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School's Out Forever (Shadow Mission, Solo)

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1 School's Out Forever (Shadow Mission, Solo) on Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:13 pm

Many assumed that the purple haired beast lacked intelligence. That with the nonsense that dripped from his neigh never still mouth was an accurate reflection of what was going on inside. To him however things were quite different. It was simply that they couldn’t imagine the sheer gravitas of what he was saying, no one wanted to believe the truth. That was the problem. Part of him also believed that through speech his goals could not be achieved. Actions spoke far louder than words as the saying went.

And so he had come here. The library. The home of a word not spoken but written.
Now, of course, being himself he was not allowed off of campus to perform shadow missions without the presence of either a teacher or even a powerful member of the police. As such he had asked if he could perform a shadow mission closer to home, when the library had been brought up he had agreed almost immediately. And so here he stood; within the quietest room in the school… being shouted at by what he could only guess was the loudest woman in the school between her chewing gum viciously.

“They told me about you! You’re not to kill anyone in this library you got that!? Oh god, you even reek of dead meat! When’s the last time you took a shower! Are you just going to stand there or are you going to work?! When’s the last time you had a haircut?! Your hair is even longer than mine! That’s the last straw, after this you’re never coming in here again! You got that?! Why are you even-

Errante sighed, brushing his now mid back length hair out of his eyes, as the woman rambled on and on. He didn’t really care of appearances and as such his own had diminished. He stood wearing his black dress, lilac hair cluttering his vision and without his weapon… he missed Ragnarock already. It was almost like there weren’t enough eyes on him… no attention… things were peaceful but not in the way he wanted. A calm before the storm peace rather than a calm post storm one.

“Miss… you haven’t told me what to do… so I can’t really work right now...” The boy deadpan told her.

“D-Don’t you get snippy with me I-I told you to… oh… oops, I guess I didn’t tell you what to do…” She paused rather awkwardly, the batwings on either side of her head flapping a little.

He shrugged, “Probably.”

“Well… I don’t think I have too much for you to do…” She admitted, “…I guess you could go get me my lunch in a couple hours… although, you’re probably not allowed to do that are you?”

“Probably not.”

“Okay… I guess you can just put some books back in their place, they’re to be arranged based on genera and in alphabetical order… think you can handle that.”


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It had been around an hour since Errante had arrived and he was still stacking shelves. All in all this hadn’t quite been the experience he’d hoped it’d be. Granted he wasn’t exactly upset about his choice to come here, the peace and quiet was rather nice. It was good to get out of the cell of a room they kept him it. It’s nice to stretch his wings for once, is what he thought he would say if he had wings but alas. He couldn’t find any of his own… but he was working on what was keeping him grounded.

It had taken him quite some time to do it, the risk of removing his own hand had been quite great, but recently he had succeeded in the first goal in his itinerary. He had detached the tracer bracelet on his wrist. He had starved for days to get his wrists slim enough to do it easily, just the other day he had stuck Ragnarock between his wrist and the bracer and pried it apart. From there it was a simple matter of removing the actual device from its holder. Now he had it, a slim chip with a blinking light and a powerful yet small battery on it’s under side. Still entirely active. His ball and chain.

Now of course he had put his wristband back together, minus the chip, so as to fool anyone who knew he was supposed to be wearing it. This is how Errante was smart, people expected him to be a brute who spouted nothing but nonsense but while he lacked knowledge on Geography, Arithmetic and even the ability to write, he was rather conniving whenever he had to be. He had kept the chip on his person so as to fool the police along with Syne’s own defence force. He knew what he had to do, place this chip on a student and he’d be set for life… or at least long enough to escape.

“Oh purple haired boy! Where are you?!” A familiar sounding woman screamed aloud throughout the library.

“Well… that’s not for me. I have lilac hair.”

Errante continued stacking, having forgotten Libra Airan’s name as well as most everything else about her, voice and bat wings included. He simply remembered that he was supposed to stack books for some reason. Honestly he was enjoying it… he felt a little bad for whoever the purple haired guy was, getting shouted at in this nice environment.

