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Dinner For Two (Open)

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1 Dinner For Two (Open) on Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:14 pm

Richard Lionheart
"Shop just had to be out of bags didn't it? This would be embarrassing enough with one."

Richard awkwardly adjusted his scarf, attempting to hide both his blush and the sheepish look on his face, before returning his other hand to the item in his hands; clutching it to his chest in an attempt to conceal it from the world... it wasn't working. He tried to ignore his surroundings as he paced down the city streets, away from the shop he had awkwardly made an exchange at.

For once he found it was fortunate that he was so short and that he had recently shaved, as well as having his hat and scarf hide most of his face... the ability to look like a child was likely saving him a good portion of the heckling he could be going through were he taller and more visible... granted it was also saving the hecklers from a night in ER but still.

As he approached the airship pad he felt his head fill with dread. The last one for the next hour or so, as they were usually late not early like this one, had taken off right in front of him. An audible growl could be heard from him as he turned and wandered back the way he had come. He glanced to a nearby clock on the side of a post office, 5:29 PM. He'd have to get dinner before leaving... couldn't endure an empty stomach for that long... but getting a meal with this in his hands.

The boy quickly tucked the large, soft, object he'd been holding in his hands beneath his hat; said object's head still poking out the front a little and one of it's legs poking out the back. He lowered his gaze, staring at the inner side of his scarf as he approached a vendor.

"...A large doner kebab and chips to go... that is all."

The vendor blinked, "Uuhh... isn't that a bit much for a kid? How old are you... twelve?"

Richard shot her a glare with his neigh black eyes; "I'm paying you aren't I?"

"Alright little man, whatever you say."

The slightly older looking, snake tonged, faunus woman behind the desk quickly shoveled some of the hot potato cuts into one half of a Styrofoam container before placing the doner meat wrap into the other half. Richard paid and took the meal without another word, quickly wandering toward a quieter part of town.

He did notice the nights were beginning to draw in a little. Might be approaching sunset by the time he got to the academy... perhaps not. The house arrest had toyed with his sense of time somewhat but in the end he had decided he didn't care much for time. He'd eat when he wanted and sleep when he wanted, he didn't give a dam about some clock's face.

The boy quickly sat his meal on a bench before sitting next to it. He then removed the item from his hat, setting it in his lap and put the meal in the items own lap. This way no one could simply take the item... he'd cut anyone's finger off should they try to anyway.

From there he put the meal in his lap, quickly throwing away the small two pronged wooden fork he had been given in place of two of his sharp white claws. He lowered his scarf and began to pluck pieces from either side, hoping that this would all just blow over soon... and that no one would question nor try to talk to him... unlike the last time he'd sat on this very bench.

He glared down at the plush, 100% Cotton, teddy-bear-panda in his lap; "...You had better be worth it."

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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2 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:46 pm

Rose Pazilioni
Rose Castella Pazilioni

Aura: 230/230
Health: 70/70

R ose Castella Pazilioni had arrived late in Syne, riding all day and night in Oriyu's white tinted limo so that she could go to school, but the thought of school didnt excite her. She wanted her papa around, after all new places terrified her. She wasn't one to venture alone, but today was a different day. Today she actually wanted to hunt down her dad, and so far she wandered across the city.

Every twist and corner made her more and more confused, and the whole city thing made her skin flush. She wandered for hours, no food or water, looking around to see if she could spot any sign of him at all. He hadnt been answering her calls, texts, voice mails, or face times since she arrived alone at the school. What was the lonely girl to do? No friends, no nothing besides her own clothes and sugary sweets. After a while she started getting a sick feeling in her stomach, and decided it was time to take a seat before she hurt anymore.

She skipped dinner to save time, so the last time she ate was either a day or two ago, and the only food she had in her pocket were suckers, chocolate, and varies bits and pieces of randomness. She chose her spot, a bench with a young boy sitting upon it by himself. She moved ever so silently- though her walk was always quiet unless she walked barefoot- over towards the person who was alone. She approached the bench ever so quietly and took a seat on the opposite end of him, her eyes catching two things.

His food, and his plushie. She tilted her head to examine it a little more, then turned her head away as to not drag attention from him. Rose wasn't a big talker, mostly due to her quiet nature she stayed silent to be lesser judged upon because she looked a mess. Fingers all replaced with robotic technology, eyes always looking tired, most organs replaced with new life sustaining technology... She looked like she got hit with a semi truck. She didnt care to think anything of the man beside hers size, he was short like her and she was taught not to judge based on appearance.

