seem as though Glace meant anything indecent about it; merely thinking everyone could have a fun time enjoying the cool water. Shaking her head, she quickly stood, her stance rigid as she quickly rushed towards the fountain, "H-hey!" she said towards the fauna, "You should be more careful about what you say and do... people could think that... uh..." her gaze began to lower, but she forced her eyes to stay on Glace's eyes, "Uh... you're not supposed to swim in the fountain, I mean!" she claimed. And it wasn't necessarily a lie. For as far as she knew, it made sense that there would be a rule against it, "Here, let me help you up..." she offered and extending her hand to offer that as well. Although being in her position, Glace could easily be lifted up or, if she were being cruel - or clumsy - Willow could be easily pulled down as well.

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3 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:55 pm

Glace was really enjoying the water of the fountain right now. Its coldness was just perfect for her it had a calming effect to it. It was simply soothing to just be there in the water, even while being watched by all those curious people that simply stood around the fountain. It really seemed like Glace had attracted quite the audience to her little dip. No one joined her though, even though she clearly meant to harm and no offense to anyone. Although it was probably because no one had their swimsuit with them, so it made sense.

No one even talked to Glace, until a tomboyish girl with brown hair came to her. She was obviously embarrassed so Glace immediately wondered if it was because of her. She did not asked though as the girl proceeded to tell her something. The problem was that she did not finished any of the sentences she started, probably because she seemed so flustered, so Glace did not know what she really wanted. Although she seemed to think that dipping in the fountain was not allowed, so Glace extended her hand to accept the help of the girl to get out. "I cannot use the fountain to hydrate myself? Really? Awwww, but it is such a nice looking fountain and the water is so nice. It is a shame to be wasted as a simple decoration. Well, if the school forbids it, I cannot help it I guess. But thank you for telling me, and I will gladly accept your offer to help me getting out of-..."

As Glace took the hand of the girl and started to get up, she slipped because of some coins that were in the fountain. Losing her balance while still holding the girl's hand forced Glace to pull the girl towards her while falling, causing the girl to fall on Glace. After a short moment noticing that she was alright, Glace looked at the girl to see if she was okay as well. "Oh I am so sorry, I did not mean to I swear! Are you okay? Are you hurt? I am so so sorry. Please tell me that you are alright." Glace was feeling terrible that the girl had fallen in the fountain with her. Now she was all wet because of her.

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4 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:21 pm

Willow began to smile at the young woman, "That's good, now then let's get you- Ah!" her sentence was suddenly cut short by her being pulled into the fountain. A large splash was quite easily heard as it followed the tomboy's shriek, possibly causing even more people to begin looking at the now-two-girls that were in the pool. Of course, that wasn't Willow's primary concern. No, her mind was drawn specifically to her condition and her position ontop of Glace.

There was one good thing about this entire situation: Willow wasn't injured because of a soft landing. However, what that meant was that the tomboy's head was firmly in Glace's chest. With her clothing now soaked through, it clung to her form, accenting her body's form in ways that she really didn't want it to. Her arms had at some point wrapped around the fauna for safety reasons, trying to do what she can to ensure that neither of them were injured. But even as she laid there ontop of Grace, her arms were still firmly around the girl, holding onto her for dear life. She didn't want to move for some reason - or simply couldn't.

Willow eventually pried her head from the fauna's chest, looking up to look Glace right in the eyes. She appeared to open her mouth to speak, but as she realized what position they were both in, her mind went blank, apparently not able to process the new situation. Her face flushed, causing a distinct difference between the red hue of her face and the cool blue water. Her face burned brightly; it felt as though she was going to have a meltdown just from staying in that position for much longer. But she couldn't find the willpower to release her grip. Instead, she just stared upwards, stammering out lightly as she attempted to think of anything, really. The one fortunate thing about this was that she certainly hadn't noticed the gradually increasing number of people watching their public displays.

