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HvH 101: Hunter vs Hunter 101(Open Class)

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1 HvH 101: Hunter vs Hunter 101(Open Class) on Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:02 pm

Looking at the clock as he rose his head from one hung-over induced sleep; he noticed it was about 8 A.M. He was awake later than he wanted to be; but his mood hadn't changed. He still wore a grimace and didn't have his white lab coat. He yawned as he dug through his pockets for his anti-hangover pill, and plopped it down his throat. He had probably fallen asleep on patrol or passed-out shortly after. Bugger if he knew. He got up to his feet and realized that he wasn't in anywhere specific, but he was in fact in the training area that he was to have the class in.

He rubbed his eyes and noticed his chair that he was to sit in until children came. He yawned and collapsed into it and sat lazily; fighting the urge to make some kind of trap at the door. The old instincts yearned to come back, but he was fighting it. He didn't quite fall back asleep, however much he wanted to, he just sat there waiting for the kids. In his black shirt, and black dress-pants. Not the clothing one would normally fight in, but it was the stuff he was in.

The room itself was fairly average. It had a mat in the middle of it with the floor cement beside it. The door was stationed near where Ishi was sitting, and there was no chalkboard. It actually looked kinda abandoned.

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2 Re: HvH 101: Hunter vs Hunter 101(Open Class) on Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:54 pm

Alchohol and long naps were a very familiar tale for many of the hunters that dot the landscape. Professors though, that was a new one . . . But still, in his own Drunken walk a younger alcoholic had managed to sign up for a class when his transcripts were being filled out. Still in whatever uniform he was assigned upon entering Syne Academy, Julius walked towards the field. He was a rather short boy with orange-red hair, having skin that was slightly toned by the smoke of a forge where weapons were built. His stout build wasn't exactly dainty, in fact he was more muscular than his peers due to a unique heritage. His bones were light and to cope with that his body grew very much like a bird's, acquiring additional layers of muscle in order to make up for the lesser bone density.

Julius himself had a bottle tucked away in his left coat pocket, or rather a small metallic flask with various engravings on it. As he approached the training field he would see a familiar act, the use of aspirin to try and get rid of a hangover. With a worried look, Julius would grasp ahold of his own nose and just shake his head. 'What have I gotten myself into?' he thought to himself. Of all the classes, he chose the one where Raze's professional teacher equivalent was.

Hanging from Julius' waist was a rather large metallic box with little distinguishable marks, possibly some form of satchel due to the way it was hanging from his waist, but still it was roughly the size of a mailbox and twice as shiny. Three individual circles adorned it on three sides where various names were carved. Was he the new mailman?

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3 Re: HvH 101: Hunter vs Hunter 101(Open Class) on Sat Oct 03, 2015 6:32 pm

Wake up, alarm? Blaring in the ears? Yes, alarm blaring. Should turn off alarm? No, too much effort! Bah, school soon? A classroom? Did he have to go at such an hour?
Fionn got up in a daze. Despite being somewhat dependent on alcohol he had not drank at all in the last few days. The man wanted to cut down due to lack of any real drinking funds.
Throw on a coat, throw on some pants, tie a tie? Slip the sword over the shoulder and place the cross upon the neck. He slipped a pack of cigarette's and a lighter into his back pockets. And then... there was his flask...
He eyed it for a moment before pulling his gaze away and exiting the dorm with a slam of the door.

The man walked and walked. His footsteps echoing out as he made his way throughout the halls. The young man wasn't usually one to wear a uniform but... in some ways he actually quite liked the look of the clothes that he was mandated to wear.
Well... he liked them if he could wear his coat over them.
Sure, some teacher or another would probably be bothered but Fionn was at his best when dressed for success.

A footstep or two... maybe three or four? He was inside of the classroom where they were holding a class on... something. He had forgotten what it was again. Probably something to do with combat... it was always something to do with that.
It looked abandoned to say the least. Everything seemed to be covered in a light coating of dust. Was this really a usable classroom? He was about to find out.

Fionn walked up to the man he assumed to be the teacher; this "Ishi" person and spoke out. "Hey, Teach! This the right classroom..? Hell... this a classroom at all?"