It took a while but she struck the courage to shakily extend a finger towards the mans plushie, and speak a rather stuttery word. C-c-c-c-cu-cu-cu-u-u-te. She fully got the word out and pulled her finger back. 'Success' she thought as her stomach yelled at her for food. She didnt have any, so she pulled a plastic wrapped lollipop out from her pocket and wrapped the razor thread around the packaging, making a small minut effort of a pull and the packaging ripped apart cleanly.

She retracted the thread back into her fingers and stuffed the lollipop on her mouth, her stomach getting angry with her and growled louder. She hopped the noise wasn't interrupting the boy and if need be she'd get up and start her search again, but her eyelids grew heavy. She dozed off from hunger for a minute or two, until chocking on the lollipop forced her eyes open.

She looked like an idiot, and she didnt look at the man to see if he noticed, instead she pulled the lollipop from her mouth and shredded it with the razor thread, popping piece after piece in her mouth. She checked her phone every once in a while, looking like a lady on a date waiting for her date to arrive that never will.

In honesty she had no clue what to do, sitting on this bench seemed to be the most interesting thing she could do while she waited for a response that would never come that day while her stomach was on a rampage inside her.

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3 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:54 pm

Richard Lionheart
Richard tried to ignore the pink haired girl as she sat down next to him, turning his head away from her as he continued to consume his feast. With any luck she would soon get up and leave, not like she had any reason to be sitting with him let alone talking to him... yet still he could feel a set of pink eyes boring into him. It seemed this girl was going to attempt to communicate with him, despite his embarrassing situation. He was absolutely willing to scare her away, probably even take a swipe at her, if she mocked him in the slightest.

He psyched himself up slightly, lowering the tip of his cap to make his eyes like black beads in a dark void. He raised his scarf to hide the lower half of his face once more, a hidden mouth meant she could never hope to predict what would spill from it. He placed another cut of doner meat in his mouth now it was just-

He was surprised in the middle of his munching by her sudden comment. He assumed she was talking about the bear referring to it as cute. An immediate flush of embarrassment swept through him, leaving a feeling of anger in it's wake. The rest of his claws extended. He chewed and swallowed before turning to the girl with a dark stare.

"Yeah, what of it brat, I'll cut your-

He found the girl had fallen asleep next to him, a lollipop in her mouth... and was in fact a girl who looked like she should be in children's school. Not around a hunter in training, let alone one as powerful as he.

A wave of depression swept through him, was he really so short as to have a child sit next to him? Assuming he was one of them? To him this brat looked like a girl in her early teens, struggling to grow up... did he appear that way to? Was this bear making him look like a brat? This question sent yet another wave of rage through Richard, just in time for her to begin to choke on the sugar-based sweet like an idiot. He would have just rolled his eyes and looked away if something hadn't caught his eye.

Fingertips. Metal fingertips. And yet a clearly flesh body so he knew she was not an android; her eating let alone chocking proved that much. He turned away a little after she'd finished chocking, facing the street in front of him,  but long enough to see sharp wires had extended from her fingertips... he was almost impressed.

Granted, this girl clearly had a bratty and child like disposition; her commenting cute on the bear coupled with this clear love of lollipops showed that much but as a huntress? It wasn't clear that she was one. Her weapon was well hidden yet she was clearly skilled with it. Her clothing, while a little baggy in places, looked to allow free movement and perhaps if there were pouches on it's inside for the carrying of poison or dust. Only thing Richard really saw as a problem was the hair...

"Why do people insist on the least combat effective hair..." He grumbled under his scarf, trying to ignore the girl once more.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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4 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:05 am

Rose Pazilioni
Rose Castella Pazilioni

Aura: 230/230
Health: 70/70

R ose kept more to herself now than she did the man, not wanting conflict. She mostly stood still the entire time around him, feeling his uncomfortable vibes with her just being around. But she was taught to overlook other people's problems whether they liked her or not. She pulled out a cell phone, an older model flip phone.

The regular new devices won't work with her fingers being cold and metallic, so this was her only option. She texted Oriyu again, +Papa, why aren't you answering? Everything okay? Please text me... There is a somewhat hostile man beside me and I feel unsafe.+ she typed and hit send, folding the phone over and slipped it into her pocket.