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5 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:26 am

The moment realized that the tomboyish girl had her face smudged in her breast when she fell, Glace did not even noticed until her gaze went down to look at her. Both of the girls locked eyes for a moment and Glace simply looked into them and right before the girl on top flushed and tried to look away, Glace said something to her. "Your eyes are pretty, you know that?" She then wrapped her arms around the girl's neck before slowly laying more in the water. The fact that she was held tightly made both the girl pretty close. Their faces were at merely a couple centimeters from each other. With the proximity, even if most people would be embarrassed, did not really bothered Glace as she just enjoyed the moment. She had honestly forgotten already that the girl first came in order to get Glace out of the fountain. As she lied down, she giggled while looking both at the girl and around the fountain to see the people who were watching the two girls in the fountain and some were even taking pictures of them.

Simply smiling and enjoying the current situation, Glace looked back at the girl that she was holding rather close to her when she asked her something. "Do you have I name that I could call you? Or should I refer to you using a cute little surname? What about "Cutie" or "Darling"? What do you think?" She then giggled quite a bit, loving the reactions of the girl that she now wants to know better for some reason.

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6 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:22 am

Willow's face was flushed crimson as her eyes met with Glace. This was certainly not the way she expected this series of events to go; well, really that was a gross understatement. The tomboy had expected this to be a fairly simple task: get the fauna out of the water - or at the very least convince her to move to a different spot to hydrate. There were pools, baths, and most likely a beach and stream somewhere around the campus. All she really needed to do was find them. But in their condition, that wasn't possible. As Willow laid atop the bathing-suit clad fauna, she found herself wishing that either this had gone more like her plan or she was also wearing a bathing suit. However, that certainly wouldn't improve the situation much other than to allow her to enjoy this situation in something that wasn't her soaked clothing. That and the idea of their skin touching directly...

"E-eh? My... eyes?" Willow asked, her gaze still looking directly into Galce's, "That's... not true. My eyes are brown and boring. But yours..." she began to comment, but bit down on her lower lip to prevent her words from coming out. But no matter what, the crimson shade of her face revealed everything that she could possibly say and more. This situation was embarrassing her, that's for certain. In fact, there wasn't a single time that she could remembered that she felt so bashful; the typically rather outgoing tomboy turned into a nervous wreck by a cute face and a few sweet words. Luckily she hadn't noticed the group around the two beginning to take pictures; that'd probably make her less embarrassed and more enraged, effectively killing whatever moment was going on here.

But... what was going on here? This wasn't like Willow; she wasn't the type of person to get embarrassed about being called cute. No, she was the one that would embarrass people and call them cute. That's what she did. She wasn't the teased; she was the teaser. She was the one that enjoyed seeing people flustered at her words, and was she really ready to admit defeat by the fauna? Not even close.

Willow forced a grin to appear on her face, moving her forehead to rest on the fauna's, causing their close proximity to simply get even closer. She exhaled softly through her nose, "Cutie..? No, that doesn't fit me at all. You on the other hand... that's simply not strong enough of a title. Perhaps something to show how adorable you are, hm? Like... Cuddlefish~" she said with a quiet giggle, amused by her own pun, "Alternatively, you can just call me Willow. Or anything else you could think to call me, I certainly wouldn't mind." Although the girl was putting on a brave face, judging by her face, she was still extremely nervous about this entire situation. And if she knew that there would soon be rumors about a new fish student and her tomboy girlfriend, it's hard to say what she even would do in this situation.

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7 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:21 am

Warren glared up at the sun as it glared back down on him, and the rest of everyone else who was outside at the moment. Where the hell was the Autumn chill? The leaves on the trees were already beginning to turn into various hues of red and yellow. Surely that meant things were supposed to be getting cooler right?

He sighed as he continued to walk towards the training arena, hoping to cut in some extra practice time, but he paused to make a detour through the school courtyard, deciding to try and appreciate the signs of Autumn starting to arrive. As he passed by though, he noticed a rather large crowd gathered around the fountain, a rather unusual spectacle to be sure. He stopped in his tracks as he stared towards the gathering for a moment, before letting his curiosity get the better of him and he moves to investigate, edging and pushing his way through the crowd, using the fact that he was dressed in his armor to his advantage.

As he neared the front, he noticed a few people taking pictures, and he wondered what exactly it could be that was so interesting when he nearly stumbled as he saw who it was in the fountain. Willow Novack, his sister, drenched to the bone, looking flustered of all things. Red in the face and looking a little off to the side. A completely turn from her usual brash demeanor. This was completely unlike her.

