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Francis 'Lance' Schwarz

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1 Francis 'Lance' Schwarz on Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:09 pm

Francis Schwarz
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Francis L. Schwarz
Nickname: "Lance" or "Lancelot"
Age: 18
Birthday: 11/11
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs
Face Claim: I drew it.

STR: 5 + 1
DEF: 5
RES: 1
SPT: 1
Aura 100|200 HP

Group: Warriors

  • Fighting Lance can be very sadistic at times, and being that he's more so of a 'physical' character, utilizing his strength and durability is something he likes.
  • Surviving He survived dying, several times. As such he's come to enjoy the rush he gets from getting into and out of extremely dangerous situations.
  • Explosions "Did Lance just detonate that dust bomb at point blank range?" "Give it a minute. He'll be fine." Yes, Lance enjoys explosions. So much so that he'll willingly stand at point blank range beside a bomb armed with enough dust to level a small building.

Dislikes: (3+)

  • Dying Lance is a very physical person, and while he enjoys almost killing himself on a regular basis, its the rush of living through those near death experiences that make him happy. If he were to die, that rush would not occur. He does not like that feeling.
  • Grimm Grimm are the reason Lance is relatively 'unstable' on a mental capacity. The fact he endured countless injuries as a child simply because of them gives him enough of a reason to have a grudge against them.
  • Pineapples Lance bit through a pineapple once. Yes, the exterior spiky part as well. It was not tasty. He has since blamed them for the countless deaths he has casued.  

Fears: (3+)

  • Heights Ironically his risk-taking personality and childish nature, he has a fear of heights.
  • Being alone A childish fear that has taken a toll upon Lance on many occasions, more often than not he bunkers down when alone, hiding either under a bed, in a closet, or under a pile of blankets  that make up his bed and emotionally 'shutting down'. He tries to make friends despite his general 'silence' and more often than not follows crowds of people he doesn't know in cities just to make it feel as though he isn't 'alone'.
  • Losing Friends A fear that goes with his 'being alone' bit. Without friends Lance loses his metaphorical 'inner strength'. A term he uses in combat is "He gets his strength from his friends, and they from him."

Overall Personality:
Francis, or 'Lancelot', rather, is a rather unstable human that sustained a serious amount of injuries from an 'accident' that caused him a great deal of physical and emotional trauma. Unlike other young warriors, Lancelot is a stoic man of few words who let his actions speak for him. He has always said very little although being capable of speaking, there is a fatherly aspect and some form of 'pride' about his survival of countless injuries that would've been fatal to an ordinary man. He isn't above taunting his enemies with his sheer physical strength and durability, such as allowing an enemy to deal the first blow, then catching it and sadistically twisting the arm of the caught fist and bringing said enemy to their knees . . . and then causing a one punch K.O. This compliments his vicious nature. Lance is a very viscious human, often comparable to some of the Ursa Grimm that many hunters come into contact with. His viscious nature, brutish strength, and general personality, come together as a form of rage that takes place as his aura.

In combat he will rely on his own brute strength and immense durability to lay waste to the battleground. However, this also means his combat form is unrefined and is rather reckless. Giving him a large disadvantage . . . Despite being one of the most threatening characters (physically and mentally), there are times where Lance's  personality can be seen as childish at times. When first arriving at Signal he is shown being rambunctious in nature and more often than not he would refuse to look over the edge of the school, even complaining it's "Too high."

Aura type: Lance's aura is a 'berserker' Aura, one that enables him to override his already immense physical strength limit. Lance's  strength is already breathtaking in nature, as he already exceeds the limits of most ordinary humans his age, ranging on the inhuman or Grimm levels. Lance's aura however, goes beyond that. Ranging on superhuman levels due to the passive effect of his strength increasing aura.
Aura Color: Lance's aura takes on a rather large plasmic red aura that glows in a higher vibrance than his allies.
Semblance: "Painful Instability": While yes, Lance's body has sustained serious injuries throughout his short life, this had made a serious impact on his semblance. In comparison to other hunters, Lance's semblance is described as very 'painful' in nature. While it causes no adverse health effects, his low aura levels cause him some degree of psychological pain. Upon activating, Lance's body begins to glow with a form of 'rage' that one can literally see radiating from his body. At the cost of 20 aura, Lance can create an explosion of up to five meters in radius around his body.
Item 1: The "Rage-shot": The weapon itself is immensely powerful, firing grenades that can eliminate both people and vehicles. The blade on the hilt of the "Rage Shot" is sharp and dense enough to slice an ordinary Rocket Launcher in half (though the feat could also be attributed to Lance's unmatched strength). Lance has been seen using the Rage Shot as a shield as well, such as blocking shotgun shells, showing that its body frame is very durable. This is also the weapon that Lance used to detonate himself.