She noticed something drive by several times after her text, the white limo. Possibly a response from Oriyu without him actually texting her. After the 10th time it parked infront of them, and she waved to it with a bright smile. A hand extended out the window and waved back then took off.

She let out a soft sigh of relief and started picking through more sweets in her pocket, pulling the thread out to shred the wrappers that enveloped her delicious goods. She kept a lazy eye on the man next to her as he seemed to eyeball her fingers which made her feel self concious

She pulled her sleeves up to reveal full robotic fingers that stopped at their roots on her hand. The palm of her hand was the only thing flesh and bone after her skinny wrist, and she moved his hand over for him to see. She moved the appendages, then brought her hand back to herself in slight embarrassment.

She didnt like talking about them as it brought up bad memories, and with his comment about her hair she dropped her head.

I d-don-don't w-wa-wan-want t-to l-l-look l-li-ke a b-b-b-boy.

She spoke stutterably and kept her head down. She didnt like if she was supposed to have heard him or not but that was out of her control now. For a while after she was quiet, and stood up to look around them. She didnt see the person she wanted to and dropped back into the bench, her stomach constantly yelling at her.

She thought of where she could eat, whether the limo driver would take her back to Syne for a free meal, or if she would be able to stay awake long enough to even call them. Her eyes kept a low look as she started eating chocolate, not very unusual that it was melted. But she ate it anyways, then dozed back off from hunger to awaken a few minutes later.

She moved an eye over to the man, seeing any indication that he was a Syne student or not but saw nothing of the sort and didnt ask. She started thinking of what he was doing there as time seemed to go by. Who was he waiting for, what was he doing, why he had a plushie. She saw signs of stuble so his age was definitely that of a teenager, but what struck her was his wanting of concealing himself.

Was he embarrassed? She saw no reason why except the plushie, but maybe it was for someone else? It could be for him though, but why in public? She didn't ask anything, not wanting to upset the man as much as she already was.

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5 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:03 pm

Mio Hirasawa
Mio was on the in coming airship to the city to go and pick up some new books she wanted to read. As the airship was getting ready to land she walked to the ships door and waited for it to open. The light form outside just proud into the airship as soon as the door opened. Mio than exit the airship and looked around seeing all the people walking around talking and just having a good time. This always made her happy to see and to remember her why she is working so hard to be come a huntress.

The door to the airship closed when everyone was out and she started to head to the book shop to see what they had. She than walked in the book shop, than sometime later she walked out with a bag with like five books. As mio was walking back she was getting some funny looks form people, it wasn't everyday you see some dressed like they were going to be going to war. "It's a good thing i didn't bring my weapon or i'd be in some big trouble." On her way back to were the airship would be landing  to pick people up, she stopped and got some food. there was a mess up on her order and she got like five more hamburger's and three things more of fry's. Mio was ok with this more food was ever a bad thing. The she walked over to a little sitting area and seen two kids on a little bench. The girl had pick hair it looked cute on her and a boy with a cute panda bear.

She walked over to the two kids "Hello there what a cute little panda bear it's as cute as her pick hair." as she looked at the girl when saying that. Than a sound than Mio knew way to well the cry for food coming form the little girl. "Sounds like some one is hungry." She than pull out a hamburger and some fry's and handed it to the girl with a smile. "Here plze eat."

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6 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:05 pm

Richard Lionheart
Richard sighed at the pink haired girl next to him, having hardly acknowledged her showing her metal fingers and continuing to ignore her stomach.

"...Unless those strings are just for cutting sweeties then you're probably hunter in training," He pointed out, "Hunters fight grimm and thus should prepare as such. Long hair gives a massive disadvantage... Pigtails more so. Such a thing is easily caught or grabbed. It is-

Richard, once again, had his verbal train of thought interrupted... This time by a massive girl with long black hair and wearing armour of sorts on her chest... Yet another girl had just complimented the bear...  Part of its purposes was to appear harmless yet attract attention... But that didn't make it less embarrassing.

He lowered his hat and sulked lower behind his bear to hide his embarrassment as best he could...
Though from here he realized he could do something. He set down to a quick appraisal.

He had created this method not to long ago. Ranking people from A+ to F- on how much of a threat they either were or  could  become.

First was the pink haired;

Pros- Concealed Weapon, Clothing Allows for free leg/arm movement, Could be concealing armour, weapons, poison or various misc beneath her clothes (possible inside pockets) Small/thin stature allows for easy dodging, Lack of heels.