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4 Re: HvH 101: Hunter vs Hunter 101(Open Class) on Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:07 pm


Liona woke up, honestly excited to be starting a new class. This one was more of a break from most of her other classes, seeing as this one was much more physical than her lecture classes. This class would more than likely have her fighting, pitted against her fellow school chums in all out battle. Well, all out until the professor ends the duel. gotta stay safe and whatnot. The Lion Faunus got up and got ready for the day, finishing off with her gauntlets. She always had them on during class, as you never knew what could happen, especially these days. She hurried to the newly built lecture halls, wanting to be right on time to class.

As she walked up to the doorway to the rather shabby classroom, especially considering the fact that the academy was built in a castle. She looked around and saw that a few classmates had already arrived, as well as the professor. Professor Ishi Omo. She knew the name sounded familiar. This was the Human professor that had bothered her right before the lecture halls exploded in the first place. what an annoyance. Still, Liona knew her place, and graciously chose not to say anything. This time. Instead she leaned back against the wall. waiting for class to begin.

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5 Re: HvH 101: Hunter vs Hunter 101(Open Class) on Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:44 pm

Ishi, being Ishi, took everything in. He opened his eyes from his near unconscious state, and heard one of the students ask if this was even the correct classroom.

“Well. It’s not what one would normally call a classroom; it’s a training area. It’s meant for combat, and I just happened to get one where it wasn’t used in god knows how long. You; as a first lesson, do not fight in open areas often. So, what I should warn you is, is that we aren’t going to stay here the entire class. You’re…” A large yawn came from the man, which he took as a sign that he should probably get up to his full 6’0” frame, which while large, he noticed the boy who asked the question was a little bit larger. Not by much, but he’d be a good model to do when the man was bigger than you.
He stretched, bending his back far enough that he touched the back of his heels standing. The wonders of years of exercise. It gets you far. After bringing himself back to standing straight, he did a few normal stretches.

“We’re going to be walking around quite a bit to experience fighting people in multiple situations; and while I’m sure at least one of you will object, you will be using multiple types of weapons. Your weapons; which I will supply for the time that you’ll be in this class, and you’ll carry them all with you.”
He walks over with a stride that had clearly been practiced for years, and opened a closet which held wooden replicas of swords, staves, axes and all sorts. He took out a sword, staff, axe and long cane.
The sword itself had the dimensions of his blade, 3 foot long blade with the hilt being about half a foot, and the thickness of the blade is at roughly an inch and a half. Unlike his blade, however, it was not curved rather than straight. He put the sword down in front of him and put the axe and staff and long cane behind him.

He’d focus on the sword for now; to start it off.

“We’re going to start with the basics, no matter how skilled you are. Even if you are a master swordsman; you’ll never get anywhere without remembering the basics. First!” He shifted his body to make it almost like a fencer, except with a bit more room to brace himself for the blocking. “Make yourself as hard as possible to hit, give them the least amount of space to hit you. If you do this; and your opponent does not, you will have a much higher chance of success in a fight. Now; there is a disadvantage to this.” He’d point to how close his feet were, since that was required to achive this stance. “You’re easily tripped if you aren’t careful, and you can trip yourself up if you don’t pay attention to how your feet are sitting.”

He’d go into the closet and grabbed a sword for each member, and threw it lightly at them for them to catch it. He decided not to get personal. He then figured. He completely forgot to tell them his name; and had to fight the urge to tell them it was Isane Curando; who was both dead and non-existant from the start.

“Before I completely forget, I am Ishi Omo, certified Physician and Hunter, my other lesser-known job was that I was a professional assassin before I was a doctor, so I am completely certified to be teaching a course on fighting others; if not the most qualified. Now. All of you must put yourself in the position, and Person with the metal box, take that off your hip if you want to be a sucsessful man in this class. It’ll just hold you down, or at least, in the sword part of this training.”

He was done pretending that he was just this innocent doctor, and had decided to embrace the fact. It might scare him that he’s becoming what he used to be, but in a world like he’d currently in, it’s a neccecity. Especially if, god forbid, a few of his old friends realize that he’s not actually dead. If that happens; pretty much everyone knows that it’ll be a fiasco of death.

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6 hi i am new and what can i do on Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:44 pm

what is the first mission

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