Item 2: The Tesla Coat: Lance is a man of not only brutish strength, but his inventive mind and survivalist attitude have combined to create a coat that provides him with some degree of dust resistance. Through the use of the seven 'Tesla' nodes, which generate tiny 'connecting' electricity bolts between the nodes on a regular basis as an aesthetic effect. Upon being introduced to dust the tesla nodes attempt to redirect the dust based attacks, in doing so Lance gains a +10 points of resistance to dust. This black trench is also very stylish, and provides one point of armor due to the dense fibers used to make it so the electricity wouldn't . . . well, disintegrate it.

History and Sample
Francis L Schwarz, is a young and rather strong warrior that arrived at Syne academy not too long ago. Lacking any and all forms of schooling or combat education in a legal school, Francis, or rather the being come to be known as 'Lance' or 'Lancelot' was born in a now abandoned city that was overrun with Grimm. During the fall of the city, Francis was left all alone as a small child, forcing him to grow as a young survivor, and warrior.  Lance grew equipped and strong in the wilderness through his youth up until age 17. Where he was first discovered on the outskirts of the ruined city by a group of hunters, battling off a group of beowolves with his bare hands. During this time, the same group of hunters mistook him for a small grimm due to the paints and various markings across his body, and his unusual red glow.

In doing so, mistaking the young man as a small grimm, they did what any Hunter or Huntress did. They tried to kill him. In doing so they came acquainted with one of the most physically adept, durable, and vicious humans that would be encountered that WASN'T a Faunus or some form of inhuman. Lance's greeting with the hunters would end as such, he suffered a sniper round to the chest. nine magnum rounds to the throat, he was ran over, and backed over, seven times by the attackers. Another sniper round to the foot, turret rounds to the head, two rockets to the chest. An explosion caused by a semblance, followed up by countless stabbings to the chest and back, another stab in the throat, four shotgun shells at point blank range. Although 'stunned' by the attacks, the young lad was severely bruised and broken, but still somehow standing. It took approximately five minutes of bleeding from his wounds before he fell over, and passed out due to the injuries.

After realizing he was human, just extremely dense, they treated his wounds and attempted to get him to a hospital. They brought him to a hospital and after he was surgically repaired, he was sent to Syne academy where he was sent through a metaphorical 'G.E.D' of the highshool equivalent of a combat school, before sending him to the Academy.

RP Sample:
150+ words
"Do you know what kind of injuries this guy has sustained? Have you even LOOKED at him? We don't need your little devices to know what he's sustained when we found him! A sniper round to the chest. Nine magnum rounds to the throat, he was ran over, and backed over, seven times by the attacker. Another sniper round to the foot, turret rounds to the head, two rockets to the chest, he was stabbed countless times in both the chest and back, another stab in the throat, four shotgun shells at point blank range, thrown out of a fifteen story window via the highest hill we found, and finally. A self-inflicted massive explosion that literally blasted the hair-color out of him! This all happened like an hour ago!!!"

On the operation table the young Hunter-in-training, only known as 'Francis' at the time, was being cut open. Doctors stood there gasping from the sight of what was occuring, the boy on the table was still conscious, still breathing in a stable manner. His heart rate hadn't gone above a registered average beat per minute. "H-He's still awake? He should be screaming!" The other doctors just stared at him in awe. He had suffered countless wounds from a mysterious opposing force during a fire-fight, and yet, he lay there still grasping on life. Completely conscious as doctors slowly removed the shrapnel and glass that was scattered across his body, and he was awake.

Hours would pass before the operation was over and the boy was placed in a minor amount of casts, somehow surviving all of those wounds without any negative effects aside from a broken arm and leg, and several contusions and wounds. Somehow, the rounds hadn't gone through his skin, simply causing bruises.

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