Cons- Hair colour and eye colour would make stealth difficult, Sleeves are baggy and grab-able,

Poor hair choice, Looks rather frail, Makes loud noises with stomach, Barefoot, Quick to show weapon.

Grade; B- could make B+ with effort.

And then the tall one;

Pros- No obvious weapon (may simply not have it on her person though) Hair and eyes are dull colours allowing for stealth, Armoured body, Large and physically imposing (muscles show clear brute strength), Possibly hiding items beneath armour, No baggy clothing, Lack of heels.

Cons- Large and thus easier to hit, Long hair (though only appears easily grab-able from behind and attacker would have to have some height) If her weapon is not on her now then she is apt to be unprepared for a fight.

Grade- A- at best, could drop as low as a B- If her weapon were truly awful.

He took this mental evaluation surprisingly quickly, having practiced it on many passers by before them. He found C was most common for those at the school. Street thugs and police around the D- area and civilians range varied quite a lot due to some more obvious White Fang members, ex-hunters and those who aspire to be either being among them.

These two women were quite the rarities. A good jump above the norm... Honestly it was kind of refreshing. He felt slightly less embarrassed and a good chunk less pissed off. Would seem he was in "surprisingly okay" company.

He rose a little from his slouched position, "accidentally" making enough room for the new woman to take a seat... Albeit having to squeeze in a bit. She looked almost familiar... He doubted they'd met before though... Perhaps they'd simply walked by each other at the academy at some point... Or maybe she just had a couple look alikes. Either way he was banking that she's been at the academy for a bit, perhaps even being second year alike himself.

"Oi, pink hair." He grumbled after swallowing some chips, "She's got the same flaw."

He raised his hat slightly while nudging his bear further from the pairs reach, "And while long hair is more common among broads one of the few women I can slightly stand has shorter hair. Hunters shouldn't worry about looking pretty anyway, you're meant to intimidate... Unless you look to seduce an opponent before battle which would never work against Grimm."

He yawned finishing his last mouthful, retracting his claws, throwing the container in the garbage and putting his arms crossed behind his head. Looking up to avoid seeing anything that would further his embarrassment; "Aren't people meant to introduce themselves in this society?"

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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7 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Tue Sep 29, 2015 3:43 am

Rose Pazilioni
Rose Castella Pazilioni

Aura: 230/230
Health: 70/70

R ose became on edge when the two were approached by the taller girl, she started feeling a bit of fear but she knew if anything happened the limo driver had a rather gigantic revolver and he wasn't afraid of going back to jail. That was the only comforting thought she had at the moment because she disliked conflict when it was used with stupidity, and as the girl grew closer she had her hand in her pocket holding the cell phone ready to alert the driver if danger overcame her.

As she was right infront of them Rose didn't expect the girl to hand her food, which was accepted gladly and she unwrapped it. With a flick of her hand the wire spun from her finger around the burger and with a pull turned it into salad which was easier for her to eat. She did the same with the fries and sprinkled them on top as if they were sprinkles to ice cream.

The many wires retracted and she smiled a frail smile to the one bestowing her with such a luxury. T-th-th-an-thank y-ou. She managed to speak as she grabbed bits and pieces of the food that were small and moved them slowly to her mouth, destroyed them with her teeth, and moved them down to her artificial organs to supply nutrients to the originals.

She slowly turned her head to Richard, slowly calming herself down to ease the stutter now that she was given a delightful gift. It l-looks shorter d-d-d-down. The w-w-wires came from a c-cel-le-brit-rity pup-up-et man. They cut f-flesh a-and are b-b-better for choking and c-c-causing heavy bleeding. M-mi-mixed with poison they c-can kill much easier with l-l-little effort.

Normally I t-trap people with t-threads because my s-sem-blance is quick and damaging. I'm very fast....
She spoke and looked up towards the sky, then back down to her meal. Her eating sped up slightly and bit by bit the food began disappearing until only the wrapper was left. She stared down at her robotic feet, moving the toes as she watched debris fall from the cracks.

She looked over as the man asked for their names, and a thought came to mind. 'Normally so, but do strangers exchange names on a bus after a short conversation of being belittled and under expectationed? Because it seems like you hate everyone...' She thought and answered his possible question. Rose Pazilioni... Daughter of the famous magician and puppet man Oriyu Pazilioni.... She managed to say without stuttering. Seems like the food was working its magic already.

