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Love is Dead

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1 Love is Dead on Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:48 am



It's been over two centuries since the United States has banned love (Amor Deliria Nervosa) and created the Cure to eradicate it from society. Love has been the cause of all the world's problems and now this is supposed to be Utopia. The borders are closed and there have been no wars for over a century. But that time of peace is slowly starting to come to an end. The Invalids' forces are increasing, their forces are growing strong, and the DFA is doing their best to try to stop them. They are working on a cure procedure that could be safe for the younger citizens, but the rebel forces would do anything to stall this process. So, what side are you on? Pro-cure, anti-cure, or do you just wanna sit back and watch?

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