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Jade Kynigos-W.I.P

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1 Jade Kynigos-W.I.P on Sat Oct 17, 2015 11:21 pm

Selena Kynigos
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Jade Kynigos
Age: 18
Birthday: August 7th
Gender: Female
Race: Deer Faunus (She has a pair of deer antlers above her ears.)
Height: 5"6
Weight: 120 lbs
Face Claim: Archer of Red-Fate/Apocrypha

Aura 190|110 HP


Group: Jade is a Duster, though she has no problems with Gadgeteers and appreciates the value of a good weapon.


-The night sky: Jade will often stare out her window, gazing at the tiny specks of light that penetrate the thick veil of darkness. It calms her, helps her remain hopeful during dire times.

-Solitude: Though by no means anti-social, Jade appreciates a moment or two to herself. She likes to relax, to take refuge in her thoughts, and being in a large crowd doesn't allow that.

-Dust: As shown by her extensive use of the substance, Jade loves Dust. From the amazing abilities they grant her to the beautiful way they glow when used, there is not a single thing Jade does not like about Dust.

-Animals: Jade has always adored the creatures of the wild, and refuses to kill them or eat them. Because of this, she is a vegetarian.


-Humans: Try as she might, Jade cannot rid herself of the hatred she feels towards humans. Though she is able to hold her anger at bay for the most part, there are precious few humans Jade would trust with anything.

-The White Fang: Though somewhat agreeing with their beliefs, Jade doesn't agree with the methods of the Faunus Terrorist Organization. She is firmly against unecessary violence and thus is firmly against The White Fang. In her opinion, they only help fuel the human's animosity towards Faunus.

Fears: (3+)

Overall Personality: (at least 100 words here)

Aura type: (See the Aura and Semblance Rules to know the types.)
Aura Color: (up to you)
Semblance: (See Aura and Semblance Rules. Describe your semblance here.)
Item 1: (Weapon/armor/Dust, and describe.)
Item 2: (Weapon/armor/Dust, and describe.)

History and Sample
300+ Words please.
RP Sample:
150+ words

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