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8 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:03 pm

Mio Hirasawa
As she gived the food to the young girl she did something that Mio wasn't too sure on what just happened. With a flick of her hand the wire spun from her finger around the burger and with a pull the burger was all cut up. *Hmmmm wires in her fingers that well hurt if she sues it on someone.* She was making a note for herself so if she seen her again or hopefully this wound never happen but if she had to fight her she already know about the wire. Than the boy moved over some maybe making room for Mio to sit down with them.

Mio smiled and sit down with them than he started talking to the girl "Oi, pink hair, She's got the same flaw." Mio didn't know if that was a good thing or not so she just giggled it off. "And while long hair is more common among broads one of the few women I can slightly stand has shorter hair. Hunters shouldn't worry about looking pretty anyway, you're meant to intimidate... Unless you look to seduce an opponent before battle which would never work against Grimm." Than he was for there name more or less Mio than giggled again "Oh sorry I'm Mio Hirasawa 2nd year at Syne Academy nice to meet you both."

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9 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:53 pm

Richard Lionheart
"Richard," he simply introduced himself with a yawn, seeing no point in explaining the complected nature of his second name, "As for the puppet man, I've never heard of him... then again I don't know much about puppetry."

The short boy sighed, it was still too early in the year for him to be wearing his scarf up this high. The heat really was starting to get to him. With a slight grumble he reluctantly plucked the hat from atop his head and set it upon the panda in his lap. He felt it help a little, raking a clawed hand through his spiky black hair. The feeling of the summer's evening breeze did feel rather nice... he honestly would have felt he could nap here if it weren't for the woman next to him.

He let out a grumble to the pink girl consisting of; "Wouldn't putting your hair in a pineapple have the same shortening effect? No matter how fast or good you are you're creating scenarios in which you can injure yourself. It's a bit foolish."

Having spoken to the pink haired girl he turned to the other. The idea of a second year at the academy he had so little knowledge on was a little weird to him, kind of unsettling even. He was pretty sure he knew most of them, or had at least seen a majority at one point or another, but this girl... he had nada. No knowledge of a weapon, no semblance. Nothing. This broad was an enigma... and while he did like the intrigue that came with that it was a little hard to get a read on her personality as a result... was her niceness just a cover up for something more sinister? Handing out food like that was a rather strange practice wasn't it? These people only tended to do that with friends rather than random members of society... especially that much food.

He reclined more, eyes in their usual lazy stare; aimed toward the street before him. "Oh ho? Another second year? I had no idea so many of us had made it this far... Perhaps we should spar at some point. See how far we've come."

The short boy let out another yawn, knowing fine well how it made him look. He could use this as a test of character against both these girls. Whether or not they'd be surprised he was a second year and if they thought the spar would be worthwhile or that the woman would flatten him without even trying... that and he'd been itching for a proper fight against a fellow student for a while now. A good one no less. Maybe she'd be up to caliber.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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10 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:52 pm

Rose Pazilioni
Rose Castella Pazilioni

Aura: 230/230
Health: 70/70

R ose rested as she listened to the two, hearing a small click. She listened for the source until she realized it was coming from her stomach. She pressed a few spots and a quiet beep noted itself when she pressed against her belly. The ticking was met with a hiss and vanished with all the other noises.

She heard the announcement of two year students and felt a little uncomfortable, she had thoughts to get up and move but if she did it would be awkward so she stayed where she was. She remembered his pineapple haircut sentence and she contemplated it, moving her hands up to her hair but looked awkwardly at them, dropping her hands back down.

No thanks... She spoke and sat quietly for the time being. She held her hand out and spawned her semblance, and a ball of energy appeared. It grew to an 8 inch sphere and the center condensed down and a vortex with particles spiraling around the center inside the sphere.

She noticed what she was doing and dissipated the orb before it got the chance to explode. She put her hand back down and lowered her head. What to do oh what to do she thought, and for the moment she had no clue. She checked her phone for a response but it was still blank. Papa... She mumbled and held a frown on her face.

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11 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Fri Oct 23, 2015 9:45 pm

Mio Hirasawa
Mio took a bit of her food seeing the other girl eat made her more hungry than before. As the young boy was talking to the girl Mio just kipped eating. She was sure if they wanted to talk to her they well ask her something at some point. Than the young boy said some "Oh ho? Another second year? I had no idea so many of us had made it this far... Perhaps we should spar at some point. See how far we've come." Mio looked at the young boy and emptied her mouth "yeah that would be fun and the school is still kind of new and this is a small place next to some of the more bigger city's for the 4 kingdom's."

