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'Casual' Readings (Shadow Mission: Librarian) [Closed]

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Kei had come to the library in search of certain knowledge pertaining Grimm. His old mentor used to be an advent in the field of research regarding Grimm, but Kei never did have much interest into it. Years and years of lack of interest led to his barely basic understanding of Grimm in modern days. Kei knew just about the same as the average person when it came to Grimm. It hadn't really been a problem before coming to this academy, but now, it was clear Kei was well unprepared. He joined the academy at a fairly late age which put him at a disadvantage, but knowing near to nothing about Grimm? Kei was very behind.

"Er, Hello?" Kei asked a young looking bat fauness who was reading a book behind the main desk of the library, "I'm looking for some books. Can you help me out here?"
The librarian looked up, looking annoyed that her reading was disturbed.
"A book you say?" She said putting emphasis on book, "Listen dude, this is a school library. We don't have porn magazines here."
At first, Kei responded with a blank expression. He had no idea how he was supposed to respond to that.
"Um no..." Kei responded with a nervous laugh assuming it was a joke, then replied with one himself, "I already checked, so I know better..."
"Hmm? What's that? Attempting indecent acts in the library?" The librarian said looking at him curiously, then returned to reading her book, "That's strike one buddy. Two more and you're banned from this library."
"Oi oi, wait a second!" Kei said picking up his voice, a bit pissed, "What the hell is that supposed to mean? Isn't this uncalled for?"
"HEY!" The librarian responded with a much louder voice which was fairly surprising for her size, looking up from her book again with an even more annoyed expression, "Yelling in my library? Strike two. Now keep it down!"

Kei shook his head. This was getting him absolutely no where. Before he knew it, he was going to end up getting banned from the library.
"Listen," Kei began in a soft voice, attempting to start over, "I just want books that go over Grimm. Nothing indecent. I swear. I just want help."
"Oh." The librarian said casually, "You should have just said so instead of making a big scene about."
"Right..." Kei said with a fake smile while angrily and loudly thinking You definately started that scene!
The librarian got up from behind her desk and told Kei, "Follow me."

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