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ZOMBIE ATTACK!!! (Will you live?)

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1 ZOMBIE ATTACK!!! (Will you live?) on Mon Oct 05, 2015 5:23 pm

"Hello everyone thank you for coming. There has been a.... hmmm a attack on this city. We all ready have some man there to help. I could tell you what you well be fighting but it maybe best for you to see for youre self. If you look under your seats your find a radio, Use it to call for help and send back reports." Then the screen turns back. You are in a big military personnel moving air ship holding 50+ other Syne Academy student. Once you have put on the radio's some call's over the overcom "We well be landing in ten mins standby."

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2 Re: ZOMBIE ATTACK!!! (Will you live?) on Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:38 pm

Errante was a little peeved to say the least. The idea that something had attacked Belemuse... that was his turf to trash. The idea that someone or something else had done otherwise... it was detrimental to his plan. He'd have to sort it out himself.

Of course, being the ravenous cannibal that he was, they hadn't let him stay with the other passengers. Instead he had been confined to the cargo hold, told that when they opened the back door it would be fine for him to jump out. He held Ragnarock close to his chest... there was something different in the air. He liked to think his sword could feel it to as he glided his tong along it's black blade.

The instant they opened the cargo hold, strong crates containing food supplements and medicine falling out, he leaped. He fell a good ten meters, using his all fours landing strategy to lessen the impact. Ragnarock landed next to him.

He snatched up his weapon and immediately began a sprint, the smell was strong. Pungent. It was a smell he knew all to well. He quickly found the source, rotten flesh. He assumed she had been a rich woman, the rings on her fingers and the bands on her arms told as much. Who she was didn't really matter though, he was quickly overcome with joy. A tear. A red tear. A visceral red tear. A visceral red mouth shaped tear. Located at her neck.

Finally, someone else had gotten it. Someone else eating flesh without distinction for class or society. Another who would break the chain of simple thinking. He lapped at the wound only once and immediately realized something was wrong. His tong went numb. His pupils dilated. His body began to shudder. Saliva flowed freely from his mouth. He hand loosely clung to Ragnarock, though he had already forgot it's name. The transformation had begun.

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