Than some light was coming form the young girl Mio looked over to see some kind of ball of light. The ball started to get bigger Mio than grabbed the young boy and jumped back. She than got ready for a fight if it came down to that *What is going on here what is she going to try and do whit that ball of light?* Than the young girl put her hand down Mio looked around other people were looking at the girl in fear. Mio looked at the girl's face and seen sadness she walked over to the girl and gived her a soft friendly hug. "It'll be ok."

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12 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Sat Oct 24, 2015 7:22 am

Richard Lionheart
Richard almost rolled his eyes at Mio's apparent need to use manners, swallowing before talking. Honestly he didn't get this community sometimes, they waste so much of their time over not putting elbows on the table and taking hats off.

"Indeed, be good to see how strong we'd become...I'm pretty much good but to let us prepare... how about a little into October... twenty fourth? Do it at half nine at night so it shouldn't cause any conflicts if you're busy." He nodded, glancing up at the large woman next to him.

Truth be told... he had kind of expected to be turned down. He wasn't quite sure how to actually feel about having to fight this person, not so much because of any morality against fighting others... he lacked that; but because he knew little to nothing about this one. Save for her armour and name he had no idea who she was. She was an enigma to him.

Richard's ears twitched, hearing a strange noise next to him. He turned to see a weird spinning ball with many parts orbiting it... almost certainly a semblance of some sort... though he had absolutely no idea what it was or how it worked. He was almost tempted to touch it and check but she made it disappear before he could do so.

"Oi, Pinkie. Shouldn't show off your semblance like that. Who knows who's watching." The short boy sighed, "I mean sure if you had a reason to, but don't just waste surprises like that. You know? They give a person the edge. Be kind of silly to give things away like that. Be like me telling you all I can manipulate rocks... oh, oops. I've said too much."

The short boy faked embarrassment, pulling the bear up to hide his face and grumbling incoherently into it; "To think I was lecturing you and let that slip... that's so embarrassing. Please tell no one, either of you."

He was glad he had set up this lie. Now Mio would be at even more of a disadvantage for their spar... provided she remembered what he had said.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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13 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:32 am

Rose Pazilioni
Rose Castella Pazilioni

Aura: 220/230
Health: 70/70

R ose hadn't tried to be the center of attention but oh well, it happened. But the ball was the only part of the semblance that showed, and it hadnt released the devastation that followed after detonation. The boy almost found out the hard way what damage the little ball could inflict and the radius would surely consume the two, the bench, the concrete, basically everything it came in contact with would vaporize. And to think he almost poked a miniature nuke! The girl who fed her wrapped her arms around rose, and rose softly hesitated before hugging the girl back, embracing deeply into her and getting a soft aroma of what could be gun powder and the normal feminine smell.

She didn't want to let go, but long physical conflict could be deemed awkward so she let her go. She nodded at her words, and turned to the boy as he started giving her a lecture.Thank you. She spoke to the girl and moved her hands to her lap as he listened to the boy. He was most certainly correct, but she also had an opinion when it came to information that she would share after he was finished. But with his little slip up, she wasn't stupid. He could have been serious, but his actions, tone of voice, and look upon his face gave way to truth.

Back when she lived with the psychotic puppet man he reached her how to read people in such detail its horrifying. Like whether or not a person claiming to be homeless is actually homeless based on their wants and how perfectly executed their story was without flaw. She didn't want to blow the boys cover as he was planning a spar with the miss, and to keep their fight interesting she didn't call his bluff then and there. As he seemed finished she nodded her head, then held up her mechanical finger.

But if you see what I can do, wouldn't that make you comfortable? Isn't the point of execution not the damage, but how it was inflicted through strategy? You can know to a T what I could do, but the level of comfortableness would be your downfall. A trained assassin would never get comfortable after executing the same action over and over because other benefactors come into play. My semblance is a bomb, you can dodge the first, maybe the second, and so on, but you will wear out long before I do. I could trap you or ensnare your limbs in wire while you dodge the semblance, I could cut tendons then while you can't run i can vaporize your skeletal structure.

Semblances don't mean much, because the moment you show it the edge is gone. It's about what you can and can't do, or what you can carefully fool others into that makes the fight waver. But I'll keep quiet, as you are trying to politely teach me.
She spoke perfectly, to the point it was almost creepy how the girl went from stuttering just a moment a go to talking like a public speaker. She wasn't an idiot, she just played off the dumb part. She held her hand out to Richard, forming her semblance to recreate the ball with the center condensing, and the particles floating around on the inside.