In front of her was... Well, a half-dressed faunus girl of some sort, leaving very little to the imagination as she showed off what she had, and man did she have a lot. He blinked before quickly shaking his head. Now was not the time for thoughts like that. His sister was in trouble.

Slamming on his helmet, Warren stomps his way forward, letting the clatter of his armor suit make himself known as he does his best to stand imposing, his armor lending a few inches to his already above average height, letting the cloth across his suit flutter into the air behind him in what he tried to manage to be a graceful manner, as he tried to have it add to his intimidation attempt.

He reaches out to grab Willow by the arm, trying to yank her out of the fountain and remaining nearby to steady her. "What the hell is going on!?" Warren yells, letting his voice reverberate out from his helmet. "Willow! Are you hurt!?" Warren turns to face Glace. "Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing to my sister!?"

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8 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:53 am

As the newly-introduced Willow replied to Glace about having boring eyes and having an idea of what the end of her sentence was going to be, the fauna smoothly shook her head. "Are you kidding me? Brown eyes are so pretty. Everyone I know has blue eyes, it is way too common for me. Yours are just...perfect." As Willow bumped her forehead against Glace's, the fauna couldn't help but smile with a slight blush. When Willow called Glace "Cuddlefish", it made her turn a little bit more red and giggle as well. "My name is Glace, but please, call me Cuddlefish I love it! As for me, I will call you Darling~. Willow is a very pretty name but I just want to call you Darling. I hope it is okay."

Glace then took a moment to simply look into Willow's eyes. They were even more prettier from that distance and she just enjoyed the moment. But at some point, the fauna was struck with an irresistible urge, something that crossed her mind and that she had to do. I should have been easy to do too, because of how close they were at the moment. Glace started, without a word to get closer to Willow's face, no sudden moves. Just moving, very... very... slowly toward her cute flushed face...

Unfortunately, something came pulling Willow out of the water and out of Glace's arm, leaving her slightly pouting alone in the fountain. A man clad in armor that claimed Willow as his sister came to her "rescue" from his perspective but she seemed like having fun, at least from Glace's perspective. When the man asked who she was, the fauna answered. "My name is Glace. G-L-A-C-E but pronounced like "glass". It is foreign. And what we were doing... having fun of course." She gave an innocent smile while the "public" were angry at the man for disturbing the "show".

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9 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Sun Sep 13, 2015 5:45 am

Willow's heart sank down in her chest. She was never called perfect before, that's for sure. All her life, she had been completely average and unexotic. Her brown hair and brown eyes were so common that it was a surprise that she was ever noticed for her appearance - and really, it was a rare occurrence. She was a tomboy; she wasn't girly or feminine. She wasn't someone most people would even really call attractive as her figure wasn't the most developed; her assets rather lacking when compared to many other girls her age. But something about the fauna's simple compliment caused the tomboy to flush even more. She wanted to take her words with a grain of salt; convince herself that she was just being kind or exaggerating. But something about Glace made it seem as though she wasn't the type to do that.

And it certainly didn't help that her cheesy nickname backfired on her; Glace apparently quite liked the name 'Cuddlefish' and that wasn't helping the situation. She parted her lips, softly speaking, "Glace..." she repeated the girl's name after she revealed it, leaving her mouth slightly opened. She watched as the fauna gradually approached, getting closer and closer. The tomboy wasn't sure what the fauna was planning on doing, but somewhere in the back of her mind she knew what was coming next. She left her lips parted, attempting to keep her breathing steady as she began to lean forward herself.

But Willow was suddenly interrupted by the feeling of an armored hand grab onto her arm and yank her up. This, while not getting her out of the fountain all together, was enough to pull the tomboy away from the fauna's face and cause her to sit up, legs on either side of Glace's waist as she straddled her body. She blinked, looking around in a mild panic, "W-what? I don't..." her eyes eventually fell onto the armored man. There was certainly no way she would forget said armor, the one she's seen her brother wear so many times, "W-warren?! What are you... What am I.." she trailed off, looking down to see her position in the fountain. She then allowed her gaze to lift towards the crowd, scanning the observers of their 'fun' as her eyes widened and face deepened into a shade of red that almost isn't physically possible, "W-what are they..." she froze upon the realization. She didn't move, she didn't speak; she just stared as her gaze shifted between the group, her brother, and the fauna that she was straddling.

