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Lost in researches... literally [Private/Meiko]

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Glace de Bleue
It was a busy day for the "small" fish fauna that found herself in the library right now. She wanted to do some research on the Grimms as she was not used to fight them since there was no Beowulves or Nevermore in the seas. She had a whole bunch of books that she placed all over a large table that she took for herself. She made a bit of a ruckus having some poeple telling her to make less noise as she apologized.

Glace opened one of the books and started to read, then opened another, started to take notes, returned to the first book, opened a third one... After an hour or two of randomly reading and taking notes, the fauna took a deep sigh before letting out a loud grunt and a complain. "How am I suppose to learn what are those Grimms if I cannot understand a word of what is writen?!?" Multiple shushes were heard as they asked Glace to stay silent. She let her face fall into one of the books while mumbling some nonsensical geberish to herself.

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