She stood up, and whipped the ball into the air like a baseball pitcher. It flew high into the air, and she picked up a rock and chased the ball through the air with it, and the moment the rock pierced the outer wall of the semblance bomb it exploded into a torrent of dark light, held itself above them for a few seconds, and dissipated in the sky. Now that you know, what scenes can you form in your head while carefully picking out any ifs that may happen while not being able to account for life's random changes like any human being? That's my lesson for you kind sir, never get comfortable with information, even if you've had a thousand fights, none of them can ever be the same. Unless the opponent is dumb and can't form a different strategy.

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14 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Wed Nov 18, 2015 2:28 pm

Mio Hirasawa
As she was hugging Rose there was a little of a hesitant before Rose hugged back and said "Thank you." Rose than let go stopping the hug. Mio than continued to hug her for a bit than she let go and looked at Richard as he started to talk. As he was talking he said something "Be like me telling you all I can manipulate rocks... oh, oops. I've said too much." Mio just smiled when she looked at Richard *Hmmm sounds like but I have a funny feeling that he's lying about that but I maybe wrong about that.*

Than Rose started to talk about her semblance and showing what it can do by her semblance ball into the air. Than she picked up a rock and chased the ball through the air with it, and the moment the rock pierced the wall of the semblance bomb it exploded into a torrent of dark light. *Hmmm wow that's something to really keep in mind if I had to fight her.*

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15 Re: Dinner For Two (Open) on Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:50 pm

Richard Lionheart
Richard yawned; "You're forgetting something kid. It's infinitely better to be calm in mind than tense when it comes to combat. If your tense you'll act rashly, you'll mistake that feint for an attack, if you're calm you can think and strategize on the fly. You'll see tricks for what they are. The calmer I am going into a fight the fewer mistakes I'll may, I've fought long enough to know that truth."

He stretched a little, pondering just how many actual fights this girl had been in. Metallic parts and a semblance did suggest some but her combat mind-set was bizarre to say the least. He hardly blinked as she tried to prove something by blowing up a rock.

"Geez kid, no need to be so serious... Even if you don't know all your opponent's techniques the calmness of mind that comes from even knowing the slightest bit of an enemy's fighting style gives you a massive advantage, it grants adaptability when something new comes up rather than throwing you into despair. While they'll have to prepare for long ranged mid ranged and close quarters combat simultaneously until you chose to reveal your fighting style you can chill at a range they're not good at. The best thing to be in a fight is adaptable, knowing what you might have to adapt to is a massive advantage. Truth is, you can't account for everything, that's right. But ruling out some possibilities can only be a good thing."

He yawned once more, resting his head atop the panda in his lap. That food had made him tired, too tired to hold back the ideology and thoughts that flowed within him; "You have sharp strings and bombs, you're short as well. I can rule out the idea that you are going to be particularly accurate or precise in attacks as it makes no sense to be. What makes sense is to slash wide areas or catch me in the explosive burst, so I shouldn't focus on small dodges but leaps and bounds. From which i can also reckon you'll set up explosive traps where I bound so best to use the environment. Put something between us, even if you'll just blow it up it'll stall for rest time and make you drain on aura... you might have a lot or a little, I dunno. But worth a shot while getting my hits in."

"Ooof, I'm saying too much," The short man grumbled, "Regardless kid. Believe what you want, just a tad disappointing that should we come to blows I'd know so much while you so little in advance. Besides my semblance that is and well... and I'm not kind enough to repay ya. Sorry. But hey, I don't have any reason to fight you and I'm probably too lazy to compete in tournaments so just chill about it."

The short boy yawned, honestly feeling a little dopey and happy in his current situation. A warm meal in his stomach, people who he didn't seem to hate entirely, sinking a little further into his panda.

"Oh, blue hair. How about the twenty sixth at half nine at night? I've got nothing on then and the woods are best at that time, animals coming out and whatnot." He noted the sound of the airship overhead, soon he'd be comfortably in bed. He smiled a little at that.

He decided to rise, looking to the two women he'd endured; "Well, would say this has been fun but ehh... it's been less annoying than prior interactions with people. I'll give you both that."

Without another word Richard gathered his things and wandered off toward the airship-bay.


"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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