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Elric Valir; A fist dyed crimson.

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1 Elric Valir; A fist dyed crimson. on Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:19 pm

Elric Valir
Enrollment Form


Basic info
   Name: Elric Valir
   Age: 18
   Birthday:July 18
   Gender: Male
   Race: Faunus (Wolf-dog(?))
   Height: 6'1
   Weight: 145
   Face Claim: Zafira; Lyrical Nanaho


Aura 100|200 HP



The Hunt

Being a faunus of the canidae family Elric enjoys various aspects of both hunting and simply chasing things often times leading him into various situations, usually those not leading to better outcomes but comedic none the less. In combat the knack for and nose hunting help him immeasurably allowing for both finding hidden foes and those too fast to be reasonably seen by his less than gifted team mates.            


Not so much a people person as he is a seeker of entertainment Elric enjoys the company of others for various reasons and, should one get close enough to him to elicit proper relationships and bonds he might even actually seek said parties out for companionship.


What hunter doesn't find fascination in his beloved prey? The way they move, how they feed, every tendency and quirk all make the hunter's target unique and worthy of being hunted in the first place. The challenge, the thrill, the exhilarating feeling of snaring a Grimm in a trap and leading in with a death blow as it dissipates into nothingness are all driving factors into why Elric has a mild enjoyment of the deadly species that forms man's black heart incarnate.


What goes around, comes around. A very basic way of thinking and the very founding tenant on which justice is defined. You put good in and you get good out and vice versa, but with all things that takes time and thus people like Elric step in forcing the cycle to completion  with every action that has him even remotely related to the origin of said good or bad influence. Justice will be carried out, and it will be swift.

The White Fang

The band of faunus that use, questionable methods to get their point across albeit a bit more messy than anyone night care to admit, so long as you have some sort of animal trait to show off.  Elric respects their conviction and as the child of a former member understands the need for equality among the races but he is ambivalent to their actions so long as non combatants aren't targeted, otherwise they too become the target for his ire.


Being slow is one thing, being immobile is another. To get anywhere one has to move and to do anything one has to act. Lacking either of those things is a key and quick way to get on Elric's bad side and in a hurry.

Loud Noises

He's got sensitive ears, that's a fact. Loud Noises aren't crippling but they are certainly distracting enough to cause mild annoyance and head turning towards the direction of said noise.


As an online child he dislikes the concept of giving anything up aside a punch to the face to those with a 'deserving' attitude. Getting the wolf to share will be like taking a bone from a dog, not very wise...

Feline Faunus

The very bane of his existence and the source of more than a few complexes, responsible for the long list of troubles that have plagued him since birth he has an almost immutable disdain for faunus of this type upon meeting them often going so far as to have to stifle growls to keep face and be as respectful as possible, needless to say cats have to teach this dog new tricks in order to become friendly with him.
Inner Weakness

The loss of focus from outside distraction, the way all traffic Legends fall in the end, whether from a loved one being kidnapped or a parent dying in their arms, a loss of focus can be disastrous for those close to and around the being in question and to keep those from coming into harms way he often maintains an air of indifference and keeps to himself while trying to form bonds slowly with those that can protect themselves should anything like this happen.


The boy, for all his combat prowess is a hayseed, a country boy, and inept when it comes to utilizing and working anything fancier than a can opener with items too complex easily causing headaches when asked to fiddle with them or heaven forbid fix them.


The idea that he  could end up at some point where he has made it to where one simply does not to do anything as if trapped in stasis listless and stagnant. If possible he would find a way to crush the concept but like all things some times only a steeled heart can help against it.

   Overall Personality

Complicated, thats what you would call Elric. A complicated faunus boy with more than a few bones to pick and a whole hell of a lot to prove to the general populace of both Bellmuse and the continent as a whole
   Aura type: Recovery
   Aura Color: Rust Red.
   Semblance: Howl: The exaltation of force. The ability to channel and amplify the force of blows and even basic actions to the point of being superhuman in scope and scale. Actions like a simple poke can focus enough force to shatter stone and blows can destroy concrete and metal. Should any target prove to be more.....agile, the force can be projected into a much more physical form. By using a punch or kick as the focal point for the released energy it can coalesce with his aura to form bolts of kinetic energy that mimic the style of blow performed, as in to say a punch would fire a bolt of energy that strikes with blunt force while say a knife hand might project a slashing wave and various other actions can of course produce other effects, all destructive and all advised to be avoided.

A traditional damage dealing semblance. Allows for more physical status ailments to be inflicted as well as minor defensive actions initiated.
  Item 1: Tooth and Nail: Something of a family heirloom, and in turn Elric's prized possession. A set of retractable gauntlets and greaves. The weapons form bands at the areas above his wrists and ankles respectively and when not in use look like hexagonal gears. Curiously they show wear and flecks of a burned away color along them.The 'teeth' are the gauntlets, simple in make and design they stop just a bit short of half way up the shin and are reinforces at the heel and tip of the boot to provide extra force to strikes. The 'nails' are the gauntlets covering from the finger tips to the middle of the forearm. Half an inch thick and strengthened along the knuckles like it's mate to ensure maximum striking power can be achieved.

  Item 2: Wolf's Regalia:
Something of an oddity as far as the concept of armor goes. It in reality is more of an aura amplifier boosting defensive capabilities and in turn boasting the physical defense of even the most basic of armors. The armor itself is in the shape of a crest,canine in origin, simple and refined. For this reason alone Elric can wear seemingly whatever he so chooses instead of having a static battle uniform.

   History and Sample
300+ Words. 1.Related to Daiyu Chuntao, son of Lanfen,approves of White Fang, dislikes excessive force, against non combatants.2.Blackaboo.3.Dislikes roguish father as he is the supposed reason his mother had to give him up.4.Lives with Basil, gave hell as a child, lurves her to death.
RP Sample:
Training thing with Basil

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