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10 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:08 pm

Warren gives his sister another pull, trying to get her to stand up and pull her out of the fountain, and failing that, he'd even go so far as to pick her up with both hands as he tried to pull her off of Glace. He'd never seen her this flustered before, and the first thing he wanted to do was to just get away from the girl, and the crowd as well.

He looks back down at Glace as he secures his sister, keeping his body in between her and the rest of the crowd, trying to at least let her keep what's left of her dignity. "Look Glace, I don't care what you think you were doing who the hell you think you are, but you are going to stay away from my sister from now on, understand?" He doesn't wait for an answer as he turns to face the crowd, shouting out at them.

"Get out of here! Go on! Show's over! Go home!" He shoos them away with one hand, and several people do leave as they assume the most interesting parts to be over, though a vast majority of the crowd sticks around to continue to watch.

Warren turns his attention back to his sister, trying to move her away from the fountain and get her out of being the center of attention. "Come on, let's get you out of here."

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11 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:33 am

Glace was a little disappointed in the situation. The fact the this guy, even if he is Willow's brother, had no right to come in and stop them from having a little bit of fun, right? Anyway, the fauna was not going to let that happen tat easily. As Warren tried to leave with his sister, Glace grabbed her hand and intertwining her fingers with her to hold her better. "Wait a second mister "Don't-come-near-my-sister", what gives you the right to decide that for her? And do not say that because you are her brother you need to protect her, I am pretty sure she can handle herself better than you think." Glace did speak the truth, she had the feeling that Willow was a capable girl and that she did not need some brother to help her. It was not a ruse to keep her for herself... well maybe not entirely but still.

Glace looked at Warren, with conviction in her eyes. She seemed ready to fight to kep the girlby her side. It might seems extreme, but why not? What is the best way to prove your dedication to something or someone than fighting for them? Okay maybe it is not the best way, but the man looked like a warrior in that armor, so maybe a fight was what was better understod or something. She could be simple minded sometimes, ddo not blame her please. "Listen, let her make her own choices in life, you cannot always be there for her. Let her decide if she wants to follow you or not. I will not force her to stay if she does not want to, so do not force her to follow you if she does not want to. It is simple I think." Glace then stood up, not letting go of Willow's hand as she waited to see how things would go.

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12 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:59 am

Willow found herself in quite a situation here. One one hand, she had her brother attempting to pull her along out of the fountain and go to pretty much anywhere other than the fountain and the crowd of people. On the other, Glace had quite a firm grip on her hand and wasn't intending to let go. As the two fought over the tomboy, what really mattered was what Willow herself wanted to do in this situation. And quite simply, she had no idea. In a way, she wanted to stay with Glace; she was at least a fun and happy person to be around, even if she did pull Willow in quite a provocative situation. However, she didn't want to stay here with all those people watching No, what Willow wanted to do was quite simple; she wanted to run away in a panic and pretend like none of that had ever happened.

And that's what Willow decided on doing. Her hand squeezed down gently on Glace's as she held it, a somewhat affectionate display that even the tomboy wasn't sure as to why she did it; it just felt like the right thing to do at the time. With that done, she released her grip before placing a hand on the fountain wall, hopping over it in a quick motion. As soon as her feet landed on the ground, she took off in a mad dash, intent on getting as far away from the fountain, the fauna, Warren, and even the crowd as she possibly could. With every step, her wet clothes squished as she had to use a hand to brush away her wet hair from her face. And even as she ran away - much faster than either Warren or Grace - a wet trail on the ground easily showed which way she went, leaving the two far behind.

Once she got a good ten minute's dash away, she finally stopped, finding a nearby wall and leaning her back on it. Panting mildly, she allowed herself to slide down the wall, ending on the ground as she sat down. She leaned her head back, glancing towards the sky for several moments as she just rested, trying to do what she could to clear her head.

