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Courtyard Blues [Open]

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1 Courtyard Blues [Open] on Sat Oct 03, 2015 6:38 pm

Fionn walked out into the courtyard, sun shinin' high in the sky.
It was a nice day out, a nice day to stroll about.
The mans sword swished about on his back as he made his way through the area. He was bored and didn't feel like wasting his time on his scroll or elsewhere; his attention was fixated on something else today! Take one glance at the man and you'll quickly realize that it was not only weapons  strapped to his back but instruments as well!
There was an acoustic guitar slung over his left shoulder making pained sounds as it clanged against the sheath Royale occupied. One could wonder if the guitar was wishing it was shown the same love as a blade. Perhaps it wished its owner could afford to get it a sheath or case of its own? Who knows what inanimate objects think.
Rather than that, who cares?
They are inanimate, after all.
Fionn sighed and cracked his poor abused back, letting out an exhausted yawn as he stretched. A deep smokers cough followed soon after, shocking any paying attention with its intensity. The man had a bad habit he needed to crush and it was certainly taking its toll on his health. After finishing up and returning to a normal stature he quickly swallowed down any phlegm that had appeared in his mouth.
He sat down.
Fionn began to play an old number on his old guitar, the sound filling the nearby area. His pick and fingers moving across and around to a jazzy tune.
Ah, this was the life.
Sun beaming down right on the bench he sat upon.
A light breeze? How lovely.
And yet, he could not smoke.
No money for a pack and he was on school grounds anyway.
A sour note played out as the craving nagged at his mind. He quickly recovered but the thought of begging for a cig lingered.
Ah life was a cruel mistress.
A cruel but beautiful mistress.

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2 Re: Courtyard Blues [Open] on Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:37 pm



Strolling the campus under a far too bright sun
Kei sighed, to him, this was no fun
Yet in his bed he couldn't be for his roommates wouldn't leave
Why avoid the roomates you ask?
They are far too weird for him to deal with on a daily task.

A class of his was in session
but avoided it completely had he done
So what if he were gone?
A small absence wouldn't lead to much more then a discussion

A nice bench Kei saw, seemed better to sit on then the campus lawn
Sure, perhaps another occupied half the bench
But it mattered not, Kei would much rather sit on it then lie in a trench

Kei approached the bench to use as a place to relax
As he did, Kei saw what the current occupier had equipped,
Far more different then what most wore on their backs

A sword and a guitar he had
An odd combo
One that Kei knew was no simple fad

Kei sat, side by side with the mysterious guitarist swordsmen
Playing on his guitar this man was doing, a sweet melody of jazz
Eccentric it was, peaceful, yet full of sin

Kei was curious, why was this man here?
Was there no reason?
Or did he want others to listen, so that they could cheer?

That being the case, Kei spoke to the man
Completely breaking the synergy of the current melody
Though that was not the plan...

"Isn't a bit too hot out here?" Kei asked casually, his voice completely breaking the peace that was created by the jazz.
Kei sighed, "Honestly there should be more trees out here on the campus. Instead, we just have to deal with sitting under the sun like this. Seriously, how can anyone relax like this?"

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3 Re: Courtyard Blues [Open] on Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:58 am

A sour note.

Another damned sour note rang out. What was it that was so distracting? It took Fionn a moment to snap out of his music playing as the man began to speak to him. He would often get into a specific sort of mindset when playing, composing, or drawing. It was a mindset where breaking him out could take a moment or two.

After hesitating to speak for a second he realized that his lack of speech may have come across as malice towards the one who had spoken up. "I'd say it's quite warm, yeah." The young man said before letting out a soft chuckle. What a funny guy, just talking to someone.

"Then again, are we not both overdressed? We've both gone quite over the top as far as dress sense goes so we have no one to blame but ourselves!" Fionn let out another laugh, stronger this time. A grin appeared on his face. "Following that, how do you expect for them to acquire more trees?" He said as he looked down at the other man.

Fionn shuffled his guitar around a bit so that he could more easily engage in conversation. Perhaps he would place it all the way onto his other knee? No, he should keep it somewhat available lest he wish to play again. Though it wouldn't be too much trouble actually. The man was ambidextrous so he could play on either side even if the tuning would be awkward.

"Do you suggest they plant them so that in twenty years time you can be shaded when returning here for some sort of University reunion? Or perhaps you yourself will become a tree thief stalking the night? Taking full grown trees from the rich and giving them to the poor underprivileged students of this academy!" The man chuckled again, softly once more.

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4 Re: Courtyard Blues [Open] on Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:20 pm



When Kei had spoke
the melody broke
as if it were a joke

A brief moment of no melody
while the guitarist had nothing to say
as if the whole situation were a tragedy

but quickly did it pass
when the guitarrist once again strung some music
and spoke to Kei while playing some jazz

A comedian? Kei thought
intrigued as the guitarist talked
an odd combo it he definitely seems to be
one Kei had not originally not sought

Kei replied again, though in doing so, breaking the jazz
it was not intentional, nor did Kei realize it
His taste in music and theme was completely lacking
simply be Kei didn't have the same pizazz

"Eh well if you put it that way," Kei spoke casually completely out of melody, "I guess planting a bunch of trees would do absolutly nothing for me. So yea... They'd have to do something else. I have no intentions to come back for a reunion, there's nobody I want to see that badly, and as for being a tree related version of robin hood? Seems like a lot of work"

Kei sighed, pausing thinking over it for a bit, "Jeez, I don't even know anymore. The sun is already draining me of my energy, thinking about it doesn't help at all."

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