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1 Back to the Drawing Board [Training Thread] on Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:34 am

A loud clattering of metal echoed through the room as Warren tossed his helmet off into the pile of meta pieces that made up his armor, now sitting in a rather unflattering pile in the corner. The man lets out a long sigh as he slides into his chair in front of his desk, various papers and notebooks strewn across the top, various sketches and notes scribbled across the vast multitude of them. While he hated to admit it, he felt as though he was beginning to run himself into a brick wall. The reason for his frustration was his armor, Dust Carapace, and while it was perhaps the greatest thing he'd ever worked on in his entire life... There were a million different little things in the way that it could be improved, and he had been forced to a cut a few corners off his original design when he still lacked much of the technical expertise that he had today. As much as he despised arrogance and undue pride, he couldn't help but feel a sort of ownership over his creation, and admitting that he could've done a lot better bit at him in a deep buried place that he didn't like to believe was there. He sighed again, and shook himself out of his thoughts. There was no point dwelling on his broken pride. He needed to get things done, and so he focused himself back towards his work, shuffling across the various papers atop his desk, looking for several references he had penned months ago.

The main issue Warren had been trying to solve right now was the fact that Dust Carapace did not have the utility or power that Warren originally intended for it to have. With Dust Carapace being a suit of armor, pretty much all of its killing power and versatility came from the Dust that he carried within small tanks inside the suit. While getting different kinds of Dust was a simple enough way to solve the issue of versatility, the problem of exactly how much he could came up as well. As it was, there wasn't very much room inside the thing for Dust, and so carrying other types of Dust for versatility would into his staying power, and seeing as he lacked any kind of physical weapon save for his armored fists, he needed that staying power to keep up with everyone else. The quickest solution was to settle for a much more reactive and higher grade Dust, but with that came the issue of structural stability. When he first made Dust Carapace, he had settled for lower grade Dust, as it not only made the safety of the containers used to carry them much easier to make, but it was cheaper as well, not that money was all that much of an obstacle to him. Still, as it was, the armor and buffers between the containers of Dust and... Well, everything else, wasn't nearly strong enough to handle anything higher grade than what he was using now. Perhaps he could try to simply fit in more canisters to compensate, however that'd mean taking out other bits and pieces to fit them in, along with making the suit even more cramped and uncomfortable than it already was.

He drummed his fingers along the table as he continued to think. He could perhaps armor the canisters simply by themselves, but the canisters were really only designed to protect the Dust from shock and hard shakes that came from the rough and tumble nature of combat. A hit solid enough to punch through his armor would more than likely be enough to get through the canister, and then he'd explode and no one really wanted that... Well, Warren didn't want that anyways. Up-armoring the canisters wouldn't work, that'd be the same problem as earlier, as he lost space that needed to be used to hold Dust. He supposed he could use a higher grade material, but that'd require remaking the entire thing, and that was a hell of a lot of work.

Another option was to upgrade the armor, though that still came with it's own number of issues. Adding more meant more weight, and while the mechanical augments inside his armor helped to negate it, he still couldn't afford to weigh himself down, especially if the additional armor made him clumsier as it most likely would've. He needed to be able to have a full range of motion and articulate all of his fingers if he wanted to keep his edge. If he was too heavy, that meant he was too slow, and there while he liked to put his faith into a suit of armor of his own creation, there were still things in this world which could easily ignore something as simple an inch of steel, and against something like that, speed would be his only defense. Again, he could also up the quality of the metal alloy used in its creation, but... Again, that'd take a complete recreation, one on a much greater scale than simply remaking the canisters. Weeks, if not months, of manpower and notes, let alone the logistics needed in getting the supplies and finding a place with the suitable tools. He wasn't home anymore, where he had an entire workshop built exactly to what he wanted and needed.

A heavy sigh escapes from his mouth. "Goddammit..." he curses under his breath, as he stands to pace around his room, deep in thought. He liked to move when he had to think like this. It always seemed to help get his thoughts flowing. He found himself pacing quite a bit ever since he'd come to Syne. Try as he might, he couldn't see any other way short of a complete redesign, and anyway of cutting down on the time needed to see the project through simply meant taking a few shortcuts with his work, and if he was going to be remaking the whole thing anyways, he saw no reason to cut any corners this time around, especially when he found his life being put on the line a lot more frequently than he thought would've been happening when he first joined the Academy.

He nodded to himself. Determination set in his face. He moved back to his seat, swiping the papers off his desk and letting them flutter down to the ground behind him. He didn't why he did that to be honest, he was usually a lot more organized than that. He'd probably need to reference some of those documents later too, and cleaning all of them up off the ground was going to be a pain, but... It had felt appropriate at the time. A new start and all that. Flipping open a new notebook he began his scribbling. New material meant a different weight, and that'd affect how he needed to balance things. If things ended up lighter, all the better, but if things ended up heavier, even slightly, that would mean he'd need to see if it'd affect his performance in anyway, and either one would require him to rebalance the suit of armor. He'd need to look up producers of alloys as well... Preferably local, for the cheaper cost. He pulled out his scroll, and began to go through the motions of searching up businesses that made what he needed. If nothing else, his parents or some relative of his would likely know where it is he could find what he needed, but he would much rather do it all by himself. He still needed to prove himself... Not just to his parents, but to everyone. Even if they couldn't see all of the effort and work that he'd put into this. He needed to prove it to himself.

He still needed to make sure to get that new Dust too, Warren reminded himself. Still, that was more than an easy solution, as Dust, while fairly expensive, was almost universally available throughout the entire world. All that little detail would really require was to just find a local shop in the area that sold it at the quality he needed. Licenses and the like were of little to no issue, as Warren had already done nearly all the training required back at home, and most stores were more than willing to sell to Hunters, some even at a discounted price. The only real thing he needed to do was to simply find the store that sold it at the lowest price he could find.

Yes, he could see it all coming together now. It was going to take a lot of time, hell it'd take a lot of blood, sweat, and work, but he was going to do it. At the end it all, he'd be better for it. More capable. He couldn't help but laugh, and he wondered briefly if he might have been losing it. Well, now wasn't the time to question his sanity. He was probably fine. He had work to do.

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