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13 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:56 pm

Warren's eyes flared with anger, not that the girl could see them. "Who the hell are you claim to me that I can't come to help my sister!? I've known her for nearly all of my life, and I know when she can handle herself and when she's feeling out of her league. I may not be there for her forever, but I'll be damned if I sit back and watch her suffer when I could be there right now!" A distant part of Warren's mind warned him that this wasn't how he usually was. It wasn't like him to follow his emotions like this normally, but... He never truly got a long with most of his family. He'd always felt a little distant, as if he was a disappointment to them, and that drove him to try harder and to strive for greater heights. But throughout it all, Willow had been there with him. For him. If there was a single person in his family that he was proud to call as his blood, it was Willow. And now there was someone who dared to embarrass her, and then had the gall to ask him where his right to come to her aid was.

Willow seemed to suddenly bolt, dashing away from the crowd, and Warren's head darted to follow her. He spun back to snarl at Glace. "I swear to god, if you've hurt her in any way... I will find you..." His voice was laced with danger, a threat Warren was more than willing to make real. He didn't care if he sounded like an asshole, a dick, or even stupid. As long as he got his message across. It was then that he noticed that both his fists were clenched, one cocked down by his side and ready to strike at Glace. The thought chilled him, and for a second his anger broke. He hid it quickly by spinning around to run after Willow, even knocking over someone to get by the crowd, giving a yell of "Out of my way!" as he darted past.

It wasn't hard to follow the trail that Willow left behind, even if the girl was faster than him. That'd been proven time and time again. He skid to a halt as he saw Willow sitting up against a wall, and he paused to let himself catch his breath. He'd finally caught her, but now... He wasn't sure what to say. He'd never seen Willow riled up like that and... He honestly wasn't sure how to handle it. He took several paces towards her, looking around almost nonchalantly, before he reached her. Warren pulled off his helmet and slid down the wall next to Willow, clearing his throat as he tried to flush all the... emotion, he had felt moments earlier out of his system. "So... Uh... Are you... Okay?" He asks almost awkwardly.

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14 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:26 am

Glace looked back at Warren with the same determination, but she did felt threaten by his tone and by his presence. "Hey, I did not say that you could not help her when she is in danger, just that  you should not act like she is going to die for having a good time. I have a brother as well and he is not overly trying to protect me. And it is not like she is suffering right now..." Glace did felt uneasy talking back to him though as she understood where he came from but still thought he was overreacting.

Glace's gaze then switched over to her hand and to Willow as she felt that it was squeezed gently by her. The fauna wondered why for a moment before watching the girl dart away from everyone, running as fast as possible. It made her thought about it for a moment, about what Warren had told her, about hurting Willow, could it have been true? Glace did not bother with the threat from the man, although she had chills from it, as her eyes were focusing on the girl running away with her brother following.

Glace stood there for a while before sitting alone in the fountain, the crowd slowly leaving. She had her head between her arms and rested it on her knees as she thought to herself. "Was it really bad what I did? Is it my fault if she ran away? I... I hope she is okay..." It took about 20 minutes for the fauna to get out of the fountain, putting on her sweatshirt before leaving for her room.


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15 Re: "Unwanted" attention [Open] on Sat Oct 17, 2015 3:32 pm

Willow let out a slow exhale, closing her eyes and simply leaning her head back to rest it on the wall behind her. 'What just happened?' the tomboy asked herself, attempting to find an answer somewhere. That was something that she wasn't entirely sure about, just as she wasn't entirely sure how she felt about it. Hell, she barely even allowed the event to fully click in her mind as it was completely clouded by embarrassment, only heightened by the fact that she just ran away like that without a word. Perhaps she should've laughed it off or said... anything other than nothing. Willow sighed, hitting the wall with the back of her head in regret. And boy did she regret it, even her brother saw her with a flustered face, something that certainly didn't happen often.

Warren's armor was the thing that Willow heard first, that clattering of metal and slight whir of engineering. She listened to him pausing, not wanting to say anything first; even wishing that nothing would be said between the two of them. But that wasn't the case, her brother being socially inept and awkward as always which managed to elicit a chuckle from the girl, shaking her head, "Yeah..." she let out lowly, shaking her head. Another moment passed between the two of them of semi-awkward, but also comforting silence before, "Hm... What'd you think of her?" she asked, attempting to get some conversation going if there had to be one.

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