“Oi! Errante, are you deaf!? Get down here this instant!”

Errante looked down from the ladder he stood on, having pushed the last book in his stack into its fitting location.

“…Who’s Errante?”

“I-Isn’t that your name?! How can someone forget their own name?!” The woman shouted to him, green gum visible from her open mouth.

“I guess it could be my name…okay. But can I hold your wings?”

“No chance!”

“Aww… why not?”

“I don’t trust you!”

“…Why not?”

“Get down here right now!”

The lanky boy sighed, letting go and allowing himself to fall from the ladder; flat onto his back with a thud and a loud crack.

“Are you insane!?”

“…That’s what they say. I think they’re insane. Probably.”


“…’kay.” The purple haired boy rose without using his arms, alike a vampire from a coffin. “What is it?”

“There’s a rowdy group of students I’ve already tried chewing them out but… they seem to think I’m all bark and no bite, I can’t go get my weapon and leave you here alone so I want you to scare them off.”

The lilac haired child grinned, mind gushing with ideas; “Okay~”

“N-No eating them! No hurting them! J-J-Just scare them.” She instructed.

“What kind of person do you take me for silly bat-girl,” He smiled in a way she found surprisingly cute despite the disgusting messy hair obscuring a large part of it. He managed to retain his smile even in walking up to the supposedly rowdy group; a pair of couples playing music from a scroll. Two rather large built men, two even stronger looking women.

Without a second thought he put his hand on the largest of the two boy’s heads… only to immediately have his hand grabbed and be swung through the air and land flat on his back… much to the student’s dismay when they saw him.


“The purple haze…”

“The crucial cannibal...”

“Death’s double…”

“Errante Carne…”

“…Is that me? I think that’s me.” He smiled, “…What’s a crucial?”

The four hunters in training left the library screaming, dropping their scrolls, weapons and books as they left. Miss Airan quickly wandered over.

“…Are you okay?”


“I said are you okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” A small line of red began to trickle down passed the boy’s right eyebrow.


“…Can I hold your bat ear thingies?”

“I think you might be brain damaged.”


“You should probably take a break for the rest of the allotted time… don’t want you getting riled up especially in your state.”

“Awww… but I was having fun…”

The bat faunus woman sighed, before chewing quickly on her gum, trying to appear angry, “G-Go sit behind the front desk. Just watch and let me know if you see anything suspicious.”

“Fine…” He sighed, defeated.

The gangly boy wander up and behind the desk, flopping down into a spinney chair. Immediately bored he ran his hands across the front desk, looking for something to play with only to find nothing. He then lightly drummed his hands on the desk’s underside only to find something sticky…


The boy was indeed correct, gum. It would seem the bat librarian was hording a large volume of the stuff beneath her desk. This got the short boy to thinking. He removed the microchip, designed to relay his location, and attached it to a particularly sticky piece of gum. His plan was almost complete now he just had to find…

There. Just as he suspected. Someone was watching the librarian, and Errante was watching the watcher. He was a bookish boy with black hair and big glasses, peering over a thick manuscript at the young looking librarian… such a simple target. Seemed like he’d spend a lot of time here… that’d be good. Errante spied a thick book bag at his side, the kind of thing that a person perhaps wouldn’t clean out for days. A strong bag of sorts. It’d do.

Without hesitation the purple haired boy stood, wandered over (the glasses wearing one still distracted by the librarian) and stuck the tracker to the underside of the bag’s rim; just passed the zipper. With that done he paced passed him and toward the librarian.

“Can I go see the nurse?... I think I have the brain damage thing…”

“Well… you did help me, tell you what; I’ll take you down when the library closes for lunch. Until then just go rest up, there are plenty of beanbags,” She smiled, chewing away.


As Errante landed onto a beanbag a wide smirk grew across his face. Soon he’d be free. Soon he could be the don. Soon they would see.

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