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Pet Rules

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1 Pet Rules on Tue Sep 15, 2015 1:49 am

Leena Lilac
Pet Rules

  • You cannot start with a pet, you must buy it from the Pet-Shop.

  • A pet attacking counts as one of it's owners attacks, thus if you could perform two attacks and you have your pet attack you can only perform one more that post. (Owner Speed dependent)

  • The pet's owner may choose the pet's name and personality.

  • When a pet's HP drops to 0 it is merely unconscious, unless the owner has agreed for the pet to die.

  • Pets can only be given from player to player and not sold from player to player.

  • Pets take the full amount of damage from both physical and dust based attacks.

  • Pets follow the same semblance rules and thus the same aura costs for using their semblances.

  • Healing semblances can be used on pets.

  • Status effects can be used on pets and used by pets where possible but only as affinity one.

  • Pets are sold on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. We will restock as needed, but these pets do not have clones of each other.

  • Buying a pet as a joint custody is allowed but you cannot buy it with two alts of the same person.

  • For joint custody a minimum of a tenth of the pet's cost must be pitched in by one side, the other paying the rest.

  • The Joint pet counts as both parities single pet slot, they cannot own yet another pet.

  • Joint custody can be given to another person after the pet has been bought, free of charge. This is a way to achieve joint custody between alts as they cannot buy a pet together.

  • Joint custody is between a max of two people.

  • Upon entering a thread in which both characters and the pet are present only one may use it for their attacks, which character can must be decided OOC before it can attack.

  • Those having joint custody, just as giving a pet to a wholly new owner, must have met IC. Even if it is in a character's history.

  • Pets can use dust if sensible (e.g. bird dropping a dust bomb) and it does the pet's base damage regardless of dust tier but against the target's RES and magical armor.

  • Pets defense is general defense against all attacks save for semblance based.

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